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Brawl Tactics

by FunkyK38 (talk)

Greetings, Brawlers, welcome to the February edition of Brawl Tactics!

For this month, I will be doing Samus!

Samus is a heavy-weight with decent speed for her class. She has a fair jump, and her attacks are of about average strength.

Samus's Standard Special is Charge Shot. Like most standard specials that shoot something, you can charge this up, but unlike some of them, you can walk around with it fully charged up. Be careful when charging, however, if an opponent hits Samus, you will have to charge all over again. This move doesn't have a whole lot of power, but it's got a lot of launch power when it's fully charged up, so use that to your advantage.

Side Special: Grapple Beam! Samus can use this as a recovery move, and it actually reaches quite a long way. If your jump fails, you can usually get back on the stage using this move. You can also grab opponents to damage them with this move, so try reaching them from a little farther away to attack with this move.

Down Special: Bomb. Samus's bombs aren't like Link's or Toon Link's, that is, she can't carry them around. She sets them out in a certain spot and that's where they fall. Not a super- useful move, because they don't do a lot of damage, but it's helpful if you need a little something to do some damage to an opponent.

Up Special: Screw Attack! Interesting item, and it's an even more interesting move. If you need a little more length on your jump, this is the way to do it. It's not the highest third jump in the game, but it can get you where you need to go. It also does a little bit of damage if you use it close to your opponents, so try it out when you're on the stage surrounded by enemies.

Another interesting move Samus has is Missile. By hitting B and tapping the Control Stick, you can release a small missile, which you can guide around. It's like Snake's missile, but you can't manipulate it as much as you can with Snake. When this missile runs out of juice, it will fall to the ground and explode. It's possible to get a stronger missile as well, so try this with enemies that are farther away. Just make sure you're in a position where you can control it and Samus won't get hurt.

Samus's Final Smash is Zero Laser. In my opinion, this is one of the most powerful Final Smashes in the entire game. Samus fires a huge laser that drains her of her power and turns her into Zero Suit Samus- still a good fighter even without her Power Suit. The best way to use this Final Smash is on the side of a stage. Like Mario's Final Smash, this one will sweep the stage, taking opponents with it. It's pretty much impossible to get away from. However, if you're careful, you can jump behind Samus before she activates the attack. If you're using this attack, make sure Samus is on something solid to land on after she loses her Power Suit, otherwise she will fall off the stage and not be able to get back up. If you're close to the stage, you may be able to grab the side, but just be careful when using this move.

Hope this helps you while using Samus! That's all for this month, Brawlers, see you next month!