Blockhead Bowser

Sprite of Blockhead Bowser

Blockhead Bowser is one of Bowser's forms and the final boss of Mario Party DS. Bowser transforms into Blockhead Bowser via the Megamorph Belt. There are three types of blocks that Blockhead Bowser consists of: regular grey blocks, which are just normal blocks, Bowser Blocks, which can shoot out flame balls in all forms, and the golden Bowser Block, the weak spot, which can also shoot out flame balls, but only in the final form. It is fought in the minigame Bowser's Block Party. Here, it can morph into three different forms: a spinning top, a huge cube, or a snaking trail of blocks. The form is impenetrable, except for the one golden Bowser Block, which has to be attacked by the player in order to defeat Bowser. First, Blockhead Bowser will form into a top and spin around, flinging fireballs and lighting itself on fire before falling over. When it falls, the player can attack the gold Bowser block. After five hits, the blocks will separate and reform into one large cubic block. The block will flip toward the player, shoot a fireball out a Bowser block on each side and flip again. Once the gold Bowser block is hit five more times, he will reform into a trailing snake-like form. It will slither around the arena shooting fireballs. The gold Bowser block is wreathed in flame, but when the block slithers toward the middle and snuffs out the flames, this provides an opportunity to attack. After five more hits, Bowser is defeated.

Profiles and statisticsEdit

Figurine Image Description How to unlock

Blockhead Bowser   After years of research, Bowser came up with a special belt that would give him the edge against Mario. And now he'll be harder to beat than ever! Win 50,000 MP Points.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese へんしんごクッパ
Henshin-go Kuppa
Post-transformation Bowser

French Bowser Béton
Concrete Bowser
Italian Bowser cubico
Cubic Bowser