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by Ralphfan (talk) & QuizmoManiac (talk)


Hello again, 'Shroomers! This month's Review Corner is a very special one for me. The game I am reviewing this month is not only one of my favorite platformers of all time, it is the first game I ever played (and it was also the first game Tucayo played). The game is Super Mario World!


The game begins with Mario, Luigi and Princess Toadstool going on a picnic. While they are enjoying their day, Bowser kidnaps the princess. Bowser and his minions also kidnap Yoshi and many of his friends.

This game was Yoshi's first appearance. You first meet Yoshi in World 1-2 and learn that he can stomp on enemies and eat them. He can also eat berries, and if he eats enough of them, he will give you an item. The games broken up into seven worlds, each consisting of at least four levels and a castle, in which Mario and Luigi have to defeat Koopalings, who are Bowser's children. Other levels include Ghost Houses, which include many puzzles, and Fortresses, which are similar to castles in their layout. Instead of fighting a Koopaling, the player must defeat four rhino-like animals called Reznors. These fire-breathing beasts are found on rotating platforms. For some reason, these are my favorite levels in the game. The game culminates in a boss fight with Bowser to save the princess. There are also two bonus levels, Star World and the Special Zone. Star World features five levels that have few enemies, and different-colored Yoshis can be unlocked there. The red Yoshi spits fireballs when he has an enemy in his mouth, blue flies when holding an enemy, and yellow shakes the ground when he jumps while holding an enemy. Star World can be accessed from many places and can be unlocked before the final boss fight. The Special Zone features levels with names like Way Cool and Groovy. Each level has some sort of quirk, like trampolines, rising and falling water or a shortened time limit.


I have only played the Gameboy remake of this game, but I have a lot of praise for the action and controls. Spin jumping is a very useful tactic to quickly defeat enemies.

Beta Elements

In the Gameboy version, the player can choose to use Luigi instead of Mario. Luigi is better at jumping, but he is slower. I prefer to use Luigi for his jumping ability and because if Luigi rides Yoshi, Yoshi won't swallow enemies immediately. You can use the enemy he holds in his mouth for about eight seconds and spit it out to kill more enemies.

Items and Other Features

This game includes the basic Mushroom and Fire Flower, but also includes a Cape Feather which allows flight, the P-Balloon, which causes Mario or Luigi to inflate and float. The green 1-Up Mushroom gives the player an extra life, and the rare 3-Up Moon gives the player three. Other items found are the P-Switch, which causes special events on levels, and the Key and Keyhole, which can be used to unlock hidden levels throughout the game.


I love the wide array of enemies in the game. Some of my favorites include the Rip Van Fish, which sleeps peacefully until you get too close to it. It then goes completely insane and chases after you. I also like Blarggs because they look ridiculous.


I seriously love this game. It deserves a 9.7/10.


So, for my application I decided to do one of my favorite games of all time and one of the first games I played as a kid.


Starting off, Paper Mario was a game released in 2001 in North America for the N64 and in 2007 for the Virtual Console. This game was the second Mario RPG (after Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars ). It was the first of three Paper Mario games, being followed by Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, then Super Paper Mario. This game has a kind of 2D people in a 3D world look. This is one of my favorite games as a kid and it will always be one of my favorite games.


The characters in this game are funny, cute and really have there own personalities. Many of the characters from this game are some of my favorite of all time. This game is full of funny cut scenes, lovable characters and even the bosses are funny! Sometimes the game throws in a bit comedic relief to the boss battles such as when Kolorado runs in to help Mario fight the Lava Piranha only to be burnt in the lava nearby.

Rating 5/5


This game used the N64 Controller and moved the character with the control stick. The Action Commands envolve button mashing, button sequences and rotating the control stick, all with good timing. This game was fun to play and more on the easy side but some optional bosses are there for those who want a challenge. This game was interesting and visually appealing and always had something new in store for the player.



This game starts off with Bowser stealing the Star Rod from Star Haven. Then Mario is invited to a party at Peach's Castle. Mario heads of to the Castle and when he arrives, goes to talk with Princess Peach in the back of the castle. The a large earthquake is felt and Princess Peach's Castle is lifted into the sky, with Bowser's Castle underneath it. Bowser then attacks the two, but this time Bowser uses the Star Rod to turn invincible. Mario is knocked out of the Castle and lands in a forest near Goomba Village. He then must go on a quest to recover all 7 Star Spirits, meeting all kinds of characters such as an evil cloud Huff n' Puff, four Koopas who make make up a fighting force and many other wierd, but lovable characters.

Rating 4/5


This game had an interesting new style of graphics at the tine of it's release. It had 2D characters in a 3D world. The graphics were executed very well and were very appealing. There were some instances were the backround would flip away to reveal a new backround or other story book like effects. This game was great for it's time and in its own way, a masterpiece.

Rating 4/5


This is one of my favorites of all time and is very cute and funny game filled with great memories. I love this game and think if you have not played it you need to, and if you don't like it you will be roundhouse kicked by Chuck Norris. This game is great in every aspect and is interesting to anybody.

Rating 4.5/5

I hope you liked it!

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