Expert Badge Challenge Jet Run I

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Expert Badge Challenge
Jet Run I
Luigi being a gamer in Jet Run I in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
World Pipe-Rock Plateau
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Difficulty ★★★
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Expert Badge Challenge Jet Run I is an Expert Badge Challenge course in Pipe-Rock Plateau of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, designed around the Jet Run expert badge. It can be unlocked after completing Cosmic Hoppos and its completion unlocks Pipe-Rock Plateau Special Bounce, Bounce, Bounce from the Special World. Like all Badge Challenge levels, it contains one Wonder Seed.


This course takes place in the sky, featuring the pipe-shaped hills from Pipe-Rock Plateau in the background. This course, much like Badge Challenge Parachute Cap I, features many pits and lacks ground platforms, relying more on semisolid platforms and floating rectangular platforms instead, to better introduce the jumping mechanic of the Jet Run badge to the player.

The level starts with a massive pit, with Coins and yellow arrows indicating where to jump. Although the coins and flower coins are used as indication throughout the level, the yellow arrows are only used on the first two jumps, increasing the difficulty. After those two jumps, a three block wide gap is shown, introducing to the player that the badge is able to run through without falling between the gap. Shortly after that, the Checkpoint Flag is found with an interactive tulip near it, which provides additional indication to a jump out of a sloped semisolid surface with coins and a Super Mushroom inside of a bubble. These sloped semisolids are utilized in the rest of the course, with it being the final semisolid that allows the player to grad the top of the Goal Pole and complete the course.

Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "Go for it!" (floating at the start of the course)
  • "Great!" (in the first row of sloped semisolid platforms)
  • "Yeahhhh!" (at the last sloped semisolid jump)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジェットランLv.レベル1
Jetto Ran Reberu 1
Jet Run Level 1
French Bottes turbo 1 Turbo boots 1
Italian Supercorsa 1 Super-run 1
Portuguese Propulsão 1 Propulsion 1
Spanish Propulsión 1 Propulsion 1