Break Time! Wonder Token Tunes

Break Time!
Wonder Token Tunes
Wonder Token Tunes from Super Mario Bros. Wonder
World Pipe-Rock Plateau
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Break Time! Wonder Token Tunes is a Break Time! level in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is located in Pipe-Rock Plateau and can be unlocked after completing Here Come the Hoppos. This level houses one Wonder Seed.


This level takes place inside a wooden room containing a light grey staff in the middle of the background and a black treble clef on the far left side. The top and bottom of the level are made up entirely of Marimba Blocks, which can be used by the player to jump higher than usual.

The objective of this level is to collect all five Wonder Tokens that spawn. Each time a Wonder Token is collected, a set of fireworks will appear that spawn a circle of coins and a single flower coin. Once all five Wonder Tokens are collected, coins will appear while a music box rendition of the last thirteen notes of "Bonus Screen BGM" from Super Mario World will play, with the Wonder Seed appearing on the last note.

Talking Flower quotesEdit

  • "Love that sound!" (after the Wonder Seed spawns)


  Bonus Screen BGM - The bonus game theme from Super Mario World, as it plays in Wonder Token Tunes.
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The music is a direct reuse of "Bonus Screen BGM" from Super Mario World, which plays in the Switch Palaces and the bonus game in the original game.


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワンダーピースの音楽室おんがくしつ
Wandā Pīsu-no Ongakushitsu
Wonder Token Music Room

Chinese (simplified) 惊奇碎片音乐室
Jīngqí Suìpiàn Yīnyuèshì
Wonder Token Music Room

Chinese (traditional) 驚奇碎片音樂室
Jīngqí Suìpiàn Yīnyuèshì
Wonder Token Music Room

Dutch Wondermuntmuziek
Wonder Coin Music
French Chanson des jetons
Token song
German Wundermarken-Musik
Wonder Token Music
Italian Musica a gettoni
Token tune
Korean 원더피스 음악실
Wondeo Piseu Eum-agsil
Wonder Token Music Room

Portuguese Fichas musicais
Musical tokens
Russian Музыка с чудо-фишками
Muzyka s chudo-fishkami
Music with Wonder Tokens

Spanish Partitura con fichas
Score with Tokens