Badge Challenge Grappling Vine I

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Badge Challenge
Grappling Vine I
Yellow Toad on the move with the Grappling Vine badge on Badge Challenge Grappling Vine I in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
World Fungi Mines
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Difficulty ★★
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Badge Challenge Grappling Vine I is a Badge Challenge level found in Fungi Mines of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is unlocked after completing An Uncharted Area: Wubba Ruins and just like all Badge Challenges, it houses one Wonder Seed.


The course takes place inside of a temple area, and it consists of a vertical room with enclosed walls so that the Grappling Vine badge's main uses (grabbing onto a wall and wall jumping off of it) are essential to complete the course.

The level starts with a wall that needs to be grabbed onto twice, immediately showing to the player that it is possible to Wall Jump indefinitely with this badge. This will be a recurring theme throughout. Past that, is a jump to a Long ? Block containing a Super Mushroom, and after more jumps, the player needs to grab onto Goo so that they can swim to a larger height. The difficulty then increases with the player needing to grab onto moving platforms or grabbing from jumping on Mushroom Trampolines. Shortly after is the end of the level, and the player may use the badge to grab onto the top of the Goal Pole and complete the course.

Talking Flower quotes

  • "Go for it!" (at the starting area)
  • "Alright! This way!" (enclosed inside a moving platform)
  • "See ya!" (floating near the end of the course)


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese つるショットLv.レベル1
Tsuru Shotto Reberu 1
Vine Shot Level 1

Chinese (simplified) 藤蔓射击Lv. 1
Téngwàn shèjí Lv. 1
Vine Shooting Level 1

Chinese (traditional) 藤蔓射擊Lv. 1
Téngwàn shèjí Lv. 1
Vine Shooting Level 1

Dutch Slingerschot 1
Sling shot 1
French (NOA) Vigne grappin 1
Grappling vine 1
French (NOE) Liane grappin 1
Grappling vine 1
German Rankenschuss 1
Vine shot 1
Italian Sparaviticcio 1
Vine-shooter 1
Korean 덩굴 샷 Lv. 1
Deong-gul Syas Lv. 1
Vine Shot Level 1

Portuguese Lança-cipó 1
Vine shot 1
Russian Лозохват 1
Lozokhvat 1
Vine grip 1

Spanish (NOA) Lazo enredadera 1
Vine loop 1
Spanish (NOE) Lanzaparras 1
Vine throw 1