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by New Super Mario (talk)

Hello everybody! This month, we will be interviewing Ralphfan! Let's get started.

NSM: When did you join the wiki?
Ralph: I joined on November 13, 2008. I was a guest for a few months who browsed the wiki after I found it one day via Google Images.
NSM: Do you have, or had any special rankings in the wiki?
Ralph: I have never been an Administrator, but I am the director of the Awards Committee. Last year I was co-director with Stooben, and the year before, I helped out a lot, but there was no official Awards Committee. I am also the current Statistics Manager of The 'Shroom and directed the Fake News from April 2009 to January 2011.
NSM: Do you have any positions in The 'Shroom?
Ralph: I write Review Corner, Fake Sports for the Fake News, Random Image of the Month for the Music & Artwork team and Forum Update for the Pipe Plaza. I wrote Travel Guide in the Fake News until this month (I resigned because I've been too busy) and for a time in 2010, I wrote a section called the Monthly Mulligan. As I stated earlier, I am also the Statistics Manager.
NSM: Name some of your hobbies.
Ralph: I am the manager for my school's basketball team and an umpire for my local baseball league. It's a great way to make money. I'm also a huge sports fan. My favorite teams are the Oakland A's, San Jose Sharks and Baltimore Ravens. I also watch a lot of TV. My favorite shows are Community, The Office and Family Guy.
NSM: Can you play an instrument?
Ralph: I can play a little guitar. That's about it.
NSM: What do you think The 'Shroom should improve on?
Ralph: I think we should get more input from the writers. We, the Core Staff, listen to our readers a lot, but I feel we should survey the writers.
NSM: What's your favorite food?
Ralph: Ooh, though one. I really like fried chicken, but it depends on my mood.
NSM: Thoughts on Donkey Kong Country Returns?
Ralph: I think they should've included Kremlings, but I'm fine with the removal of water levels.
NSM: Thoughts on Paper Mario 3DS?
Ralph: Hopefully it'll be more like the first two and less like SPM. The return of regular partners and RPG-style battles look like a step in the right direction.
NSM: Thoughts on Mario Kart 3DS?
Ralph: I've loved the last few games in the series. I hope this one includes a couple more new concepts and new ideas for courses, rather than bringing back the old ones. The Mario Kart series has been very successful because they keep adding new ideas. If they didn't, it would be more like the Mario Party series in terms of success and popularity.
NSM: Thoughts on Mario Sports Mix?
Ralph: I need to get this game, mostly because I love hockey.
NSM: What would be your favorite Mario game?
Ralph: For console games, definitely Thousand-Year Door. Though the story is pretty long and most of the fights, aside from the Shadow Queen, are easy, it's a fantastic game. The dialogue scenes are great and the game features a wide array of items. For handheld, I'd have to say Bowser's Inside Story. A runner-up in both categories (since the remake was handheld) is Super Mario World.
NSM: What would be your worst Mario game?
Ralph: If you mean worst in terms of skill level, probably SMG2 or NSMB Wii, but that's because I'm a horrible gamer. In terms of least favorite, I'd say Super Paper Mario. It was nothing like the first two, which were both amazing.
NSM: Are you on Chat?
Ralph: Yes, frequently.
NSM: Are you on Userpedia?
Ralph: Yes. For those of you that don't know, Userpedia is a wiki about the users of the Super Mario Wiki and can be found at
NSM: Anything else you want to say to the readers before we end the interview?
Ralph: Well, I've got a tip for new users. Instead of always asking other users how to do things, try looking at the help pages on the Wiki and experiment in the Sandbox. The help pages have a multitude of information and it's much easier than waiting for a response from an experienced user. Also, as Tucayo once said, EAT PLENTY OF LEMONS!

That is the end of our interview! See you next month for a new interview!