Pull, Turn, Burn
Pull, Turn, Burn
World Deep Magma Bog
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Difficulty ★★★★
Primary power-up Bubble Flower
Wonder Effect Renders Mario immune to fire and lava
Music sample
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Pull, Turn, Burn is a course in Deep Magma Bog of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is unlocked after completing Raarghs in the Ruins and its own completion unlocks Deep Magma Bog Observatory #4. This course houses two Wonder Seeds.


The main obstacles present are the flame wheels for which the level is named. Pulling on Handles moves the flame wheels along tracks and out of the players' way, but they will return to their original positions soon after. The players soon encounter Buzzy Beetles that drop from the ceiling and can walk through lava, as well as Lava Geysers that carry bone-shaped lifts. Above the first two geysers there is a secret passage for players in Drill Form to tunnel through. The paths re-converge on a Lava Geyser and bone lift that they must ride downward. At the end of the first room is a row of Fire Piranha Plants on the ceiling, the players can use the nearby handle to raise platforms that block their spread of fire. A pipe then leads to the second room.

Past the Checkpoint Flag, lava is present on both the floor and ceiling with Lava Bubbles jumping from both pools. Then follows a flame wheel surrounding a circular platform that must be moved to progress. Next, the players find a large Goomba statue with a handle on the front, pulling it turns the Goomba's smile into a frown and releases the Wonder Flower.

After obtaining it, the Wonder Flower surrounds the players with a glowing shield that grants them complete invincibility, including to normally-lethal lava. The players drop through the pool below the Goomba statue into a dark room that they can light with their shields. The players must scout out five Wonder Tokens scattered around the chamber.

  • Wonder Token 1: In the upper-left corner, guarded by Fire Piranha Plants.
  • Wonder Token 2: In the bottom-left corner, guarded by Lava Bubbles.
  • Wonder Token 3: In the pool of lava the player initially falls into.
  • Wonder Token 4: In the top-right corner, on a platform guarded by two flame wheels.
  • Wonder Token 5: In the bottom-right corner, above the rightmost Lava Geyser.

Each token turns on a light, and when all are collected the entire area lights up. The players must then collect the Wonder Seed from the center of the room, which will warp them back to the Goomba Statue.

To the right of the Goomba Statue are three more Lava Geysers, the players must use a Wow Bud that will create a bone lift on top of the third to raise it. At the end of the room is a large Ancient Dragon fossil with two openings and two Fire Piranha Plants inside. The wheel blocks off a Warp Pipe, but the players can pull on a handle to turn it so they may exit. This leads to the Goal Pole.

10-flower coinsEdit

  • 10-flower coin 1: After the first Talking Flower, between a pit of lava and a semi-solid platform. The player should stomp on the Buzzy Beetle walking through the pool to collect the coin.
  • 10-flower coin 2: Immediately thereafter is a staircase of semi-solid platforms, each separated by vertical tracks with two flame wheels each. Pull the wheels out of the way with the handle, then quickly climb the platforms to reach the coin.
  • 10-flower coin 3: In the second room, where the two flame wheels surrounding circular platforms are located. Pull the handle, then quickly ascend and slip into the pocket guarded by the second flame wheel to retrieve the coin.

Enemies and obstaclesEdit

Talking Flower quotesEdit

  • "Hey…"
    • "Whatcha doing in a place like this?"
    • "Wow!" (after the first 10-flower coin is obtained)
    • "Well then." (if the player falls into lava)
  • "Phew!"
    • "Careful you don’t burn out."
  • "OK."
    • "Just keep a cool head!"
  • "Heeeey!"
    • "Heeeeeeeeeey!"
    • "This way!"
    • "Way to go!" (After reaching the Talking Flower)


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese まわせ!ほのお大車輪だいしゃりん
Mawase! Honō no daijarin
Turn! Big wheels of fire

Chinese (simplified) 转动吧! 火焰大车轮
Zhuǎndòng ba! Huǒyàn dà chēlún
Turn! Wheel of Fire

Chinese (traditional) 轉動吧! 火焰大車輪
Zhuǎndòng ba! Huǒyàn dà chēlún
Turn! Wheel of Fire

Dutch In vuur en vlam
French Feu roulant
Rolling fire
German Höhle der kreisenden Flammen
Cave of the circling flames
Italian Gira e rigira la ruota infuocata
The burning wheel goes round and round; can also be translated in "turn and spin the burning wheel"
Korean 돌려라! 거대한 불꽃 바퀴
Dollyeola! Geodaehan bulkkoch bakwi
Turn! Big wheels of fire

Portuguese (NOA) Puxe para evitar as chamas!
Pull to avoid the flames!
Portuguese (NOE) Puxa e salva-te do fogo!
Pull it and save yourself from the fire!
Russian Огненное колесо: крутим с огоньком!
Ognennoye koleso: krutim s ogon'kom!
Fire wheel: spin with fire!

Spanish Grandes ruedas de llamas
Giant wheels of flames