KO Arena Magma Flare-Up

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KO Arena
Magma Flare-Up
Piranha Plant and cohorts room in Magma Flare-Up
World Deep Magma Bog
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Defeat them and keep going! Defeat all the enemies to open each gate. If you do it quickly, there'll be extra rewards waiting! You can tackle this challenge solo or join up with friends.”
Starting message, Super Mario Bros. Wonder

KO Arena Magma Flare-Up is a KO Arena level in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is found in Deep Magma Bog's Magmafalls Area, unlocked by completing Deep Magma Bog Flying Battleship. This level has the player fighting off against several Morocon, red Gnawshers, Piranha Plants and Fire Piranha Plants, and Fire Spikes throughout the level. This level has one Wonder Seed, and depending on how quickly the player clears the level, they can be rewarded with 10-flower coins.


The player starts in an area where they can choose power-ups, either a Fire Flower, Elephant Fruit, Bubble Flower or Drill Mushroom. The items are endless, so the player can take as many as they need. A pipe above the center leads to the first battle area.

The first battle area has eight Morocon in a cavern with two lava pools and two Hot-Hot Rocks submerged in them. The four Morocon on the left will inevitably pop in contact with the Hot-Hot Rock or the lava, while the four on the right are already popped. There are several beanstalks hanging from the ceiling to maneuver around the room. After all eight Morocon are defeated, the gate to the pipe leading to the second battle area will unlock.

The second battle area has eleven red Gnawshers scattered about. Five purple pipes regularly spawn coins, luring the Gnawshers to eat them. Two interactive tulips will spawn five coins each when touched. After all eleven Gnawshers are defeated, the gate to the pipe leading to the third battle area will unlock.

The third battle area has twelve Piranha Plants and four Fire Piranha Plants, for a total of sixteen enemies to defeat. Four pairs of Piranha Plants are on purple blocks on the ceiling, with the two centermost blocks moving up and down. Between those, two Piranha Plants and two Fire Piranha Plants are on a rotating purple block. Two horizontal pipes on either end hold the last two Piranha Plants, and two vertical pipes hold the two remaining Fire Piranha Plants. Two other pipes coming out of the ground endlessly spawn Hanabihei for the player to defeat the plants with. After all sixteen Piranha Plants are defeated, the gate to the pipe leading to the fourth battle area will unlock. The Hanabihei do not need to be defeated to progress.

The fourth and final battle area has nine Fire Spikes stationed on Brick Block structures. Three lifts with ON/OFF Switches on top of them are stationed on a large, rectangular track. Hitting the ON/OFF Switch will cause them to move clockwise, aiding in traversing the room. After all nine Fire Spikes are defeated, the gate to the pipe leading to the goal will open.

The goal has five Talking Flowers that congratulate the player for clearing the challenge. If the player clears the battle quick enough, they can be rewarded with 10-flower coins from the above pipes. There is a treasure chest on the right of the room, which when opened spawns the Wonder Seed and the stage is cleared.

10-flower coin requirements[edit]

  • 10-flower coin 1: 200 seconds
  • 10-flower coin 2: 150 seconds
  • 10-flower coin 3: 100 seconds



Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • Whatcha gonna go with? (at the starting area)
    • Tough choice... (if the player waits)
    • Why not pick your favorite?
  • Congratulations! (said by five flowers at once at the finish)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French (NOA) Tiraillage au volcan Squabble at the volcano
French (NOE) Baston du volcan Volcano's fight
Italian Arena Magmascuro Dark-magma arena
Portuguese (NOA) Maestria Magmática Magmatic Mastery
Portuguese (NOE) Arena Magmática Magmatic Arena
Spanish Coliseo Caldera Deep Magma Coliseum