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Issue XLVII February 19th, 2011 About        

Staff Notes Fake News Fun Stuff
Music & Artwork Pipe Plaza Review Corner
Ralphfan & QuizmoManiac
New Super Mario
Should Have Been
Brawl Tactics
Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner
Fading Into Obscurity
Character Reviews

Director's Notes

Hello, wonderful viewers of the paper. Super Mario Bros. (talk) here, with my commentary on the first issue under my term as Director. I have a progress report to give out this month on behalf of the staff: I would like to let everybody know what has been going on since last month. So here we go, I suppose.

I would like to thank Porplemontage (talk), Stooben Rooben (talk), Tucayo (talk), Twentytwofiftyseven (talk), and any other members of the community that helped make the new 'Shroom namespace a possibility and ensuring that the transition from the "MarioWiki:" prefix to the "The 'Shroom:" prefix went as successfully as possible. This will be beneficial in making The 'Shroom more noticeable in the community as well as furthering the organization of the wiki, I am certain.

The Core Staff has been discussing the Section of the Month process that just about everybody has been patiently (or impatiently, for that matter) waiting to see. We have a general framework laid out that all of the staff has agreed upon. This is huge progress, considering the fact that no consensus or compromises could be made between the staff last year about how to carry this out (and debates about it dragged out for months). I am proud of the Core Staff for this giant leap forward (and this progress being made in just less than a month!), and I hope to bring more news about this in the following issues.

Also, I have brought up several candidates for affiliation with The 'Shroom. However, this is a more recent development, so there's not much else that can really be said on the topic for now. Just know that more discussion about this will take place between the staff, and that I hope to be able to bring more news about this in the March 2011 issue.

We have had a plentiful amount of applications for several sections of the paper. I am happy to say that all applications received and posted up in the staff board since I became Director are being considered or have already been considered; not one application has been ignored. So, for those who currently have a pending application: do not worry! We will try our best to finish reviewing your applications as soon as possible.

The newest development is that the Core Staff has started to consider ideas that we will present to the Awards Committee (which will likely start convening in early March) for 'Shroom Awards II! I am personally striving to make sure that we have ten creative, fresh award ideas to present. I will work closely with the staff in the following weeks on this specific topic to make sure that the ideas discussed will be able to benefit both the Awards Ceremony as well as The 'Shroom.

After we have thoroughly discussed the ideas for 'Shroom Awards II and have come to an agreement on what to present to the Awards Committee, we will start developing plans for May 2011 (Issue L). I want to make this an extremely fun and important issue for The 'Shroom, so expect quite a bit of news throughout the next few months. Some things I'd like to plan for this are some festivities, special sections, the first Feedback Survey of my Directorial term, and a few other things.

I am pleased with the work we've done for the February issue. Writer turn-out was great, and the Core Staff did a great job compiling the sections for their teams and everything. This is an awesome way to start off, and I hope it just keeps getting better and better as we go along. A "thank you" goes out to all of the writers that have done their part in making this issue good, as well as the Core Staff for working very hard this past month. Once again, I hope to have more news for everybody in the next issue, so be sure to read it when it comes out on Saturday, March 19th, 2011.

Until next month,

Super Mario Bros. (talk)

Sub-director Notes

Having been promoted, I now have to actually contribute some notes every month, instead of just sporadically when I feel like it. This is not a rule, but I have received death threats about it. I figure I might as well comply for the sake of all the people who think that death threats actually apply to me.

I now do EXCITING NEW THINGS as Sub‐Director of the ’Shroom. In addition, the position of Editor in Chief has been abolished, which means I also get to do all the EXCITING OLD THINGS I did when that was my title. I do so many exciting things. I am like a swiss army knife; never wander into the wilderness without me.

At this point I wanted to include some less self aggrandizing news, but SMB has probably already said everything. I wrote this about a month in advance, so I have no idea what the news is, nor what SMB may or may not already have discussed. It’s sort of interesting on this first day of the new administration, actually. We have a lot of the energy and optimism derived from new people doing new things, and that is exciting. I’m hoping we can leverage that energy in the weeks and months ahead to bring a lot of fresh new ideas and improvements to the ’Shroom.

(You may find this next part hard to follow, if you are not very successful at suspending your disbelief. I sympathize. Unsuspendable disbelief is a terrible affliction to have to cope with.)

Because I am now the Sub‐Director of the ’Shroom, I am in Tucayo’s former office. This is a nice change, since my last office was in fact a cardboard box with a laptop in one of the break rooms. People kept spilling coffee on it, and then it would leak in on my computer and make it spaz out. Eventually the coffee machine broke down, but that turned out to be no better because my computer began suffering from caffeine withdrawal, preventing me from getting anything done. At that point I mostly spent my time throwing things out of the break room windows onto passers‐by on the street below.

Did you know that we stock our break room with pit vipers? Neither did I, until my computer stopped working.

Anyway, I am very optimistic about the year to come!

Twentytwofiftyseven (talk)

Fake News


Greetings, and welcome to the February issue of The 'Shroom. And although February is only the second month of the year, it is the first month of The 'Shroom under new management. The first month in a year of changes, if you will. For the coming year, I wish our new director and sub-director good luck and a clear mind.

Let us begin this year with a change right off the bat. As you may have noticed, it is not Ralphfan who is writing this editorial. Our previous Fake News director has been reassigned to a new position: the Statistics Manager. To fill the resulting gap, Super Mario Bros. has entrusted me, Edofenrir, with this directorial position. A decision like this can only be described as insane. But SMB most likely had something in mind, so let's just trust the guy and see what will happen.

Anyway, this is my first month here, so there is not much to say. Ok, maybe there is. I would like to welcome two new writers to our team. The first one is qrs22. He will be taking over Fake Games, the same section I used to write for some months ago. I am excited to see how he will handle this position. The second one is MST3K, well-known and well-liked moderator of our forums. He volunteered to take over Tucayo's old project, a gesture I appreciate very much. You can as well, by sending the guy some questions.
I would also like to thank everyone who sent in their sections on time. It is your sense of duty that makes this project possible. Fake Interview, Cooking Guide, and Fake Shop will be submitted late this month due to illness and tight schedules respectively.

But anyway, let us work together to make the next year a great year for The 'Shroom. Be creative, be artistic, and most importantly, be ambitious! Give it your best and exceed your limits!

But enough ramblings from the old man. Let's proceed with what you are here for: The Fake News.

Fake TV

Written by: MrConcreteDonkey (talk)

Big Plumber

One day in the Mushroom Kingdom, the people were bored with the 5 or so shows they currently had on television. They decided they wanted something fun, but realistic. The stations discussed this, and decided NO. Instead, they gave them this: Big Plumber. It's some sort of reality TV show, but I'm not sure it's actually real; there are no plumbers in real life!

...Sorry, I've got to go. The plumber's here to fix the sink.

...Okay, I'm back. Now, onto the TV show!

Big Plumber, as I said before, is a reality TV show. This means it's real people, not just Toads and Rosalina. 18 people, known as housemates, stay in a fairly expansive house for about three months or so. These housemates are:

Every week, they nominate 2 housemates for eviction, and the two with the most votes are nominated. One of them is voted out of the house by the public. They have to do tasks to get lots of food and stuff.

Currently, the show has only been running for 7 days, so we can only cover up to day 6. Let's begin.

Day 1

On Day 1, the housemates went into the house in the order specified above. As soon as she went in, Daisy began flirting with Luigi. Luigi was more interested in the awesome potted plants they have there. This soon stopped when Birdo came into the house, and every feeling was sucked out of the room. When Weird Al entered the house, everybody was happy again, and he sung a song to them. They mingled with each other, and went to bed.

Day 2

Everyone woke up, ate breakfast, and decided to sit on the sofa and talk.

Luigi was called to the Diary Room, a room with a huge chair, where he talked to Big Plumber. The two discussed many things, such as Luigi's process in the house, and their favorite plumbing techniques. Most of the other housemates were called to the Diary Room, talking about their progress.

They then were given some sort of task where they had to explain who they were and a few things about themselves after lunch. It was all going well, until Birdo stood up. Birdo clearly exclaimed that it was not a man. Stuck in disbelief, Snufit Ball exploded, sending everybody except Weird Al into unconciousness until day 4. The producers didn't call an ambulance because that would be unlifelike, and will soon claim compensation for the explosion.

To pass the time, Weird Al sung some of his songs to himself.

Day 3

Weird Al sung some more songs.

Day 4

At last, everybody woke up, just in time for the first nominations. Luigi, MIPS, Raphael Raven, Weird Al, Birdo, Lemmy, Roy and the Gearmo all voted for Birdo, as it was creepy (that's right, it voted for itself). Big Plumber soon revealed to the anxious housemates that Birdo and the Chuckster were nominated. However, it also revealed to them that Birdo and the Chuckster had a chance to put another housemate up for eviction if they won a task, which would take place on day 5.

Day 5

After 2 hours of waiting, the housemates learned what the task was: they had to admit their true gender.


Birdo won. It was very shocking. I haven't recovered since. He replaced himself with Pichu, and everyone was sad. Lemmy and Roy decided to play in the garden, while Raphael, the Chuckster, the Gearmo, MIPS and Toadette decided to make some food in the kitchen. Luigi, Daisy, Wario and Link stayed in the bedroom, while Weird Al sat on the sofa, next to Gourmet Guy, who was snacking on chips. Pichu was in the hallway, Goombario was in the shower, and Mona...was somewhere. Even I don't know.

Day 6

Today, the housemates had to take part in a task to win food. They dressed in purple jumpsuits and had to run around the house five times, before jumping on the spot and kicking each other in the face. Although it was fairly easy, they failed, which means they go hungry for a week. Annoyed at this, Wario began crying. He decided to punch the salad bowl, and soon it punched back. Then everyone began attacking the salad bowl, and soon they all were knocked out.

In short, this show is very confusing. Nothing much happens, and many of the housemates, mostly Weird Al, could never exist in real life. Thank you for reading anyway, and stay tuned.

Fake Game

Written by: qrs22 (talk)

Good morning, afternoon, evening, or night to you all! qrs22 here, with the latest on the new Mario game on the Wii, "Yoshi's Story 2" !

STORY: Baby Bowser is making mayhem again on Yoshi Island, and now, not only has he stolen the Super Happy Tree, he's kidnapped almost all of the Yoshis! Meanwhile, somewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom, White Shy Guy (yes, THE White Shy Guy) receives the news of this horrible happening. He thinks to himself, "I can't simply abandon the Yoshis after all I've done for them! Yes, I shall help them!" And so, off he went, to Yoshi Island...

GAMEPLAY: You play as Yoshi with White Shy Guy following you around (in 2-player mode, the second player controls White Shy Guy) helping you out in various ways. You'll need it, as this sequel is considerably harder than the original for the Nintendo 64. You go through 10 worlds with 10 levels each (including boss levels at the end of each world). The goal of each level is to eat 30 fruits, except for the boss levels, in which, of course, you have to beat the boss. The first level (1-1, Saving the Super Happy Tree) involves talking to the few Yoshis that are left to get vital information. The plot takes a twist halfway through World 3 (3-4, Bowser Learns His Lesson... Or Not) as the Koopa Troop decides that they've had enough of Bowser's cruel ways. Bowser, of course, does the only thing he can: gets Kamek to do his dirty work. Now all the Koopas, Goombas, and Shy Guys are under a horrible spell that can only be broken by restoring the Super Happy Tree. At the end of it all (10-Boss, Heeeeeeeere's Bowser!), the Super Happy Tree is back, and everyone is praising Yoshi! Of course, Yoshi has to give credit where credit is due...

ENDING: Random Koopa - "Thank you, Yoshi. You saved our butts back there. We don't know what we would've done without you." Yoshi - *shakes head and points at White Shy Guy* "Yoshi!" White Shy Guy - "Who, me?" *blushes* "Aw, shucks. It was nothin'." ? - "Hey, you!" White Shy Guy - "Huh?" Blue Shy Girl - *hugs White Shy Guy* "Oh, my gosh! It's you!" White Shy Guy - "What do you mea-- whoa. I know you." Blue Shy Girl - *rolls up sleeve to reveal half a heart tattoo* White Shy Guy - *rolls up sleeve to reveal the other half* Random Koopa - "Aww!"

And so, the Shy Guy and Shy Girl walked off together into the sunset. The End.

Thanks for reading! Don't buy my book, I don't have one. Goodbye!


Fake Sports

Written by: Ralphfan (talk)

Mario faced off against Waluigi this month in the World Curling Championships. Mario had a big lead in the fourth round, and the match appreared to be over. But was it? NO! WALUIGI TIME! Waluigi dominated, landing three stones in the center of the target for the next three frames each. After the victory, we went to interview Waluigi.

Ralph: Waluigi, how did you feel trailing in the fourth round by such a large deficit?


"WALUIGI TIME" t-shirts are now on sale. Hooray capitalism.

Fake Weather

Written by: New Super Mario (talk)

Here is my Fake Weather:

I walked outside, disgusted by all the Valentine's Day lovers. They gave chocolate and flowers to each other and the whole bit.
I then heard thunder. Everyone saw a storm coming and some people started screaming.

The thunder was heard and then it started down pouring.
However I noticed something about the rain.

It appeared to be brown and rather thick.

I then heard cheers from the other lovers. I stuck out my tongue and realized that it was Chocolate Rain!

I ran inside to grab a bucket and started filling the bucket. More rain came and it was very windy

Suddenly the wind picked up the chocolate and made a Chocolate Hurricane!

It tore down all the houses, picked up my chocolate bucket, took in all the lovers, and ate ate the metal poles. My house was gone to, so I took shelter in an bomb shelter downtown.

This is New Super Mario saying, "Chocolate is now not tasty, but evil."

Fake Characters

Written by: DyegoHalliwell IceMario12 (talk)

Hola everyone, it's DyegoHalliwell with the Fake Characters of February. Before you start to read, I want to say, that this is my 6 month on the Shroom, so, yay! It's a half year of coming up with this characters, I hope they make you laugh as hard as on hell (?). No, seriously, I hope y'all like it, heeeere they are ...!

Bawsy, the Wicked

Bawsy, the Wicked.

Toadies and koopentlemen, here the spoilery, paper being, untalented, non-stop pooping, Bawsy! The brand new koopaling, which resulted to be the aunt of Bowser, one million times removed by marriage, once re-added by undivorce system. Many people knows her as "The Wicked", some says that it's because of her bad luck, others that is because of her diabolical hair, but what no one knows, it that it's for both of that reasons! (including everytime she wakes up, there's a chicken tied to her face, not allowing her to even breath) Including other random things, she often suffers of Witch nails, stupid hair and has losed one teeth.

Hyper Goombariana

Hyper Goombariana.

Goombariana, was once upon a time, a long time ago, a normal goomgirl who some random day became the sister of Goombella, and as she though Goombariana was way more beautiful than her, she turned her into a ugly and demented hyper goomba. Since that time, Goombariana started to live alone, and protected her house against vampires with pumpkins. A lot of reporters from the Shroob team have telled everyone that she begin to drug herself and smoke, but the truth is that her houes was on fire and the pumpkins exploded. So, the bad news, she's dead, the good news, I was lying!

And also, a final message, I want to give my special welcome to Edofenrir as the new director of Fake News, congratulations!

Written by: MrConcreteDonkey (talk)


You may get the impression that every Mario character lives forever. However, this is not right. Many inhabitants of the Mushroom World die every day. One day, Bowser was walking along when he suddenly died of a nosebleed. Instead of paying for a funeral, Ludwig von Koopa decided to resurect Bowser as a Boo...and make Bowser Jr. pay for it all. The result? Bowserboo.

Bowserboo looks like a regular Boo with Bowser's eyebrows, hair and horns. He isn't very big, and certainly isn't as powerful. He can't attack Mario with fire, or his claws, so he has to use the element of surprise: cobalt. He throws some cobalt at Mario from a roof. It's good for him, because he turns invisible when Mario sees him. If he was alive, the magnets he always carried around in his pockets would attract either him to the cobalt or the cobalt to him, which could have had some messy results...

Bowserboo didn't do much significant stuff since he died, but, one day, he received a letter, written in a foreign language, advertising car insurance. However, when he turned it around, he found it was a letter from Mario, saying that he had kidnapped his children. Bowserboo was very angry - for he could not save on his car insurance. He decided to go and beat up Mario. He travelled through treacherous weather...or around it, since he's a Boo...

He finally reached Mario's house, where he found Mario, laughing on piles of car insurance letters. Bowser was sickened by this; he burst through the door...nowait, he flew through it. He finally appeared to Mario and the two began to talk:

"Hello, Mario." Said Bowser.
"Hello, Bowser." Said Mario.
"I believe you owe me some car insurance."
"I think not."
"I think so. If you don't give me the car insurance, I'll move your potted plants."
"Dear lord, no! Just get out!"
"Fine then. I'll take your children." Bowser floated towards the Koopalings. "They're your children." "..."

And so, Bowser took all of the Koopalings home (except Bowser Jr., he's a twit).

Thank you for reading.

Fake Ad

Written by: Gamefreak75 (talk)

Three Star Bits
Man, they look tasty…
Everyone will be wanting you star bits!

Welcome, faithful galactic adventurers.

What? You're not galactic adventurers? Perfect targets. >

Man this bag is heavy. What's in this bag you ask? Well only the most precious item in the galaxy.

*everyone whispers, wondering what's in the bag*


These small things may not look all that special, but I guarantee that they're the tastiest things you'll ever taste. They are a favorite among galactic princesses, overweight stellar things, and even by greedy merchants. Each star bit is made with 100% spatial elements found…well…in space.

Also, these items are really hard to come across. I mean, they’re very rare. It’s not like you can get them by killing every harmless enemy you see. It’s not like they just fall from the sky…that’s preposterous! I mean, do you know where these things may have been?! o_O

Best part is the taste of these small delicacies. These items taste like milk and honey! You can eat them as is, frozen, or even in a bowl…with milk…and honey! Star Bits come in six galactic colors: yellow, green, red, purple, blue, and white! If any strangers ask you for star bits, it's highly suggested you don't comply. They're just a bunch of scammers trying to take your star bits.

The ironic part is that I only accept star bits as payments for these, so...

Ask '3K

Written by: MST3K (talk)

Howdy to all you ‘Shroom readers out there. It is I, ‘3K with the first ever section of Ask ‘3K, the spiritual successor to Ask Tucayo. The deal with this is pretty much the same: you guys ask questions, and I’ll attempt to answer them as best as possible. I haven’t gotten many questions for the first entry, but enough for a Fake News section. I hope you guys enjoy!

QuizmoManiac wants to know: So why was Tucky's 3rd patroller term only 2 minutes?

Well, Quizmo, I believe the man himself answered this in the last issue. For those of you that missed it: Hi Quizmo! Hehe, good question, good question indeed. Some of you who browse Userpedia, or stalk me at the MW may have noticed I had a third patroller term which lasted around 2 minutes. Now, why is this? There had been some issues with patrollers not being able to mark edits as patrolled (ironic, isn’t it? Patrollers not being able to patrol…), so I was demoted to Patroller by Stooby during a wiki downtime, in which basically just Stooby and I had access to the wiki (I think Edo had access too), so I could check if the problem had been solved. It had, so I was repromoted to Sysop again.

Gamefreak75 inquires: Besides Pharaoh Man, who is your favorite Robot Master?

Y’know, I’ve never really thought about that. If you count the Mega Man Killers, then it’s Punk. If we’re not, then I’m probably going to have to say Napalm Man….. or Skull Man……Sheep Man maybe…… Metal Man?........possibly Knight Man….. Freeze Man’s pretty cool (har har), Shadow Man gets points for being a ninja, no, Napalm Man. Definitely Napalm Man. Yeah.

Edofenrir asks: Hello MST3K. How come you picked Bowser Jr. as your favorite Mario character?

A multitude of reasons, really. He’s got the whole “I’m gonna grow up and be just like Papa” thing going for him, which I find endearing. Also, under his control, he has one giant robot, a giant dragon, a combat mech, a battle tank, and a paintbrush that can warp reality, which I find awesome. There’s the fact the he has no mother and (somewhere on the wiki states) that he gets lonely, which I find kind of tragic. And, dang it, he’s cute and I’m comfortable enough in my masculinity to admit that. To put it into TVTropes lingo, he’s a Badass Cute Monster that I’ve kind of Woobified.

Ralphfan is dying to know: Why don't you visit the chatroom?

To be perfectly honest, I forget it’s there.

And that’s it for this month. I didn’t get as many questions as I wanted, but there’s always next month (hint hint). See y’all next month…. Though I’m on a computer and can’t really see any of you…you get the idea.

Fun Stuff

Director Notes

by Gamefreak75 (talk)

Is this thing on? *taps microphone* Oh, hello. Well, this is my first time as director of the Fun Stuff and first time of being a director for the Shroom in general. Nothing interesting to report. Just congrats to Count Bonsula (talk) and Reversinator (talk) for joining the Fun Stuff. }:)

Mystery Images

by Tucayo (talk)

drybones-1.png peewee-1.png poochy-1.png PD-icon.png



by Mario Fan 123 (talk)

Psycho Kamek

Hey there, people and users of the Super Mario Wiki! Here’s another crazy issue of the crazy Trivia section, made by me-- *shot* Ow, that hurt. Now, shall we begin? Let’s go.

Did you know…

  • That Psycho Kamek's white, red-trimmed robes may be designed after those of the White Mage's of the Final Fantasy video game series? He is also that guy in the picture over there.
  • That Bahamutt may be based on the Yoshi? It's even possible that it is a sub-species of the Yoshi, as it's Japanese name is similar to Yoshi's name, and that the creature loosely resembles Yoshi.
  • That in the Japanese and European versions of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, the Shroob-omb has the highest amount of HP of any enemy in the game, including the Elder Princess Shroob?
  • That the Mario Party 6 minigame Jump the Gun is is a literal translation of the saying "jump the gun," meaning a person has started too quickly, as the players have to jump on the Bullet Bills?
  • That the name of the Super Paper Mario enemy Squiglet probably derives from squirt (as in, something small) or "square", given its squared form and piglet?

See ya!


by Fawfulfury65 (talk)

Welcome back to the 'Shroom quiz! Last month's questions were all about Wii games, so this month, I'm making them all about DS games.

  1. Who is the first boss of Diddy Kong Racing DS?
  2. How much HP does an Airnapse have in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story?
  3. What are the three objects that Yoshi can transform into in Yoshi's Island DS?
  4. What is the name of the owl in Super Mario 64 DS that is found in a tree at the beginning of Whomp's Fortress?
  5. On what day was Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! released in Japan?
  6. How is Daisy unlocked in Mario Kart DS?
  7. Who is the boss of the Giddy Sky area in Super Princess Peach?
  8. In Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games on the DS, what event is Big Bullet Bill faced in?
  9. What are the two levels that a Mega Unagi appears in during New Super Mario Bros.?
  10. Where are Piranha Planet enemies located in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time?

Guess that Character

by Reversinator (talk)

Numero uno:
I am a notable member of a species
I lead over a small group
I own a game board, populated by a few people
If you reach me, I'll give you a shiny reward for free
I was part of a mini-meme on the wiki

Numero dos:
I am from a separate series
I command an enormous army
I am a clone, though only in my movement
I amassed other villains to take over the world
I made a temporary alliance with my enemies to destroy the true villain

Without looking at the answer, do you think you could figure them out?

Find the Difference

by Count Bonsula (talk)

The Original Artwork:




The answer:


Hiding Koopa

By General bob-omb (talk)



Mind Bogglers

Papero (talk) Can you find the 10 hidden objects in the picture?

Puzzel Answer

Music & Artwork

Director's Notes:

Hey everyone! This is your new Music and Artwork director, Fawfulfury65 (I’m sure you’ve already noticed, though). I've only recently been added to the core staff, but I hope I can help the 'Shroom as much as possible and make Music and Artwork even better than before.

We have two new writers this month: Ralphfan, who will now be writing for Random Image of the Month; and Master Koopakid, who will be writing for Photoshopped Image of the Month. However, we still have one open section as of now, and that’s Music Factoid. If you would like to write, don't hesitate to ask me about it. I'll just need an application from you and we'll see if you get the job.

Sprite of the Month (FunkyK38):

For this month's Sprite of the Month, it's this little guy: Love Pit.png! It is February, and if I didn't do something with hearts, it would be weird. For Valentines' day, we have this little Love Bubble from Partners in Time.

Photoshopped Image of the Month (Master Koopakid):

King Koopa
The boring old cartoon King Koopa

Hello shroomers! Welcome to the newly revived Photoshopped Image of the Month! This is Master Koopakid, and this issue is about an old T.V show that all you Mario fans loved... The Super Mario Bros Super Show! And in this issue we have a picture of that nasty old Koopa King revived to 3D! As you can see from the cartoon version of King Koopa, basically every thing is green. A notable difference is his crown. Bowser in the cartoons doesn't have hair so I had to give him a crown. If you can tell, the original artwork is from Super Mario RPG. If you have any questions, PM me on the forums!

Random Image of the Month (Ralphfan):

PMTTYD Bullet Bill Sprite.png

This image is a Bullet Bill from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Bullet Bills appeared in Pirate's Grotto, with 2 HP, 4 attack and 1 defense, and were fired from Bullet Bill Blasters, allowing them to get a First Strike on Mario. When a Bullet Bill attacked Mario, it would explode on contact, thus quickly ending the fight.

Screenshot of the Month (Fawfulfury65):

MSM Starcup Alternateroute.png

Welcome to this month’s edition of Screenshot of the Month! This month, I chose an image from Mario Sports Mix, due to it being released this month in North America, Europe, and Australia. The game features four playable sports: hockey, basketball, volleyball, and even dodgeball. The image has amazing quality and it is huge. It shows Mario participating in a tournament in the Star Cup. Well, there you have it. Tune in next month for another Screenshot of the Month!

Mario-related Sketch of the Month

Hello, BabyLuigiOnFire in! Sorry, this is not a recent drawn picture; I had nothing in mind this month, and the latest game, Mario Sports Mix has been drawing my attention away. But anyway, here's a sort of picture I drew a while back. It's called "High Maintenance", actually based off a song name by one of my favorite jazz bands. This picture is pretty self-explanatory, oh well.

It's weird since this picture has nothing love oriented in it, nor anything birthday related (it's my birthday on the 18th). Oh, I like this picture, so here's something "lovely" about it, ha ha ha.

See you next time in the 'Shroom!

Pipe Plaza

Director’s Notes (Marioguy1 (talk))

Hey guys! Welcome to another issue of the Pipe Plaza! First off I would like to announce that I have revolted and committed mutiny against SMB peacefully became the solo-director of the Pipe Plaza when SMB won the election. So now you no longer have to send your sections to SMB!

I would also like to say hi to Yoshiwaker47 who is joining us, writing for “Pipeprojects seeking contributors” so give him a warm welcome :D

Anyways, this is just a friendly notice recapping on what was said in SMB’s director’s address. All Pipe Plaza sections will be due a week before the issue comes out - this is to allow the staff ample time to prepare the sections. If sections fail to be sent in on time, I have prepared a special Overduewarning for those people. And consequences will have to be enforced. But don’t let me get you down, just read the rest of the issue!

Pipeprojects seeking contributors (Yoshiwaker47 (talk)

Hello! I'm Yoshiwaker47, a new writer for The 'Shroom! This section is about new PipeProjects that need more contributors. I'll start with the most recent:

  • "Alphabetizing Glitches pages"

This PipeProject, started by Phoenix, wants to clean up the Glitches pages by adding the conjectural text template, alphabetizing them, and creating spaces between each glitch section.

  • "To Make a Division of All Mario Non-Special Moves"

This PipeProject, started by Pedrocolou, wants to create a category for non-special moves such as Wall Jump and Long Jump, and update the moves list.

  • "Paper Mario Tattles"

This PipeProject, started by Brianne the Frank, wants to put all of the tattles for Paper Mario enemies on their respective page instead of just in the template.

  • "Rewrite and Expand"

This PipeProject, started by Ultramariologan, wants to rewrite and expand every article that has the rewrite-expand template.

  • "Redirects"

This PipeProject, also started by Ultramariologan, wants to create more redirects.

Tip of the Month (FunkyK38 (talk))

Tip of the Month: Get all your information right before editing a page so you don't have to go back several times. Make sure what you're putting in the article contributes and it's not something irrelevant or incorrect.

Mario Calendar (WigglerWhoopin'Warrior135 (talk))

Upcoming Games (Paper Yoshi (talk))

Welcome everyone to the second issue of 2011!! This is Paper Yoshi once again with Upcoming Games. Although it's been already released in all major regions, January's game carries over to this month. As I promised, we'll take a look at each sport from Mario Sports Mix in this issue.


If you've played Mario Hoops 3-on-3, you know how to play this sport in Mario Sports Mix. Shots from inside the 3-point line are worth 2 points, and the ones from outside the line are worth 3 points. Unlike Mario Hoops, Special Shots are worth 3 points (replacing the 4 points given in the DS game). A new feature in this incarnation of "Mario Basketball" is the addition of a shot clock to the screen, which forces players to shoot within 24 seconds. Coins also return, adding one point for each collected coin.


This volleyball game is very similar to the real sport. Players can serve and spike normally, while there's no time limit (it's the only sport without one). Once again, coins, which are obtained by stepping on ? Panels, add points to the score. Just like the gimmick courts from Mario Power Tennis, volleyball stages feature obstacles that may change the ball's course.


The Mario series characters step on the ice ring once again, but in this game Sonic characters are absent. The gameplay is roughly the same as Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, with the usual additions to a Mario spin-off: ? Panels and Coins. This time, though, the ice stages are joined by other types of court, such as sand or grass.


In dodgeball, players must hit the opponent to deplete their health meter, thus sending them to the box at the back of the court. Since this sport doesn't have a scoreboard, coins have a different purpose: the more coins players collect, the more "damage" they deal to the opposing team.

All sports allow characters to use special abilities after they fill the corresponding meter. They can also obtain and use items to hinder other players.

Well, with this, we're done covering Mario Sports Mix. I hope you enjoy this month's issue!

Forum Update (Ralphfan (talk))

Name Changes

  • Baby Mario Bloops: Serenade Major --> Elegy Major --> Dark Star
  • BaseballYoshi24: BaseballYoshi24 --> Dark Bowser
  • Brick4848: Brick4848 --> Ike
  • Flubber: Assassin --> Flubber --> *_Silver_*
  • LeftyGreenMario: LeftyGreenMario --> Scrub Jay
  • Lily x: Legend of Lily --> Mademselle Lily
  • Marioguy1: Canada --> Chorus
  • Mason: Mason --> Perry Mason --> Kamekian
  • New Super Mario: New Super Mario --> Broggy
  • QuizmoManiac: QuizmoManiac --> Broque Monsieur
  • Rocker64: Rocker64 --> Biltty
  • Turtwig: Not A --> Black and Yellow
  • Villain11: Villain --> Flora --> Villain11
  • YamiHoshi: Goddess of Death --> Yamilla

Mafia Games

Ongoing Games:

  • Villain's Witch Hunt
  • M&L Superstar Saga Mafia - QuizmoManiac
  • Lost Mafia - Stooben
  • Musical Mafia – BMB

Featured (Marioguy1 (talk))

Heeeelooooo and welcome to Featured! This month we have had a record low of featured articles in all the time I have been working at this position. Only one nomination failed and one UNFA nomination was nominated!

  • The failed nomination is Super Smash Bros. Brawl and it failed on 12 February (by my own hand).
  • The newly nominated UNFA is...Kiddy Kong! So go try to make that article better. :D

That’s all for this issue of Featured!

NIWA News (RAP (talk))

Hello notable users, guests, and lurkers of the Super Mario Wiki! The NIWA News hits The 'Shroom with the latest issue debuting - therfore, it's time to get-a rolling! I'm RAP (talk), and here is the latest info. Before rolling to the main stuff, do you know what this month is? It's Feburary, where the birth of the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance came to be on Feburary 14 (Valentines' Day). Happy anniversary NIWA!

To celebrate this, a new skin was created in order to replace the old one.

  • The main page kills off the fixed three wikis per row, and replaces it with a more dynamic table suitable for larger monitors, and widescreen monitors. * And along with that is a custom search at the bottom - powered by Google!
  • The pages also received a polish upgrade such as the "About", and "Affiliates" page.
  • Lastly, there's a special button called the "Random Article", when clicked, it literally takes you to any random NIWA wiki, and picks a random article out of it. Toy it around! I DARE YOU!

Other notable tidbits include:

That's all the news I can offer you to this date - have a good one!

Review Corner

by Ralphfan (talk) & QuizmoManiac (talk)


Hello again, 'Shroomers! This month's Review Corner is a very special one for me. The game I am reviewing this month is not only one of my favorite platformers of all time, it is the first game I ever played (and it was also the first game Tucayo played). The game is Super Mario World!


The game begins with Mario, Luigi and Princess Toadstool going on a picnic. While they are enjoying their day, Bowser kidnaps the princess. Bowser and his minions also kidnap Yoshi and many of his friends.

This game was Yoshi's first appearance. You first meet Yoshi in World 1-2 and learn that he can stomp on enemies and eat them. He can also eat berries, and if he eats enough of them, he will give you an item. The games broken up into seven worlds, each consisting of at least four levels and a castle, in which Mario and Luigi have to defeat Koopalings, who are Bowser's children. Other levels include Ghost Houses, which include many puzzles, and Fortresses, which are similar to castles in their layout. Instead of fighting a Koopaling, the player must defeat four rhino-like animals called Reznors. These fire-breathing beasts are found on rotating platforms. For some reason, these are my favorite levels in the game. The game culminates in a boss fight with Bowser to save the princess. There are also two bonus levels, Star World and the Special Zone. Star World features five levels that have few enemies, and different-colored Yoshis can be unlocked there. The red Yoshi spits fireballs when he has an enemy in his mouth, blue flies when holding an enemy, and yellow shakes the ground when he jumps while holding an enemy. Star World can be accessed from many places and can be unlocked before the final boss fight. The Special Zone features levels with names like Way Cool and Groovy. Each level has some sort of quirk, like trampolines, rising and falling water or a shortened time limit.


I have only played the Gameboy remake of this game, but I have a lot of praise for the action and controls. Spin jumping is a very useful tactic to quickly defeat enemies.

Beta Elements

In the Gameboy version, the player can choose to use Luigi instead of Mario. Luigi is better at jumping, but he is slower. I prefer to use Luigi for his jumping ability and because if Luigi rides Yoshi, Yoshi won't swallow enemies immediately. You can use the enemy he holds in his mouth for about eight seconds and spit it out to kill more enemies.

Items and Other Features

This game includes the basic Mushroom and Fire Flower, but also includes a Cape Feather which allows flight, the P-Balloon, which causes Mario or Luigi to inflate and float. The green 1-Up Mushroom gives the player an extra life, and the rare 3-Up Moon gives the player three. Other items found are the P-Switch, which causes special events on levels, and the Key and Keyhole, which can be used to unlock hidden levels throughout the game.


I love the wide array of enemies in the game. Some of my favorites include the Rip Van Fish, which sleeps peacefully until you get too close to it. It then goes completely insane and chases after you. I also like Blarggs because they look ridiculous.


I seriously love this game. It deserves a 9.7/10.


So, for my application I decided to do one of my favorite games of all time and one of the first games I played as a kid.


Starting off, Paper Mario was a game released in 2001 in North America for the N64 and in 2007 for the Virtual Console. This game was the second Mario RPG (after Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars ). It was the first of three Paper Mario games, being followed by Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, then Super Paper Mario. This game has a kind of 2D people in a 3D world look. This is one of my favorite games as a kid and it will always be one of my favorite games.


The characters in this game are funny, cute and really have there own personalities. Many of the characters from this game are some of my favorite of all time. This game is full of funny cut scenes, lovable characters and even the bosses are funny! Sometimes the game throws in a bit comedic relief to the boss battles such as when Kolorado runs in to help Mario fight the Lava Piranha only to be burnt in the lava nearby.

Rating 5/5


This game used the N64 Controller and moved the character with the control stick. The Action Commands envolve button mashing, button sequences and rotating the control stick, all with good timing. This game was fun to play and more on the easy side but some optional bosses are there for those who want a challenge. This game was interesting and visually appealing and always had something new in store for the player.



This game starts off with Bowser stealing the Star Rod from Star Haven. Then Mario is invited to a party at Peach's Castle. Mario heads of to the Castle and when he arrives, goes to talk with Princess Peach in the back of the castle. The a large earthquake is felt and Princess Peach's Castle is lifted into the sky, with Bowser's Castle underneath it. Bowser then attacks the two, but this time Bowser uses the Star Rod to turn invincible. Mario is knocked out of the Castle and lands in a forest near Goomba Village. He then must go on a quest to recover all 7 Star Spirits, meeting all kinds of characters such as an evil cloud Huff n' Puff, four Koopas who make make up a fighting force and many other wierd, but lovable characters.

Rating 4/5


This game had an interesting new style of graphics at the tine of it's release. It had 2D characters in a 3D world. The graphics were executed very well and were very appealing. There were some instances were the backround would flip away to reveal a new backround or other story book like effects. This game was great for it's time and in its own way, a masterpiece.

Rating 4/5


This is one of my favorites of all time and is very cute and funny game filled with great memories. I love this game and think if you have not played it you need to, and if you don't like it you will be roundhouse kicked by Chuck Norris. This game is great in every aspect and is interesting to anybody.

Rating 4.5/5

I hope you liked it!


by New Super Mario (talk)

Hello everybody! This month, we will be interviewing Ralphfan! Let's get started.

NSM: When did you join the wiki?
Ralph: I joined on November 13, 2008. I was a guest for a few months who browsed the wiki after I found it one day via Google Images.
NSM: Do you have, or had any special rankings in the wiki?
Ralph: I have never been an Administrator, but I am the director of the Awards Committee. Last year I was co-director with Stooben, and the year before, I helped out a lot, but there was no official Awards Committee. I am also the current Statistics Manager of The 'Shroom and directed the Fake News from April 2009 to January 2011.
NSM: Do you have any positions in The 'Shroom?
Ralph: I write Review Corner, Fake Sports for the Fake News, Random Image of the Month for the Music & Artwork team and Forum Update for the Pipe Plaza. I wrote Travel Guide in the Fake News until this month (I resigned because I've been too busy) and for a time in 2010, I wrote a section called the Monthly Mulligan. As I stated earlier, I am also the Statistics Manager.
NSM: Name some of your hobbies.
Ralph: I am the manager for my school's basketball team and an umpire for my local baseball league. It's a great way to make money. I'm also a huge sports fan. My favorite teams are the Oakland A's, San Jose Sharks and Baltimore Ravens. I also watch a lot of TV. My favorite shows are Community, The Office and Family Guy.
NSM: Can you play an instrument?
Ralph: I can play a little guitar. That's about it.
NSM: What do you think The 'Shroom should improve on?
Ralph: I think we should get more input from the writers. We, the Core Staff, listen to our readers a lot, but I feel we should survey the writers.
NSM: What's your favorite food?
Ralph: Ooh, though one. I really like fried chicken, but it depends on my mood.
NSM: Thoughts on Donkey Kong Country Returns?
Ralph: I think they should've included Kremlings, but I'm fine with the removal of water levels.
NSM: Thoughts on Paper Mario 3DS?
Ralph: Hopefully it'll be more like the first two and less like SPM. The return of regular partners and RPG-style battles look like a step in the right direction.
NSM: Thoughts on Mario Kart 3DS?
Ralph: I've loved the last few games in the series. I hope this one includes a couple more new concepts and new ideas for courses, rather than bringing back the old ones. The Mario Kart series has been very successful because they keep adding new ideas. If they didn't, it would be more like the Mario Party series in terms of success and popularity.
NSM: Thoughts on Mario Sports Mix?
Ralph: I need to get this game, mostly because I love hockey.
NSM: What would be your favorite Mario game?
Ralph: For console games, definitely Thousand-Year Door. Though the story is pretty long and most of the fights, aside from the Shadow Queen, are easy, it's a fantastic game. The dialogue scenes are great and the game features a wide array of items. For handheld, I'd have to say Bowser's Inside Story. A runner-up in both categories (since the remake was handheld) is Super Mario World.
NSM: What would be your worst Mario game?
Ralph: If you mean worst in terms of skill level, probably SMG2 or NSMB Wii, but that's because I'm a horrible gamer. In terms of least favorite, I'd say Super Paper Mario. It was nothing like the first two, which were both amazing.
NSM: Are you on Chat?
Ralph: Yes, frequently.
NSM: Are you on Userpedia?
Ralph: Yes. For those of you that don't know, Userpedia is a wiki about the users of the Super Mario Wiki and can be found at
NSM: Anything else you want to say to the readers before we end the interview?
Ralph: Well, I've got a tip for new users. Instead of always asking other users how to do things, try looking at the help pages on the Wiki and experiment in the Sandbox. The help pages have a multitude of information and it's much easier than waiting for a response from an experienced user. Also, as Tucayo once said, EAT PLENTY OF LEMONS!

That is the end of our interview! See you next month for a new interview!

Should Have Been

by MrConcreteDonkey (talk)

Hello, it's me, MrConcreteDonkey, again, here to deliver you propaganda and lies the Should Have Been section of the 'Shroom. In this section, I state what I think should have been in a game, plus the Beta elements. I received no PMs throughout the month, but you still can PM me your opinion on the MarioWiki Forums. This month, I'll be covering Super Mario Galaxy 2.

What Should Have Been in This Game?

I enjoyed Super Mario Galaxy 2 thoroughly. It was my first game in the Galaxy series (and currently my only), because I thought Super Mario Galaxy was an overrated pile of junk (I must have been an idiot).

Super Mario Galaxy promotional artwork: Rosalina with her wand held.
Princess Rosalina

However, as I have said a few times before, no game is perfect, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 could be improved in many places.

Firstly, I think Rosalina should have had more of a role in this game. Personally, I dislike Rosalina a lot, especially due to all the fanboying over her. Sure, she's a good character, but not that good. However, she only got a small role at the end, plus a few tidbits here and there, and for this reason I think she should have been featured more prominently in the game. For example, she could have appeared in some galaxies as an NPC. Also, I believe more NPCs should have appeared. Rosalina, Lumas and the other allied species are okay, but it would be nice to see some unique, well-known faces, such as Wario, pop up. I hope the series as a whole starts to include different playable characters; I mean, the second game is a little bit too early, but New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario 64 DS pulled it off well, so why not
Artwork of Ice Mario from Super Mario Galaxy
It's too bad the Ice Flower didn't return, Ice Mario looked really cool in my opinion

Like when I did New Super Mario Bros. Wii, I was happy to see Yoshi return. While he had a big role in this game, or at least much bigger than in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, I still wish that Mario could have kept him after completing a level. The power-ups were good; most of the power-ups returned from the original, except the Red Star and the Ice Flower. It would have been okay for those two to return, but it would be a little bit overcrowded with all of the items. I don't see why loads of people hate the Spring Mushroom so much, it's a pretty cool idea that works pretty well, and I think it should have appeared in more than one galaxy.
It would have been cooler if Yoshi came in different colors in this game

Along with my other whinings about Yoshi,
Artwork of a 3-Up Moon from Super Mario World
This would look awesome in 3D.
I think there should have been more colors for Yoshi. Green Yoshi is okay, as I said before, but it would be nice for a more random version of what Super Mario Sunshine did. It might seem a little bit picky, but diversity in Yoshi colors is a good thing. Also, I believe that there should have been more power-ups for Yoshi. The Bulb Berry, Blimp Fruit and Dash Pepper are fine as they are, but three isn't much. This means I think Yoshi should have appeared more too. I also think all of these power-ups, plus any that could have appeared, should have appeared on Starship Mario, which I for one thought was a very good hub world

I think after using the Warp Pad, the player should have been given more time to kill the enemies, plus more time to grab the three 1-Up Mushrooms that appear after all of the enemies are defeated. After defeating all of the enemies, if you have done so anyway, you want to grab those 1-Ups you worked hard for, but you have about two seconds to do so. In other places where you can acquire three 1-Ups, they usually disappear quite quickly, and move away pretty quickly. In fact, Nintendo should have
I spent ages on this.
Infernal,, monkey...Whatever he is, he doesn't look...normal...
brought back 3-Up Moons. They were awesome, and would look even more awesome in 3D. Plus, they wouldn't scatter out around the place.

Most everything in the game worked well, in my opinion. Everything was smooth, the graphics were fantastic, Mario's mustache was as manly as ever. However, there's loads of glitches. Also, some things were fairly hard to control, mostly Dash Yoshi. The Prankster Comet of Hightail Falls Galaxy and the Dash Yoshi part of Bowser's Galaxy Generator were annoying. Also, The Chimp was really annoying, looked...stupid (and that's being nice), and had really hard games. I mean, he's an ape/monkey (I can't tell with him. Chimpanzees are apes, but he looks like a monkey). How can he jump on all those enemies in that amount of time, or hold his breath for ages underwater,
Crate Burning in the Upside Dizzy Galaxy
The mere sight of this haunts me.
let alone swim well?

But the worst thing by far? The crate burning. That was absolutely horrible. The first one, in the Rightside Down Galaxy, was actually
Another hard one.
not too bad, but the second one, in the Upside Dizzy Galaxy was absolutely terrible; your timing had to be perfect, you had to break about fifty boxes, you had to get the correct positioning, and the list goes on. Trust me, Super Mario Galaxy 2 will make you hate boxes. Possibly the most annoying species of the game are Gearmos. These nuisances
King Bill
Despite the bubbly, funny face, these could be really devastating if they were here.
are everywhere, and are complete jerks. These are the foul creatures that make you burn the boxes, kill you if you don't collect the Purple Coins they accidentally (I doubt this) spill on a slide and make you risk your life to bring them an enemy because "They look cute!". These evil beings should have appeared much less, and that would have given us all a rest. Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos also gave me a hard time.

And of course, Poochy should have appeared. It's not like that doesn't apply to every creation in the universe.

Enemies Who Should Have Appeared

Seriously, they'd be a pretty epic enemy. Imagine a King Bill flying through a hill at you; terrifying and epic. Maybe one could be a kind of boss,
Artwork of a Tap-Tap in Yoshi Topsy-Turvy (later reused for Yoshi's Island DS)
Just look at this guy. He's awesome.
where Mario has to avoid it while traveling through some sort of tunnel on some moving blocks.
  • Monty Moles - Monty Moles are pretty epic; they could have jumped out of hills or walls at the player in some levels, possibly in Honeybloom Galaxy or Honeyhop Galaxy.
  • Wasps - Now, this is kind of an odd one out; wasps haven't appeared as enemies in a Mario game as of yet, but I think they would have been a great enemy for the Bee Mario-themed levels. Maybe they could have attacked the Queen Bee and her Bees, as wasps are natural enemies of bees.
  • Buzzy Beetles - I really like Buzzy Beetles. They'd make interesting enemies for subterranean areas, and places with the Fire Flower, as they are invincible to Fireballs.
  • Chargin' Chucks - Who didn't love these enemies? They were Koopa football players, looked cool, and are in desperate need of a return.
  • Tap-Taps - These guys really need to get out of the Yoshi series. They would be awesome in Mario games, as they are almost invincible, unlike most enemies.

Beta elements

The switch in Cosmic Cove Galaxy.
Starting off, I'll cover the elements from E3 2009. A planetoid shaped like Mario's head can be seen, which is obviously the early Starship Mario. Yoshi was found in Cloudy Court Galaxy, and his Dash Pepper was called a "Dash Fruit". In Cosmic Cove Galaxy, the switch that froze the water was on a wooden platform, instead of a tower. The Time Switch originally had to be activated by Star Spin, and Ground Pound symbols were brighter and shinier. There was no Launch Star in Cloudy Court Galaxy on the cymbals. In Spin-Dig Galaxy, the mission Silver Stars Down Deep had the player collecting Star Chips originally, instead of Silver Stars, and when you
An unknown water-covered planet.
approached Digga-Leg in the first mission, the sky would have turned purple.

A giant Silver Chomp appeared to be some sort of boss, and in Puzzle Plank Galaxy, there was a 1-Up in place of the Comet Medal. Whittles were seen to inhabit that galaxy, and there were originally two tree stumps in place of the Ground Pound Switches on the planet with the Wigglers; the two others were absent, but a Whittle was standing in the place of one. The Purple Coin room looked different too. Tall Trunk Galaxy's slide was originally its own galaxy, and was made of stone. The starting planet in Boo Moon Galaxy was originally going to look similar to the Crystal Planet in Space Junk Galaxy from the first game, and Hightail Falls Galaxy looked completely different,
Mario on the early planet of the Yoshi Star Galaxy, with a Chance Cube.
A Beta planet, meant to be the starting planet of Yoshi Star Galaxy. Note the Chance Cube and the grass' texture.
with a different color and terrain. The fruits Yoshi eats looked more like peaches. The Blimp Fruit was originally just a blue sphere, and the Dash Pepper looked more like a fruit, plus, when used, it didn't make the player glow or left a glowing trail.

The Spin Drill on Digga-Legg's planet was always there, whether you had one or not. Additionally, its dome didn't crack when it was attacked. Sorbetti's planet originally had Crystals on it, instead of mounds of snow, and Digga's eyes looked like those of Bullet Bills. Sky Station Galaxy's music originally had an extra part, from Gusty Garden Galaxy. In Supermassive Galaxy, on the "Blooming Garden Planet"
A Comet Medal without eyes.
, Goombas were present. In a beta version of Cloudy Court Galaxy, it was shown that the cymbal had a checkered-like pattern and that the drums which bounce the player up to the cymbal were red. There were also green mushroom platforms, which were removed from the final version. In Flip-Swap Galaxy, there was once more than one Used Block.

A  beta screenshot from Super Mario Galaxy 2.
A screenshot thought to be from the Beta level Sky Island Galaxy. Note the Red Koopa Troopa in the distance. They didn't appear in the final game.
Now for some more major changes: First, there was originally a galaxy called Sky Island Galaxy. It was scrapped early in development, but was going to be included. There are a few sketches and beta images from it, one showing a Red Koopa Troopa, which are absent in the final game. Megahammer was once known as "Malletoid", and Digga-Legg, "Digg-Legg".

There were a lot of unused tracks in Super Mario Galaxy 2, so many that they deserve a section in my opinion.

Track 19 on the official soundtrack was entitled "Puzzle Plank Blue Grass". This gave gamers confusion as to whether a "Blue Grass Galaxy" existed in the beta, and it shared its music with Puzzle Plank, or whether this was the music for the aforementioned Sky Island Galaxy. However, it was soon brought up that Blue Grass was actually a style of music, in fact, the one used for Puzzle Plank.

Track 9, "Galaxy Song 25" was originally also thought to be something to do with Sky Island Galaxy, but it was originally recorded for the Fleet Glide Galaxy. An unused track called "SMG2_galaxy08_strm" was found in the game's coding. It wasn't at the stage of orchestration when it was scrapped, only using synthesized instruments. There are two unused World Map themes and there is one unused Galaxy theme.

Brawl Tactics

by FunkyK38 (talk)

Greetings, Brawlers, welcome to the February edition of Brawl Tactics!

For this month, I will be doing Samus!

Samus is a heavy-weight with decent speed for her class. She has a fair jump, and her attacks are of about average strength.

Samus's Standard Special is Charge Shot. Like most standard specials that shoot something, you can charge this up, but unlike some of them, you can walk around with it fully charged up. Be careful when charging, however, if an opponent hits Samus, you will have to charge all over again. This move doesn't have a whole lot of power, but it's got a lot of launch power when it's fully charged up, so use that to your advantage.

Side Special: Grapple Beam! Samus can use this as a recovery move, and it actually reaches quite a long way. If your jump fails, you can usually get back on the stage using this move. You can also grab opponents to damage them with this move, so try reaching them from a little farther away to attack with this move.

Down Special: Bomb. Samus's bombs aren't like Link's or Toon Link's, that is, she can't carry them around. She sets them out in a certain spot and that's where they fall. Not a super- useful move, because they don't do a lot of damage, but it's helpful if you need a little something to do some damage to an opponent.

Up Special: Screw Attack! Interesting item, and it's an even more interesting move. If you need a little more length on your jump, this is the way to do it. It's not the highest third jump in the game, but it can get you where you need to go. It also does a little bit of damage if you use it close to your opponents, so try it out when you're on the stage surrounded by enemies.

Another interesting move Samus has is Missile. By hitting B and tapping the Control Stick, you can release a small missile, which you can guide around. It's like Snake's missile, but you can't manipulate it as much as you can with Snake. When this missile runs out of juice, it will fall to the ground and explode. It's possible to get a stronger missile as well, so try this with enemies that are farther away. Just make sure you're in a position where you can control it and Samus won't get hurt.

Samus's Final Smash is Zero Laser. In my opinion, this is one of the most powerful Final Smashes in the entire game. Samus fires a huge laser that drains her of her power and turns her into Zero Suit Samus- still a good fighter even without her Power Suit. The best way to use this Final Smash is on the side of a stage. Like Mario's Final Smash, this one will sweep the stage, taking opponents with it. It's pretty much impossible to get away from. However, if you're careful, you can jump behind Samus before she activates the attack. If you're using this attack, make sure Samus is on something solid to land on after she loses her Power Suit, otherwise she will fall off the stage and not be able to get back up. If you're close to the stage, you may be able to grab the side, but just be careful when using this move.

Hope this helps you while using Samus! That's all for this month, Brawlers, see you next month!

Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner

by Coincollector (talk)

Welcome to Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner. Your friend Coincollector is here to tell you the tip of the month.

This time I want to tell you all about two karts that appear in Mario Kart DS, the B Dasher and the Shooting Star. (Not the other Shooting Star!) These two vehicles, along with the Standard Kart MR, belong to Mario. However, I'll only talk about his two exclusive karts on this occasion.

Mario on his B Dasher.
The Mushroom Kingdom's Honda RA272, aka B Dasher.

The B Dasher is the first alternative vehicle available for Mario when you begin the game. According to the stats seen in-game, Mario's B Dasher has:

Speed: 6/10
Acceleration: 7/10
Handling: 5/10
Drift: 5.5/ 10
Items: 10/10

As you can see, the B Dasher is an all-round vehicle, suitable for beginners as it has very balanced stats. It also provides a very high item ratio as a bonus, allowing you to get a wide variety of items and take advantage of whenever you need.

Mario on his Shooting Star.
It's just me or did Mario steal Kirby's warp star and pimp it into a kart?

The Shooting Star is the other alternative, but to unlock it you must complete all of the cups in 100cc and earn gold trophies. These are its stats:

Speed: 6.5/10
Acceleration: 7/10
Weight: 3/10
Handling: 6/10
Drift: 6/10
Items: 3/10

Unlike the B Dasher, the Shooting Star has very uneven stats. It's slightly faster than the B Dasher but shares the same acceleration. The handling and drifting are a bit higher, so it is possible to take tight corners with ease while drifting, whereas the weight is considerably low, making it easy to be pushed away by a heavier kart like its counterpart the B Dasher. The Shooting Star also sacrifices its item ratio, meaning you may not obtain rare items as frequently as the B Dasher can.

The Shooting Star is rather different from the B Dasher in stats. If the B Dasher is for beginners, the Shooting Star then is made for advanced players. It has features that a skilled racer looks for, like high speed and handling, and low items.

Personally, I would choose the Shooting Star as it has superior stats to the B Dasher, and I am a skilled player. Although in my days as a newbie, the B Dasher was the best option. It allowed me to learn the basics of driving, but I would never recommend it for intense or difficult races.

Well Shy Guys, that's about all for MK: Wheel Tips Corner this month. Remember to look both ways before crossing the road or else Mario will push you away with his B dasher. Hasta Pronto.

Fading Into Obscurity

by Marioguy1 (talk)

Artwork of Alena from Itadaki Street DS

Hey guys! Sorry about last month, I had to work on exams in school so I couldn’t write my more difficult ’Shroom sections. But this month it’s back to normal! Now, ignoring all that, weeelcome to Fading into Obscurity! This month, to celebrate the release of Mario Sports Mix, I have selected a character from the Dragon Quest series. Specifically, Alena from Dragon Quest IV!

Now, Alena is the princess of Zamoksva (Santeem) and in DQIV, she runs away from home (her castle >_>) in search of adventure, accompanied by her two retainers: Kiryl and Borya. They have lots of fun adventures and eventually beat the game. Anyways, her only appearance in the Mario series is in Itadaki Street DS, where she is a playable character.

Itadaki Street is like a Mario Party game so there’s not much storyline to explain...but she has two items named after her, Alena’s Hat and Alena’s Clothing. Anyways, when Mario Sports Mix came out, she was one of the Dragon Quest characters left out of the new roster. The developers didn’t pick her and she was left behind to fade into obscurity.

Character Reviews

by Marioguy1 (talk)

Hey guys! Once again, I was busy and couldn’t write this section last month. But I’m back with my run-through of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door bosses as a request from ralphfan (talk)! So here goes nothing. Next up on my magical template of bosses is...Blooper... Actually, I think I’ll do two bosses today; Blooper AND Gold Fuzzy / Fuzzy Horde (because they’re both minor bosses).


A Blooper from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door


Um... there’s this Blooper in the sewers blocking the way, you hit its tentacle, and it gets mad. If that’s storyline, then I’ll eat my shoe. Though I will give it 40% because they managed to incorporate it into the plot.


Well I love Bloopers’ design and this Blooper is no exception. It’s an amazing take on a squid, redesigned to make it look more Mario-like. 80%!


Weeeelll...erm...Blooper has no lines. But Bowser does say “I swallowed a dang Blooper” and I did snicker the first time I heard that. But it’s still pretty pathetic – 10%


Not much >_> 20%

Used Potential

Trust me, in this case, the developers used all of Blooper’s potential. 100%


Um...I’m not on chat right now...but my math skills are impeccable so 100+20+10+80+40 = 250/5 = 50%

Gold Fuzzy & Fuzzy Horde

Artwork of a Gold Fuzzy from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Gold Fuzzy


Well Mario & co. invade their territory and they don’t like it. So they attack him. Not much more of a storyline than Bloops up there but...meh. 60%.


Frankly, I hate the design of Fuzzies. The fact that this one is golden and has some sort of sun behind it...better but I still think Nintendo could have spent a little more time than making a scribble with eyes and a mouth. 70%.


Mario and Goombella battling Fuzzy Horde in Shhwonk Fortress.
Fuzzy Horde

Um...Meeeeeork! 40%


Face it, fuzzies just don’t work out when it comes to anything. They just aren’t good enemies. But I suppose that they could at least have made the dungeon centered around Fuzzies (like in the original PM). So the idea has some potential – 60%

Used Potential

Well considering that they appeared for one fight in the entire game, had no plotline leading up to them, and no reward after beating them, I’m gonna say that Nintendo used them because they ran out of characters. 60%.


Math-skills...activate! 60+70+40+60+60 = 290/5 = 58%

Meeeeeork. So both of these amazing~ characters lost to the most amazing gang-member, Gus!