High-Voltage Gauntlet

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High-Voltage Gauntlet
High Voltage Gauntlet
World Petal Isles
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Difficulty ★★★★
Primary power-up Bubble Flower
Wonder Effect Transforms Mario into Metal Mario
Music sample
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“Gwahahaha! Did you enjoy my army's hospitality? Well, that's just the beginning! This next performance is really amazing. You'll be SHOCKED at how good it is! Gwahah, enough preamble. Prepare yourself for a dazzling light show... It's time for the High-Voltage Gauntlet!”
Castle Bowser, Super Mario Bros. Wonder

High-Voltage Gauntlet is a course in Petal Isles of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is the second level of Castle Bowser. It is unlocked after completing Missile Meg Mayhem and its own completion unlocks the level Evade the Seeker Bullet Bills!. This course houses two Wonder Seeds.


This level takes place in a dark factory. The main obstacles here are electric currents generated by Hōden Blocks, which also provide the only source of light. If an enemy walks into a current, it is electrified and becomes impervious to stomp attacks or fireballs, though the electricity will dissipate after a while. The currents turn on and off at regular intervals, necessitating the player time their movements to pass when they are inactive.

The level opens with single currents, then rows of several which the player must quickly run through. Following the first Checkpoint Flag they take on more complex spiral patterns. After a large eight-directional current there is a split path. To the right is a pipe that leads to the Goal Pole, but to the left is a second Checkpoint Flag and a Zip Track that leads to the Wonder Flower.

Wonder Flower

The Wonder Flower transforms Mario into Metal Mario. In this state, the player is invincible as if they had a Super Star, and can electrify themselves by passing through a current; this lights the area and magnetises coins and Flower coins to their location. However, the player also becomes twice as heavy. The Wonder Seed is at the top of a passage of moving platforms which the player must carefully time their jumps across.

10-flower coins

  • 10-flower coin 1: Shortly into the level, there is a pit with a horizontal Hōden Blocks and a stack of three Gamboos. The 10-flower coin is on the right side of the pit and must be reached while the current is inactive.
  • 10-flower coin 2: Immediately afterward is a row of vertical Hōden Blocks with the second 10-flower coin on top. The player should wall-jump up a nearby shaft to get on top of it.
  • 10-flower coin 3: The Zip Track on the ceiling passes over an electric current. There is a platform in the middle of the current with the 10-flower coin.

Enemies and obstacles


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビリビリループバリケード
Biribiri rūpu barikēdo
Electrifying loop barricade

Chinese (simplified) 电流乱窜回路障碍
Diànliú luàn cuàn huílù zhàng'ài
Electrifying loop barricade

Chinese (traditional) 電流亂竄回路障礙
Diànliú luàn cuàn huílù zhàng'ài
Electrifying loop barricade

Dutch Heisa onder hoogspanning
High voltage fuss
French Haute tension
High voltage
German Funkeln im Dunkeln
Sparkle in the dark
Italian Scosse e percosse ad alta tensione
Shocks and beats on high voltage
Korean 찌릿찌릿 루프 바리케이드
Jjilis-jjilis lupeu balikeideu
Electrifying loop barricade

Portuguese (NOA) Alta tensão na fortaleza eletrizante!
High-tension in the electrifying fortress!
Portuguese (NOE) Fortaleza eletrizante
Electrifying fortress
Russian Электробаррикады: шок-н-ролл!
Elektrobarrikady: shok-n-roll!
Electric barricades: shock and roll!

Spanish Entramado de barricadas eléctricas
Network of Electric Barriers