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Director's Notes (Paper Yoshi (talk))

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the March Issue of Pipe Plaza! This is your arsonist Director, Paper Yoshi, speaking. I don't really have news to share this month, except for one little thing...

As you may have noticed, Bop1996 (talk) hasn't written Community Report since December of last year. So, in order to have a good coverage of everything wiki-related during his absence, fellow writer YoshiKong (talk) will take on that position temporarily, after guest-writing the section in January.

Section of the Month

Last month's SotM poll got 21 votes, two more than last month.

The February Section of the Month, with 7 votes (33.33% of the total), is...

...Upcoming Games, for the fifth time overall, the second in a row!!

Upcoming Games, written by myself, brings fresh news on all the upcoming Mario games, always including useful information, such as the main features and release dates. Last month, it covered the announcement of three new Mario games in development, along with release dates for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Game & Wario. The runner-up, with 6 votes (28.57%), was Anniversary Announcements, written by Statistics Manager RandomYoshi (talk). Projects Seeking Contributors and Monthly Report, written by YoshiKong (talk) and myself, respectively, were the third-placed sections, with 3 votes (14.29%).

And that's all for the notes!! I hope you enjoy this issue!!

Monthly Report (Paper Yoshi (talk))

Hello, and welcome to another issue of Monthly Report!! Once again, there is no news regarding this section, so let's go on and see the wiki statistics for March, February and January, followed by February-March and January-March comparisons.

(Credit goes to Stooben Rooben (talk) and Super Mario Bros. (talk) for the table coding. Stooben originally created it when writing this section back in Issues XXIII, XXV and XXVI, and SMB based his coding for Issues XXXIX, XL and XLI – which I am using in this issue – off of Stooben's coding.)

March Statistics
Statistic As of 8 March 2013 (09:30)*
Content Pages 12,946
All Pages 97,394
Files 42,208
Edits 1,283,866
Edits per Page 13.18
Registered Users 14,025
Active Users 428
Bots 2
Autopatrolled 40
Patrollers 6
Administrators 11
Bureaucrats 4
Proprietor 1

February Statistics
Statistic As of 9 February 2013 (23:15)*
Content Pages 12,876
All Pages 96,560
Files 41,625
Edits 1,270,701
Edits per Page 13.16
Registered Users 13,844
Active Users 437
Bots 2
Autopatrolled 40
Patrollers 6
Administrators 11
Bureaucrats 4
Proprietor 1

January Statistics
Statistic As of 10 January 2013 (13:15)*
Content Pages 12,807
All Pages 95,675
Files 41,120
Edits 1,252,834
Edits per Page 13.09
Registered Users 13,587
Active Users 509
Bots 2
Autopatrolled 37
Patrollers 6
Administrators 12
Bureaucrats 4
Proprietor 1

February — March Statistics
Statistic As of 9 February 2013 (23:15)* As of 8 March 2013 (09:30)* Percentage Change
Content Pages 12,876 12,946 +0.544%
All Pages 96,560 97,394 +0.864%
Files 41,625 42,208 +1.4%
Edits 1,270,701 1,283,866 +1.036%
Edits per Page 13.16 13.18 +0.152%
Registered Users 13,844 14,025 +1.307%
Active Users 437 428 -2.059%
Bots 2 2 0%
Autopatrolled 40 40 0%
Patrollers 6 6 0%
Administrators 11 11 0%
Bureaucrats 4 4 0%
Proprietor 1 1 0%

January — March Statistics
Statistic As of 10 January 2013 (13:15)* As of 8 March 2013 (09:30)* Percentage Change
Content Pages 12,807 12,946 +1.085%
All Pages 95,675 97,394 +1.797%
Files 41,120 42,208 +2.646%
Edits 1,252,834 1,283,866 +2.477%
Edits per Page 13.09 13.18 +0.687%
Registered Users 13,587 14,025 +3.224%
Active Users 509 428 -15.913%
Bots 2 2 0%
Autopatrolled 37 40 +8.108%
Patrollers 6 6 0%
Administrators 12 11 -8.333%
Bureaucrats 4 4 0%
Proprietor 1 1 0%
*All times EST.

Community Report (YoshiKong (talk))

Hey and welcome to the Community Report. I’m filling in for Bop1996 (talk) while he’s busy with school stuff. The Pipe Plaza team weren’t able to write a Community Report last issue, so to catch up we'll be covering all that took place in the last two months. Now let's begin, shall we? These are the most recent changes we have had to MarioWiki Policy.

  • The Warning Policy has been updated. Basically, don't issue warnings to anonymous users. If you see an anon breaking rules or vandalizing articles, either informally explain to them what they are doing wrong, or just tell an admin so they can be given a temporary ban. Also, anons are not allowed to issue warnings.
  • The Naming Policy has been updated to include standards for article identifiers. This will override the previous guidelines where an identifier must match the game it appears in. An identifier is when the same title for a subject is shared across multiple articles on the wiki, brackets are used in the title to identify them. For example, Funky (Super Mario World). Recently some users have noticed that a game identifier won't always be the most suitable title. So now, what appears in the brackets will depend on the type of article.
  • The Userspace Policy has a new point. Users are not allowed more than six YouTube videos on any given page, as excessive YouTube videos may easily crash other user's computers. Users who exceed this limit may be asked to remove the additional videos, or they will be removed for them. As an alternative to embedding, users are permitted to have as many direct links to said videos as they want.

If you have any questions or concerns about these polices, feel free to post a comment on this forum thread. Next up, these are the most recent proposals which have reached a consensus.

  • Glowsquid (talk)'s proposal to remove the "Affiliation" parameter from infoboxes passed 21-0.
  • Megadardery (talk)'s proposal to add a navbar to navigation templates failed 1-10.
  • YoshiKong (talk)'s proposal to unprotect the Help pages was withdrawn at a score of 7-0.
  • GreenDisaster (talk)'s proposal to delete the redirects to various "Mario References" articles failed 0-3-9.
  • NewSMBU (talk)'s proposal to force "show preview" before saving pages was withdrawn as a score of 1-3.
  • Byllant (talk)'s proposal to use wikitables as a consistent way to organize the series articles passed 15-0-0-0-0.
  • Turboo (talk)'s proposal to increase the file size limit when uploading OGG video files passed 8-5. However, it is the ultimate decision of the proprietor Porplemontage (talk) whether the limit increase is carried out or not.
  • Goomba (talk)'s proposal to have an identification feature on recent changes to quickly find admins passed 15-0. Admins on recent changes now appear in a different color to regular users.
  • YoshiFan1200 (talk)'s proposal to have a feature which identifies a user's rank on their talk page failed 1-9.
  • Turboo (talk)'s proposal to change the "Identifiers of Articles" policy to be decided on a case-by-case basis passed 7-0.

And the following are talk page proposals which have recently reached a consensus.

And these are talk page proposals currently in progress.

The following are the most recent changes we've had to user rights.

And that's it for this month's Community Report. We hope that you enjoy the rest of the issue, and all the best to Bop1996 with his real-life duties.

Forum Update (MrConcreteDonkey (talk))

Hey, and welcome to the Forum Update! Sorry I couldn't be with you last month, I was really busy and, honestly, there wasn't much to talk about except smilies (KILL), so yeah. Don't worry though, I'll cover anything I missed.

Top Stories
Post-Damage Invincibility, who you may remember from being banned in January's issue, was unbanned. The permanent ban became temporary because, while he was suspected of being Rudnicki, a common troll of the community, there was no physical evidence towards this. Or at least until the 'Shroom banned him. He subsequently admitted he was Rudnicki and was banned, and has probably made another sockpuppet while you've been reading this. That was your fault. Stop reading this.

YamiHoshi's temporary ban expired.

Souda-kun was temporarily banned on March 9th, for creating havoc and personal attacks on forumgoers. The ban ends after two weeks, on March 23rd.

A child board of General Discussion for the seventh Mario Awards was created. Additionally, a child board of Forum Games was created for Elimination games. This includes Vote to Win, KO a Character, Hurt and Heal and anything else. Finally, a child board of HelpDesk was created for Resolved problems.

Loads and loads of smilies were added. Characters like Rosalina, Shy Guy, Diddy Kong, Toadette and...Keyzer? now have their own smilies. The whole thing did go a bit too far, and some of the added smilies were removed, such as :drosh:, who you may remember from the previous issue, :trickster:, a frankly horrendous interpretation of Mario, and, saddest of all (probably because it's the only good one they removed), :barkley:.

Barkley.png Goodnight, sweet prince...

In January, 523 topics were created. 28096 posts were made. 32 new members joined, and the most online was 264. These have all been the highest amounts so far this year. In February, 451 topics were posted and 23334 posts were made. 22 users joined and 100 was the most online.

Meowth (Smasher (talk)) – 43280
MCS (Mileycyrussoulja (talk)) – 29026
Ralph (Ralphfan (talk)) – 27984
Pinkie Pie (UltraMario3000 (talk))– 23568
Gundam Tanaka (Nabber (talk)) – 22331
Lilith (Lily (talk)) – 19395
Staraptor (Superjeff64 (talk)) – 17060
Baby Luigi (BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)) – 16880
Solar Blaze (SolarBlaze (talk)) – 16025
Filthy Rich (Marshal Dan Troop (talk)) – 15117

Sabrina (Puddin (talk)) – 674
Ralph (Ralphfan (talk)) – 593
Nabber (Nabber (talk)) – 514

Lario (Lario (talk))– 502
ugozima (Aiko Heiwa (talk)) – 494
Keyzer (Pyro (talk)) – 443
New Super Mario (New Super Mario (talk)) – 435

Soarin' (MST3K (talk)) – 434
Pinkie Pie (UltraMario3000 (talk)) – 397
Sylveon (EctoBiologist (talk)) – 382

Uniju (Uniju :D (talk)) – 234d 23h 45m
Northern Verve (SonicMario (talk)) – 228d 17h 29m
Meowth (Smasher (talk))– 223d 18h 55m
Soarin' (MST3K (talk)) – 205d 12h 53m

Looker (Gamefreak75 (talk)) – 180d 21h
Sabrina (Puddin (talk)) – 177d 6h 45m
Filthy Rich (Marshal Dan Troop (talk)) – 169d 7h 24m
Christian Brutal Sniper (Marcelagus (talk)) – 165d 12h 21m
Silver Spoon (Master Crash (talk)) – 151d 20h 44m
Super Mario Bros. (Super Mario Bros. (talk)) – 138d 17h 45m

Green signifies the user is at a higher position than last month.
Blue signifies the user is at the same position as last month.
Red signifies the user is at a lower position than last month.
Bold signifies the user is a new entry to the top 10. Italics signify the user is banned.

Forum Games
Nabber won User Big Brother 4, so Smasher's game, imaginatively titled User Big Brother 5 (and currently somewhere near Week 2), began. Toad85's User Big Brother World also began, and is currently at Week 2 as well. Smasher also won User Total Drama Island 2 but if Smasher won it, it must've been easy.

Currently ongoing Mafias are my Mafia 2101, Rocker64's Rocker Mafia, Nabber's Forum's Choice Mafia and Smg2daisy's My Little Pony: Friendship is Mafia...again?.

  • The Mafia won Yoshi K's Yoshi K Mafia.
  • The Mafia lost Pyro's Volcano Mafia I, which was one by the Innocents...and BMB.
  • The Mafia did, however, win LuigiNo1's Just Another Mafia.
  • The Mafia also won Epic Nitwit's Rhythym Thief Mafia, though shared their victory with LTQ and Crackin. Reluctantly, I assume.
  • The Mafia also won BMB's Nostalgia Mafia. I was Mafia. I managed to roleclaim a role that already existed. I'm not sure whether I should feel proud or stupid.
  • The Mafia also also won LTQ's Second Mafia, though shared their victory with Crackin again (they must like him) and Neptune (who does like him?).
  • The Mafia, however, lost Tucayo's Mafia badly. It was won by the Werewolves, though Smasher tagged along for some obscure reason.
  • The Mafia weren't even involved in SonicMario's Day vs. Night Mafia. The Lunar Republic beat the Solar
  • The Mafia went downhill after this, losing NSY's Sonic the Hedgehog Mafia to the Innocents. Seriously, losing to the third party is acceptable, but the innocents?
  • The Mafia also were defeated by the Innocents in Cirdec's Mario Party 9 Mafia.

So, after that extensive list, it seems my work here is done. Oh wait, I've missed one of the most important news stories in the entire history of the MarioWiki: A new pope has been elected on the forum!


Yeah, that's it. What are you waiting for? Goodbye. Scram. Leave.

Projects Seeking Contributors (YoshiKong (talk))

Hey and what's up? Welcome to Projects Seeking Contributors. This section will bring attention to any new and active projects on the wiki where input and general discussion are needed. Let's start with the most active and recent projects seen on the Wiki Collaborations forum board.

Topic Started by... Description
Semi-protecting some major articles Baby Luigi
BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)
Discuss which high-traffic articles on the wiki could be given semi-protection, in order to try and minimize vandalism. This would mean that only autoconfirmed users will be able to edit them.
Collab: Good writing Enobarbus
Bop1996 (talk)
A collaboration to rewrite and bring attention to poorly written articles which go against the policy MarioWiki:Good writing.
Request: New Super Mario Bros. 2 Stage Icons LTIan
LTIan (talk)
A request for several different stage icon sprites from the game New Super Mario Bros. 2, which are to be uploaded onto the wiki.
Unused files MCS
Mileycyrussoulja (talk)
There are currently hundreds of unused files on the wiki that shouldn't be there. Help us decide what can be done with them.
Image Galleries Baby Luigi
BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)
Discuss a consistent way to organize image galleries on the wiki. Also, input is needed on whether we should split 3D game models from Category:Game sprites, or just rename the category.
Collab: Relocate In-Game Text on Minigames Hobbes
Henry Tucayo Clay (talk)
When infoboxes are larger than the article, it doesn't really look too nice. This happens a lot more often in the minigame pages, because those articles are generally shorter. Help us incorporate the Game Rules from the infoboxes into the article according to the guidelines seen in the thread.
Collab: Names in Other Languages Super Luigi World
Pokémon Trainer Red (talk)
What's a good way to expand the "Names in Other Languages" sections on article? Change the language settings on your system of course! Problem is, can we translate?
Request: Official enemy name YoshiKong
YoshiKong (talk)
An official name is requested for a purple enemy which is seen in the game Yoshi Topsy-Turvy.
Discuss: New and Returning enemies NSY
NSY (talk)
Discuss how we could organize the "Enemies" section on the articles of recent Mario games, beside splitting them into "New" and "Returning" enemies.
Colab/Request - Kersti's Tattles (Levels & List of Stickers Complete!) Pyro
Pyro (talk)
The article Paper Mario: Sticker Star is currently missing much needed info and images about Kersti's advice seen in the game. Help us out!
Bad Walkthrough-style Writing Enobarbus
Bop1996 (talk)
A collaboration to improve articles which are currently poorly written in a walkthrough-style matter, such as this for example.
Collaboration: Unstubify Knife
Knife (talk)
A collaboration to help clear the stub list, which is currently at around 160 articles.

And that's it for the forum's Wiki Collaborations. Once again, see the forum board for the complete list. Next up, we have the discussions which are currently taking place on article talk pages. These can be seen at Category:Talk pages with unresolved issues. The list is as follows.

Talk page discussion Started by... Description
Talk:Blue Toad (character) Toa 95 (talk) There is currently no official source to confirm whether the playable Blue Toad from the New Super Mario Bros. games and the one that hosts the minigames in Mario Party 9 are the same character. Discuss what could be done.
Talk:Blue Toad (Super Mario Galaxy) Banon (talk) Discuss the official name for the Blue Toad which appears in the Super Mario Galaxy series.
Talk:List of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door beta elements Glowsquid (talk) A source is requested for a piece of info regarding a "sick status effect" seen on the beta elements page of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Talk:Mario's Early Years! Fun with Letters Baconator (talk) Help us find the correct release date for the game Mario's Early Years! Fun with Letters. It is believed to be around 1993-1994.
Talk:Planet Bomber 1337star (talk) Discuss whether the article Planet Bomber should be moved to Bomberland, as that is the title seen in Mario media such as the game Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman!.
Talk:Rabbit Mario Ultimate gamer (talk) It has been suggested that the article Rabbit Mario should cover info about the effect of the Bunny Hood in the Super Smash Bros. series.
Talk:Reversible Platform Banon (talk) Rename the article Reversible Platform (which came from a French translation) to the more suitable translation Flip-Swap Platform.
Talk:Roof Bop1996 (talk) Discuss possible ways to split Roof into more appearance-specific articles.
File talk:SM64DS-First Floor Map.GIF Megadardery (talk) There are two versions of a picture which maps out the first floor of Peach's Castle in Super Mario 64 DS. Help us decide which one to keep and which one to delete.
Talk:Softnica Glowsquid (talk) Discuss the relationship between the companies Softnica and Pax Softnica, including trying to find the correct release date of the company as multiple sources give different dates. A user fluent in Japanese is requested to translate several pages which may give clarification between the two companies.
Talk:Spiny Shell (Mario Kart) Banon (talk) Discuss whether the article Spiny Shell (Mario Kart) be moved to a non-identifier title, while the currently named article Spiny Shell be given the identifier title.
Template talk:World Banon (talk) Template:World is currently missing several icons from recent games. As a temporary substitute, said icons are being reused from past games. Please help up obtain and upload these icons!

And that's all this months Projects Seeking Contributors. If you think you could help out with any of the issues above, please take part in the said discussion taking place. We'll be updating this section next issue with any new discussions that need attention.

Tip of the Month (FunkyK38 (talk))

Be sure to read all userspace guidelines before putting your pages together. This includes your signature as well. Failure to be informed of the rules is not an acceptable excuse, as they are all lined out. If your page does not comply, it will be edited, possibly without your consent, so be sure to follow the rules!

Mario Calendar (Paper Yoshi (talk))

Hello, readers, and welcome to the March Issue of Mario Calendar!!

I wanted to have a table with all the consoles and stores to the right, akin to the region table, but it didn't work the way I planned, so there's nothing new regarding this section (except the italicized titles, which were added last month). Anyway, here are all the Mario, Yoshi, DK and Wario games released during the third month of the calendar year:

Abb. Region
NA North America
JP Japan
EU Europe
AU Australia/New Zealand
KO Republic of Korea
CN People's Rep. of China

And that's all for this month's list! I'll see you in Upcoming Games!!

Anniversary Announcements (RandomYoshi (talk))

Hello again, RandomYoshi here to bring you the news on what the Awards Committee has decided on since the last issue of The 'Shroom.

To kick things off, there have been some discussion related to Awards Mafia III. Smasher (talk) (Forum Profile · Personal Message) has stepped forward and is willing to host said game. There is a need for a co-host, though. The game will be quite large; every applicant for co-hosting is welcomed. Ralphfan (talk) (Forum Profile · Personal Message) is so far the only co-host applicant. Smasher has commented that, if there is no one else willing to be a co-host, he is fine with co-hosting it with Ralphfan. It has also been mentioned that it needs to start earlier than last year. There has been no discussion in regards to other tournaments or events.

To see if any rewards have changed, consult the table found below. Do keep in mind that if the award is not listed, it has yet to be discussed by the committee.

Award Description Changes
Added Removed
A1 Best Game Soundtrack (Original)
A2 Favourite Mario Kart Game There were no added or removed entries to or from this award.
A3 Favourite Mario Platformer There were no removed entries from this award.
A4 Favourite Mario Kart Course* There were no removed entries from this reward.
A5 Favourite Donkey Kong Game There were no removed entries from this award.
A6 Favourite Wario Game There were no added or removed entries to or from this award.
A7 Favourite Yoshi Game There were no added or removed entries to or from this award.
A8 Most Anticipated Upcoming Game
A9 Favourite Major Character There were no added or removed entries to or from this award
A10 Favourite Supporting Character There were no added entries to this award.
  • Baby Mario
  • Baby Luigi
  • Poochy
  • Petey Piranha
A11 Favourite Galaxy There were no added or removed entries to or from this award.
A12 Favourite Enemy There were no added or removed entries to or from this award.
A13 Hardest Boss
  • The Master (Final Form)
There were no removed entries from this award.

*The way this was agreed on was to specify the four courses in question. Because there is a Rainbow Road, a Bowser Castle, a Mario Circuit, and a Luigi Circuit in every game, only one of them needs to be voted for.

Upcoming Games (Paper Yoshi (talk))

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another issue of Upcoming Games!! This month, we have plenty of news to cover, and most of the announcements revolve around a certain plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom...

And that is... Luigi, without a doub--wait, you thought it was Mario? Who on Earth would possibly think I was referring to Mario? Only fools would do that!

The Year of Luigi

Anyway, moving on... Last month, during yet another Nintendo Direct conference, held on February 14th, the President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, declared 2013 to be the Year of Luigi, and he, along with Game Producer Shigeru Miyamoto, unveiled some new games and details regarding previously announced games to celebrate the event.

The video kicked off with Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Mr. Miyamoto showed gameplay footage and discussed a few details on various aspects of the game, such as controls and game modes. In addition to the single-player campaign, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon will feature a brand new multiplayer mode, called ScareScraper, on which up to four players will be able to cooperate or compete in order to achieve the different goals from each of the game modes within ScareScraper itself.

Afterwards, Mr. Iwata announced two new Nintendo 3DS titles starring Luigi, although not as the main character. The first one was the fourth installment in the Mario & Luigi RPG series, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. The game shifts between the regular overworld and a special world, much like Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story; however, this time the game revolves around Luigi's dream world, as opposed to Bowser's body. While controlling Mario inside Luigi's dreams, players will have to interact with the sleeping plumber in order to solve puzzles and defeat various types of enemies. The game is set to be released this summer.

The other 3DS title featuring Luigi is Mario Golf: World Tour. Little has been revealed about this game, aside from some playable characters, which include, so far, Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Wario, Donkey Kong and Waluigi. This game will also be available this summer in North America.

Additionally, the President of Nintendo announced new Downloadable Content for New Super Mario Bros. U to celebrate the Year of Luigi. It'll be called New Super Luigi U, and will feature Luigi as the playable character. Seeing as it is a large-scale DLC package, similar to full software, development will take some time to finish, but the DLC will be available for download later this year.

Last, but not least, two additional Nintendo 3DS titles were unveiled. The first one of them is Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move, another installment in the Mario and Donkey Kong series. It will be released this year for the Nintendo eShop. The second and last game, unveiled by none other than President and COO of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, is Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, a remake of the 2010 Wii title Donkey Kong Country Returns. No details have been revealed, aside from a Summer 2013 release date.

Release Dates

  • Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
    • Japan: March 20th (as Luigi Mansion 2)
    • North America: March 24th
    • Europe and Australia: March 28th (as Luigi's Mansion 2)
  • Game & Wario
    • Japan: March 28th
    • Other Regions: Wii U launch window
  • Mario & Luigi: Dream Team,
    Mario Golf: World Tour
    and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
    • North America: Summer 2013
  • Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move
    and New Super Luigi U (DLC for NSMBU)
    • North America: 2013

Well, I guess that's all for now! We shall meet again in April, so take care!!

"Stay tuned to Upcoming Games for news on the games you'll be playing soon!"

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