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Expresso Racing
Expresso's Racing

Expresso's Racing[1] is a racing minigame hosted by Cranky Kong in the Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country 2. It involves Expresso racing against three other ostriches (each being a red, blue, or green palette swap of him) on a horizontal path. It can also be played from the "Bonus Games" sub-menu.


During their adventure, Diddy and Dixie Kong must collect golden feathers to increase Expresso's stats, and in turn, boost his performance during races. At times, this is the only way to make Expresso a formidable opponent during races. At Cranky's Hut, the Kongs must have at least four golden feathers to select the first option, "Cranky's Surprise". Cranky Kong introduces the game to the Kongs, and they are led to a menu divided into four stats, each having a total of ten bars: Strength, Speed, Flight, and Boost. The Kongs can individually increase each stat with a golden feather.

After completing a race, the Kongs are awarded with a trophy, which is placed on a shelf in Cranky's Hut. The quality of the trophy depends on which place Expresso finishes in (e.g. first place for gold, second for silver, etc.) The Kongs are rewarded with a Video Game Hero Coin for each race that they win, and a photograph of Cranky Kong if they manage to complete every challenge.


Every race takes place in a world of Crocodile Isle, and have their own obstacles. Some feathers and boosts also appear; they respectively allow Expresso to temporarily glide through the air and to give a small speed boost.

  • Ship Deck Dash: The race in Gangplank Galleon. Despite the name, this race takes place at a jungle, with almost no obstacles, except for the small plains.
  • Magma Spurt: The race located in Crocodile Cauldron. This race takes place at a volcanic area, which features new obstacles, including taller plains and a blue liquid that slows down the ostriches.
  • Swampy Swoop: A race in Krem Quay, a swamp area. This time, the main obstacle are the small swamps, that slows down the ostriches just like the blue liquid.
  • Fairground Fall: This race takes place at Krazy Kremland. Here, the ostriches can easily fall in the various pitfalls of the course. They can use logs to cross them.
  • Spooky Sprint: The race in Gloomy Gulch, which features a purple liquid that slows down the player even more than the blue liquid.
  • Creepy Castle: Located at K. Rool's Keep, the ostriches will find a brown liquid, slowing them down, and pits, in which they can easily fall.
  • Lost World Leap: The last and hardest race, located at the Lost World. Aside from the pits and the blue liquid, the ostriches will find spikes in some parts, harmful to them.


  • +Control Pad – moving Expresso in the desired direction
  • B Button (holding) – to accelerate
  • A Button – jump
  • A ButtonA Button – gliding in the air (uses a feather)
  • R Button → grants a small boost (uses a boost)


The names of Expresso's opponents differ per race. When accessed from the main game, each race has a consistent group of names, though they are randomized when accessed from the Bonus Games menu.

Race Sprite of one of Expresso's opponents from Donkey Kong Country 2 for Game Boy Advance
Sprite of one of Expresso's opponents from Donkey Kong Country 2 for Game Boy Advance
Sprite of one of Expresso's opponents from Donkey Kong Country 2 for Game Boy Advance
Ship Deck Dash Smokey Chewy Rapido
Magma Spurt Sneakers Beardy Zippy
Swampy Swoop Loopi Tinky Bungle
Fairground Fall Tremors Monsoon Myma
Spooky Sprint Papa Laz Humpty Rippa
Creepy Castle Flicky Aftershock Ozzie
Lost World Leap M. Bassi Misty Minogue

Names in other languages[edit]

Expresso Racing

Language Name Meaning
French Course Expresso Expresso Race
German Expresso-Rennen Expresso Races
Italian Formula Expresso Expresso Formula
Spanish Carreras Expresso Expresso Racing

Ship Deck Dash

Language Name Meaning
French Ruée sur le Pont Rush on the Deck
German Schiffs-Sprint Ship Sprint
Italian Sprint Foresta Forest Sprint
Spanish A la Cubierta To the Deck

Magma Spurt

Language Name Meaning
French Jet de Magma Magma Jet
German Magmalauf Magma Run
Italian Marasma Magma Magma Chaos
Spanish Chorros de Magma Jets of Magma

Swampy Swoop

Language Name Meaning
French Descente Amphibie Amphibious Descent
German Moor-Marathon Moor Marathon
Italian Scatto Palude Swamp Shot
Spanish Caída de Swampy Swampy Fall

Fairground Fall

Language Name Meaning
French Chute de Foire Fair Fall
German Savannen-Spurt Savannah Spurt
Italian Gara Giungla Jungle Race
Spanish Caída en la Feria Fall at the Fair

Spooky Sprint

Language Name Meaning
French Sprint Sinistre Sinister Sprint
German Gruselgroße Scary Big Ones
Italian Fantasorpasso Ghostwalk
Spanish Carrera Tétrica Grim Race

Creepy Castle

Language Name Meaning
French Fort Effrayant Scary Fortress
German Burg-Balustrade Castle Balustrade
Italian Corsa Castello Castle Rush
Spanish Castillo Mágico Magic Castle

Lost World Leap

Language Name Meaning
French Monde Perdu Lost World
German Verlorene Welt Lost World
Italian Salto Perduto Lost Jump
Spanish El Mundo Perdido The Lost World


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