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Director’s Notes (Marioguy1 (talk))

Hey guys! Welcome to another issue of the Pipe Plaza! First off I would like to announce that I have revolted and committed mutiny against SMB peacefully became the solo-director of the Pipe Plaza when SMB won the election. So now you no longer have to send your sections to SMB!

I would also like to say hi to Yoshiwaker47 who is joining us, writing for “Pipeprojects seeking contributors” so give him a warm welcome :D

Anyways, this is just a friendly notice recapping on what was said in SMB’s director’s address. All Pipe Plaza sections will be due a week before the issue comes out - this is to allow the staff ample time to prepare the sections. If sections fail to be sent in on time, I have prepared a special Overduewarning for those people. And consequences will have to be enforced. But don’t let me get you down, just read the rest of the issue!

Pipeprojects seeking contributors (Yoshiwaker47 (talk)

Hello! I'm Yoshiwaker47, a new writer for The 'Shroom! This section is about new PipeProjects that need more contributors. I'll start with the most recent:

  • "Alphabetizing Glitches pages"

This PipeProject, started by Phoenix, wants to clean up the Glitches pages by adding the conjectural text template, alphabetizing them, and creating spaces between each glitch section.

  • "To Make a Division of All Mario Non-Special Moves"

This PipeProject, started by Pedrocolou, wants to create a category for non-special moves such as Wall Jump and Long Jump, and update the moves list.

  • "Paper Mario Tattles"

This PipeProject, started by Brianne the Frank, wants to put all of the tattles for Paper Mario enemies on their respective page instead of just in the template.

  • "Rewrite and Expand"

This PipeProject, started by Ultramariologan, wants to rewrite and expand every article that has the rewrite-expand template.

  • "Redirects"

This PipeProject, also started by Ultramariologan, wants to create more redirects.

Tip of the Month (FunkyK38 (talk))

Tip of the Month: Get all your information right before editing a page so you don't have to go back several times. Make sure what you're putting in the article contributes and it's not something irrelevant or incorrect.

Mario Calendar (WigglerWhoopin'Warrior135 (talk))

Upcoming Games (Paper Yoshi (talk))

Welcome everyone to the second issue of 2011!! This is Paper Yoshi once again with Upcoming Games. Although it's been already released in all major regions, January's game carries over to this month. As I promised, we'll take a look at each sport from Mario Sports Mix in this issue.


If you've played Mario Hoops 3-on-3, you know how to play this sport in Mario Sports Mix. Shots from inside the 3-point line are worth 2 points, and the ones from outside the line are worth 3 points. Unlike Mario Hoops, Special Shots are worth 3 points (replacing the 4 points given in the DS game). A new feature in this incarnation of "Mario Basketball" is the addition of a shot clock to the screen, which forces players to shoot within 24 seconds. Coins also return, adding one point for each collected coin.


This volleyball game is very similar to the real sport. Players can serve and spike normally, while there's no time limit (it's the only sport without one). Once again, coins, which are obtained by stepping on ? Panels, add points to the score. Just like the gimmick courts from Mario Power Tennis, volleyball stages feature obstacles that may change the ball's course.


The Mario series characters step on the ice ring once again, but in this game Sonic characters are absent. The gameplay is roughly the same as Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, with the usual additions to a Mario spin-off: ? Panels and Coins. This time, though, the ice stages are joined by other types of court, such as sand or grass.


In dodgeball, players must hit the opponent to deplete their health meter, thus sending them to the box at the back of the court. Since this sport doesn't have a scoreboard, coins have a different purpose: the more coins players collect, the more "damage" they deal to the opposing team.

All sports allow characters to use special abilities after they fill the corresponding meter. They can also obtain and use items to hinder other players.

Well, with this, we're done covering Mario Sports Mix. I hope you enjoy this month's issue!

Forum Update (Ralphfan (talk))

Name Changes

  • Baby Mario Bloops: Serenade Major --> Elegy Major --> Dark Star
  • BaseballYoshi24: BaseballYoshi24 --> Dark Bowser
  • Brick4848: Brick4848 --> Ike
  • Flubber: Assassin --> Flubber --> *_Silver_*
  • LeftyGreenMario: LeftyGreenMario --> Scrub Jay
  • Lily x: Legend of Lily --> Mademselle Lily
  • Marioguy1: Canada --> Chorus
  • Mason: Mason --> Perry Mason --> Kamekian
  • New Super Mario: New Super Mario --> Broggy
  • QuizmoManiac: QuizmoManiac --> Broque Monsieur
  • Rocker64: Rocker64 --> Biltty
  • Turtwig: Not A --> Black and Yellow
  • Villain11: Villain --> Flora --> Villain11
  • YamiHoshi: Goddess of Death --> Yamilla

Mafia Games

Ongoing Games:

  • Villain's Witch Hunt
  • M&L Superstar Saga Mafia - QuizmoManiac
  • Lost Mafia - Stooben
  • Musical Mafia – BMB

Featured (Marioguy1 (talk))

Heeeelooooo and welcome to Featured! This month we have had a record low of featured articles in all the time I have been working at this position. Only one nomination failed and one UNFA nomination was nominated!

  • The failed nomination is Super Smash Bros. Brawl and it failed on 12 February (by my own hand).
  • The newly nominated UNFA is...Kiddy Kong! So go try to make that article better. :D

That’s all for this issue of Featured!

NIWA News (RAP (talk))

Hello notable users, guests, and lurkers of the Super Mario Wiki! The NIWA News hits The 'Shroom with the latest issue debuting - therfore, it's time to get-a rolling! I'm RAP (talk), and here is the latest info. Before rolling to the main stuff, do you know what this month is? It's Feburary, where the birth of the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance came to be on Feburary 14 (Valentines' Day). Happy anniversary NIWA!

To celebrate this, a new skin was created in order to replace the old one.

  • The main page kills off the fixed three wikis per row, and replaces it with a more dynamic table suitable for larger monitors, and widescreen monitors. * And along with that is a custom search at the bottom - powered by Google!
  • The pages also received a polish upgrade such as the "About", and "Affiliates" page.
  • Lastly, there's a special button called the "Random Article", when clicked, it literally takes you to any random NIWA wiki, and picks a random article out of it. Toy it around! I DARE YOU!

Other notable tidbits include:

That's all the news I can offer you to this date - have a good one!

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