Break Time! Trottin' Piranha Plants

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Break Time!
Trottin' Piranha Plants
Screenshot of Trottin' Piranha Plants
World Fungi Mines
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Break Time! Trottin' Piranha Plants is a Break Time! course in Fungi Mines[1] of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It houses one Wonder Seed. In the Nintendo Live 2023 and kiosk demo, it is shown to be located in Pipe-Rock Plateau.[2][3]


The level takes place in a music-themed wooden room. The outside borders resemble an old jukebox, while the top of the screen features maroon xylophone keys in the shape of a theater's curtain. The wood panel background shows a drawing of a light grey staff, with a black treble clef on the left. The top loop of the treble clef is stylized to resemble a leaf.[2][3]

The main feature of the course is the two Marimba Blocks bridges spanning the screen's horizontal width, with the player being restricted to the area between them. Five Trottin' Piranha Plants walk left and right on the upper bridge, and the player must defeat them by bumping them from below. The first three Trottin' Piranha Plants defeated will cause small fireworks to rise from the bottom of the screen, creating coins and flower coins. Upon defeating all Trottin' Piranha Plants, a small cutscene will play, where the last eight notes of the Super Mario Bros. 3 Enemy Course theme are played, with coins appearing in the corresponding place on the staff to punctuate each note. The last note reveals the course's sole Wonder Seed instead, which will end the level when collected.[2][3]


Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "Love that sound!" (after the Wonder Seed spawns)[2][3]


Audio.svg Enemy Course - The Enemy Course theme from Super Mario Bros. 3, as it plays in Trottin' Piranha Plants.
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The music is a direct reuse of Super Mario Bros. 3's Enemy Course theme. The jingle that plays after defeating all Trottin' Piranha Plants, consisting of the last 8 notes, is similar to the one heard in New Super Mario Bros. Wii's own Enemy Courses, though played on a music box-like instrument.[2][3]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ランランパックンの音楽室
Ran-ran Pakkun no ongakushitsu
Music room of Trottin' Piranha Plants
French Récital végétal Vegetal recital
German Piranha-Musikraum Piranha music room
Italian Musica diserbante Herbicidal music
Portuguese (NOA) Música herbicida! Herbicidal music!
Portuguese (NOE) Sala musical Piranha Piranha musical room
Russian Танцы пираний-топотунов
Tantsy piraniy-topotunov
Dances of Trottin' Piranha Plants
Spanish Partitura piraña[4] Piranha Score


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