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Pixel Perfect[edit]

Written by: InsaneBlathers

Hey everyone! I'm the new owner of this here nook of the 'Shroom. I shall be making and presenting pixel art characters in the style of Super Mario Brothers 2 (with other styles sprinkled in) for your enjoyment!

Bowser's Fury

Due to the recent release of Bowser's Fury, this is what I shall be covering this month! We start with the star of the show, Mario.

Okay, admittedly, it's the actual sprite from the game, just recolored. What else was I going to do, though?
Then there's Bowser Jr, Mario's key partner in the game. I drew him in his koopa clown car, and it's up to you to decide if that was laziness or not... There's also Bowser, and he's looking real upset. We should give him some time to recover for now, and move on to a couple of small edits I made, cat versions of two classic SMB2 enemies, Shy Guys and Ninjis! I would have made cat Birdo, but that would have given me nightmares...

Then there's Mario's steed, Plessie, who looks quite fine. I still consider him a knockoff of Dorrie, though that's just my opinion. Then I made Mario with a Propeller Box and Mario in an ice skate, two very situational powerups. Finally, I made one of those cool looking Shadow Cats you see when Bowser enters his fury mode. MUCH more epic than the normal ones. What if there was Shadow Cat Mario? Oh god, now the brain juices are flowing... I may make this and show you next month, but that's all for now! Thanks for stopping by and reading the Shroom!