Break Time! Kick It, Outmaway

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Break Time!
Kick It, Outmaway
Luigi and an Outmaway in Kick It, Outmaway
World Fluff-Puff Peaks
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Break Time! Kick It, Outmaway is a Break Time! course in Fluff-Puff Peaks of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is unlocked after beating Outmaway Valley. It houses one Wonder Seed.


The course starts with a short drop down into the main area. One Outmaway is on the far right side, kicking ice blocks of varying sizes that fall from above. The player must jump over or break the ice blocks. Some ice blocks contain coins and flower coins, and one large ice block contains a Fire Flower. Once all of the ice blocks have been kicked or, alternatively, the player defeats said Outmaway, the course's sole Wonder Seed appears in the middle, and collecting it will end the level.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ズンドコの千本せんぼんシュート
Zundoko no Senbon Shūto
Outmaway's Thousand (Ice Block) Shoots
Chinese (Simplified) 足小子的千发射门
Zúxiǎozi de Qiānfā Shèmén
Outmaway's Thousand (Soccer) Shots
Chinese (Traditional) 足小子的千發射門
Zúxiǎozi de Qiānfā Shèmén
Outmaway's Thousand (Soccer) Shots
Dutch Outmaways ijsaanval Outmaways' ice attack
French Taptou givré Frozen Outmaway; "givré" can also mean "bonkers"
German Platzda-Schütze Outmaway Shooter
Italian Scalciotto tiraghiaccio Ice-trowing Outmaway
Korean 뻥차의 슈팅 연습
Ppeongcha-ui Syuting Yeonseub
Portuguese (NOA) Chutalino certeiro! Outmaway on target! (Based on "Chute certeiro", "Kick on target")
Portuguese (NOE) Chutalino certeiro Outmaway on target
Russian Кышкин пинаторий
Kyshkin pinatoriy
Spanish Gimnasio Patapatí Outmaway Gym