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“Hello there, guys!”
User:Mushroom2002, Super Mario Wiki

Hello there enemies friends! Mushroom2002 here! Really, im a BIT good at editing... Friends, you can be a friend with ME! This is a userbox. |-


NSMBW Super Mushroom Artwork.png

For best friends. Ask me, and i do a artwork of you!





Here is the table. Check it for information about me!

2002 Mushroom.png
Names you call me: Mushroom2002, Mushie2002
Real Name: SECRET
Favorite Game: Mario Party 9
Worst Game: Any Super Smash Bros. game
Favorite Character: Mario
Worst Character: Birdo
Favorite Enemy: Koopa
Worst Enemy: Lakitu


Ok, friends! It's a fun place to watch my userbox! Look closely!

Mushroom2002's Userbox Tower
The Real Yoshi.jpeg
MKT 219CB.png

MM3 SMB Sprite.png
Minnie T.PNG

I accept every "friend" userbox!

You can ask me! OR... I can be a friend with you!

You can use the photo in the userbox i enter! OR... You can request my photo!


Askin' for friends? Well!

  1. Smb1 (talk)
  2. World10 (talk)
  3. Ultra Koopa (talk)
  4. YoshiKong (talk)
  5. The real yoshi (talk)
  6. MushroomMan3 (talk) He is my best friend.
  7. Lakituthequick (talk)
  8. Lost Mini Star09 (talk) I've gone easy, she does an art. A best friend.

If you do something to become a friend with me, or do not ask me, then i don't add you as a friend. Really! I accept every userbox! Photo? I can find it ANYWHERE! There is the site to The Mushroom Kingdom!

Games i own

WARNING! I have only games on Wii and other games (not including Mario)! I list Mario games and other games.

  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii - 100.1% completed. Why? I did not get Star Coins in 7 worlds.
  • Mario Kart Wii - 100% complete!
  • Super Mario Galaxy 1 - 101.3% completed. Why? I got only 73 Power Stars!
  • Mario Party 9 - 100% complete in one day!

In addition:

  • Wii Sports - No Pro status. Why? I moved my Mii into Mii Parade and erased my data.
  • Wii Play Motion - ????? Why? I really don't know how many platinum medals i got. I lost the disc. :(
  • Wii Party - Stuck in Solo Mode. Why? I'm stuck at Expert difficulty.

Games i want? Well done, here it is!

  • Wii U (console). Why? Because of info HERE. I an so excited with this console! Along with this console, i want New Super Mario Bros. U. See below why.
  • New Super Mario Bros. U. Why? Because of my comment above. I like playing with Miis!


Comments from other games.

  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii. It's good, as long as you play with friends! 4/5
  • Mario Kart Wii. Funny! Fantastic! I like playing this game! 5/5
  • Super Mario Galaxy. Red Star is fun! Why Red Star does not appear in other scenarios?! 4/5
  • Mario Party 9. Good. But in Pier Pressure, if I select a rod, a Urchin will pop out.

HERE, these extra games are for 10 rating.

  • Wii Party. At start fun, but as you go further, the game gets boring. 6/10
  • Wii Sports. When you have about 600 rank in Tennis, it will select PROs. 4/10
  • Wii Play Motion. Good. But the Flutter Fly (don't confuse this minigame with Yoshi's Flutter Jump!) is very hard in single player, the leaf (not Super Leaf) goes out of control. 2/10




Oh no! You reached the end. I will make this page as big as possible! Goodbye friends!

--NSMBW Super Mushroom Artwork.pngMushroom20022002 Mushroom.pngMushrooms!