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You've probably come here from a link on a protected page, which cannot currently be edited, or a protected image which can not currently be overwritten. Administrators have the ability to "protect" pages or images so that they cannot be modified except by other admins. If a page is semi-protected then only autoconfirmed users can edit the page.

Sometimes permanent semi-protection is used on sensitive or high-traffic articles, but full protection is mostly limited to policy pages and other behind-the-scenes aspects of the Super Mario Wiki. However, temporary protection may be granted to mainspace articles or images to prevent vandalism or edit warring. User pages are automatically protected from editing by any user besides the page's owner (with the exception of sysops, who can edit any user page), as there is no practical need for anyone to be able to modify others' personal pages.

Reasons for protecting pages include (but are not limited to):

  • Protecting high visibility pages such as the Main Page and its images from vandalism.
  • Preventing anonymous edits from being made to pages that are particularly susceptible to controversy and misinformation, such as glitch pages and articles on upcoming games.
  • Maintaining the integrity of the site's logos and policy pages.
  • All MediaWiki pages, which are interface messages used repeatedly in the wiki software, are permanently fully protected by default.
  • Pages and templates which are now an abandoned feature are given full protection, in order to maintain it as a historical reference.
  • Pages may be temporarily protected to end edit wars.