Badge Challenge Parachute Cap I

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Badge Challenge
Parachute Cap I
Luigi with his Parachute Cap open on the Parachute Cap I course in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.
World Pipe-Rock Plateau
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Badge Challenge Parachute Cap I is a Badge Challenge course in Pipe-Rock Plateau of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is unlocked by completing Badge House in Pipe-Rock Plateau and paying the Poplin to break the rock blocking the path. It contains one Wonder Seed.


This Badge Challenge course takes place in an autumn forest with a sunset setting, featuring colorful semisolid blocks. The course's primary characteristic is the amount of long pits, designed so that the Parachute Cap badge is essential to complete it.

The course starts with a sloped semisolid surface, with some coins to help the player follow the path with the Parachute Cap. A Super Mushroom inside of a bubble can be found, which is collected if the player followed the exact path forementioned. At the top of some semisolid plaftorms, an interactive tulip can be found which spawns Lifts on a circular track. If the player is at a great height using the Lifts, it's possible to reach the top of a tall semisolid and grab a flower coin with another use of the badge. The Checkpoint Flag is found very shortly after. Near it, is another interactive tulip that spawns more Lifts, this time going left and right. Using great height once again, the player is able to get on a green semisolid and grab another flower coin. After that, is an interactive tulip that spawns a Lift that helps the player reach the top of the Goal Pole.

Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "Go for it!" (found before the first jump)
  • "Float while in midair!" (found after the first jump)
  • "Keep going..." (near the circling Lifts)
  • "All right! This way!" (floating on top of the horizontal-moving Lifts)
  • "Impressive!" (on top of a green semisolid platform)
  • "Last jump!" (near the goal pole)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 帽子ぼうしパラシュートLv.レベル1
Boushi Parashūto Reberu 1
Cap Parachute Level 1
French Parachapeau 1 Parachute Cap 1
German Fallschirmmütze 1 Parachute cap 1
Italian Cappello paracadute 1 Parachute cap 1
Korean 모자 패러슈트 Lv.1
Moja Paereosyuteu Lv. 1
Hat Parachute Level 1
Portuguese (NOA) Para-chapéu 1 Parachute cap 1
Portuguese (NOE) Parachapéu 1 Parachute cap 1
Spanish Gorra paracaídas 1 Parachute Cap 1