Break Time! Hurry, Hurry

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Break Time!
Hurry, Hurry
Elephant Luigi running in the Hurry, Hurry level in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
World Pipe-Rock Plateau
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Dash & Go! Hold Y Button and move to dash. Dash to get the Wonder Seed!”
Starting message, Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Break Time! Hurry, Hurry is a Break Time! level in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is a short level that simply has the player dash to the other side of the level to reach a Wonder Seed. It is found in Pipe-Rock Plateau, at the first open area, and it is unlocked by beating Badge House in Pipe-Rock Plateau.

This level was not included in the Nintendo Live and kiosk demo, and was replaced by Badge Challenge Wall-Climb Jump I instead.


The player starts the level on solid ground, where a purple block and a Talking Flower are, with the latter encouraging the player to go. Upon striking the purple block, a bridge of magenta blocks will appear. The blocks will disappear after a short time. There is no penalty for falling, as a Zip Track will take any players that fall back to the start unharmed. On the bridge of blocks is lots of coins, as well as a few flower coins. Above the blocks are three groups of Talking Flowers, who all cheer for the player. At the far right of the stage is a Wonder Seed, and collecting it will complete the level.

Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "Go, go, go!" (at the start of the level)

Nine other Talking Flowers in groups of three appear throughout the level, cheering the player on as they make progress.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダッシュでGo!
Dasshu-de Go!
Dash and Go!
Chinese (Simplified) 冲刺Go!
Chōngcì Go!
Dash and Go!
French Course non-stop Non-stop Race
German Immer geradeaus Keep straight ahead
Italian Scatto matto! Crazy dash!; portmanteau of "scatto" (dash) and "scacco matto" (checkmate, lit. "crazy check"); similar to the minigame Freeze Frame from Mario Party 6
Korean 대시&고!
Daesi & Go!
Dash & Go!
Portuguese (NOA) Sebo nas canelas! Expression for leaving in a hurry
Portuguese (NOE) Partida, corrida! Lit. "Match, race!"; can be a play on partida corrida ("rushed start")
Spanish Acelera, ¡ra, ra, ra! Dash, Rah, Rah, Rah!