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A Bungee Bud next to the Big Bungee Piranha in Yoshi's Island DS

Bungee Buds are buds that are attached to Bungee Piranhas. They appear in Yoshi's Island DS alongside Big Bungee Piranha, the boss of World 2. They are most likely the offspring of Big Bungee Piranha, as they appear almost identical to the boss. If they touch Yoshi or any of the babies, the baby will go into their bubble. Whenever the Big Bungee Piranha goes down to attack Yoshi, the Bungee Buds follow it. However, the Bungee Buds can go down to attack Yoshi on their own. Like Bungee Piranhas, they are purple with white spots. Bungee Buds also have spikes on the stem they come down from.

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