Wiggler Race Mountaineering!

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Wiggler Race
Mountaineering! from Super Mario Bros. Wonder
World Pipe-Rock Plateau
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Wiggler Race! Hold Y Button and move to dash! Reach the goal before the Racing Wiggler!”
Starting message, Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Wiggler Race Mountaineering! is a Wiggler Race level located in Pipe-Rock Plateau of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It can be unlocked by completing Badge House in Pipe-Rock Plateau and its own completion unlocks the following courses:

Completing this level will also reward the player with the Auto Super Mushroom badge. This level houses one Wonder Seed.


This level requires the player to reach the goal at the end before the Racing Wiggler does. The beginning of the level has a Bubble containing a Super Mushroom and a gate that will open after a three-second countdown, which starts the race. The race starts with a few trees and a single Erin, followed by a long Zip Track and some slopes with more Erins. Past these is the first bridge made up of Marimba Blocks and a section with more trees alongside some Beeswax Blocks and Spike Traps. A large Beeswax Block can be destroyed using the elephant or fire forms for a shortcut. After this is a single Skedaddler and another bridge made of Marimba Blocks followed by more Zip Tracks, including some that the player can grab from underneath. A final Zip Track placed diagonally appears right before the goal, after which the Wiggler will reward the player with a Wonder Seed if they reached the goal before it.


Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "Wow, zippy!" (at the first Zip Track)
    • "You got this!"
  • "Go, go, go!" (at the first Marimba Block bridge)
    • "Dash, dash!"
  • "You got this!" (at the first Marimba Block bridge)
    • "Daaash!"
  • "Zooooom!" (at the second Marimba Block bridge)
    • "You can do it!"
  • "Look at you go!" (at the second Marimba Block bridge)
    • "Dash, dash!"
  • "Woooooo!" (at the last Zip Track section)
    • "Hurry! Hurry!"
  • "Woo-hoo!" (next to the goal if the player wins the race)
    • "Ohhh! Give it another go, eh?" (if the player loses the race)

The second quote of every Talking Flower is said if the player gets too far behind the Wiggler. Additionally, a set of three flowers appears throughout the level cheering on the player. One of these flowers can also be heard cheering on the Wiggler at the start of the race. If the player is losing the race, the other flowers may give them a Super Star to help catch up with the Wiggler.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おかやま
Okakoe Yamakoe
Crossing a hill, crossing a mountain
Chinese 翻山越嶺花毛毛賽跔
Fān shānyuè lǐng Huā Máomáo sài jū
Crossing the mountains and ridges, the Wiggler race
Dutch Over berg en dal Over mountain and valley
French Rallye champêtre Rural rally
German Über Stock und Stein Over Hills and Valleys
Italian Su e giù per le colline Up and down on the hills
Korean 산 넘고 언덕 넘어! 꽃충이 레이스
San neomgo eondeog neom-eo! Kkochchung-i leiseu
Over the mountains and over the hills! Wiggler Race
Portuguese (NOA) Corra pelas colinas! Run through the hills!
Portuguese (NOE) Montanhismo! Mountaineering!
Russian по горам, по долам!
po goram, po dolam!
Over the mountains, over the valleys!
Spanish Montañismo Mountaineering