Find Band Members in the Luncheon Kingdom!

Find Band Members in the Luncheon Kingdom!
Find Band Members in the Luncheon Kingdom! in Super Mario Odyssey
Location Luncheon Kingdom
Game Super Mario Odyssey
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Find Band Members in the Luncheon Kingdom! is the last of three missions in the VR mode in Super Mario Odyssey, set in the Luncheon Kingdom. It is unlocked after the player clears the Luncheon Kingdom in the main game. The objective is to collect all of the notes and deliver the correct musical instruments to the Lochlady, Steam Gardener, and Volbonan musicians in the area.

Area layoutEdit

Mario starts on top of the large, yellow pumpkin in Peronza Plaza, where the majority of the mission takes place. The plaza is mostly the same as in the original game, with a few differences, including the lack of the Slots and Crazy Cap signs, and the addition of Brick Blocks, bridges of Hidden Blocks between each pillar surrounding the plaza, and a cart between the buildings that Mario can bounce on to reach the rooftops. If Mario tries to leave the plaza towards the Old Town or Meat Plateau, he is held back by a bubble. Mario also cannot enter any of the buildings in the plaza.

On top of one of the pillars next to the entrance, there is a slingshot that sends Mario up to the pot of Stupendous Stew on top of Mount Volbono. Mario lands on a small island floating in the center of the pot with a Warp Pipe that takes him back to Peronza Plaza. Next to the island is a giant corn cob Mario can roll along the stew's surface to reach several coin rings and a ? Block containing a heart. At the far side of the pot is a smaller island with a treasure chest containing a large amount of coins; Mario can reach it by carefully walking around the rim of the pot or performing a double Cap Dive from the central island. If Mario falls into the stew, he is carried back to the central island via a bubble.


  • Lochlady: The Lochlady stands on a platform over the pot of stew in the plaza and requires a microphone. To the right of her is a treble clef between two pillars that activates a trail of notes leading around the yellow pumpkin and towards the camera via a Hat Trampoline. After collecting them all, the microphone appears on top of the pumpkin.
  • Steam Gardener: The Steam Gardener is located in front of the pile of vegetables next to the buildings and requires a piano. A treble clef can be found above a post between the buildings, which causes a tall structure of blocks containing notes to appear. Mario must Wall Jump up the structure to collect every note; doing so causes the piano to appear on the ground.
  • Volbonan: The Volbonan is located next to the plaza's entrance and requires a saxophone. Near the vegetable piles, a rabbit runs around a glass cage containing a treble clef; if Mario manages to catch the rabbit, the cage breaks open. Collecting the treble clef inside forms a square of notes around Mario that reveal the saxophone once they have all been collected.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 料理の国で 演奏者を集めよう!
Ryōri no Kuni de Ensōsha o Atsumeyō!
Let's Gather Performers in the Luncheon Kingdom!

Chinese 在料理国召集演奏者吧! (Simplified)
在料理國召集演奏者吧! (Traditional)
Zài liàolǐ guó zhàojí yǎnzòu zhě ba!
Let's Gather Performers in the Luncheon Kingdom!

Spanish (NOE) ¡Da con los miembros de la orquesta en el Reino de los Fogones!
Find the Band Members in the Luncheon Kingdom!