Break Time! Pop Up, Hoppo!

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Break Time!
Pop Up, Hoppo!
Pop Up, Hoppo! from Super Mario Bros. Wonder
World Pipe-Rock Plateau
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Break Time! Pop Up, Hoppo! is a Break Time! level in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It can be found in Pipe-Rock Plateau and can be unlocked after completing Rolla Koopa Derby. This level houses one Wonder Seed.


This level consists of a single screen with two sets of double springboards, one blue and one red, and a gate blocking the player's path. A few seconds after the level begins, a Hoppo will fall from the top of the screen. The player must hit the springboards from below to bounce the Hoppo into a gap located at the bottom right of the screen, after which the gate will open and the Wonder Seed will appear above the blue springboard. The player can then bounce on the Hoppo to get to the top section and collect the Wonder Seed.


Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "Way to go!" (once the player gets to the top area)
    • "Maybe it's time for a break. I'm not one to rush." (if the player waits about thirty seconds without grabbing the Wonder Seed)
    • "ACHOO! Am I allergic!"
    • "Sometimes it's nice to space out. I'm a big fan myself."
    • "*yawn* I'm tired. How 'bout you?"
    • "What's the matter? You tired or something?"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese んでけコロンポリン
Tondeke Koronpiron
Fly away, Hoppo

Chinese (simplified) 弹飞吧,弹滚波铃
Tánfēi ba, Tángǔnbōlíng
Bounce and fly away, Hoppo

Chinese (traditional) 彈飛吧,彈滾波鈴
Tánfēi ba, Tángǔnbōlíng
Bounce and fly away, Hoppo

Dutch Vlieg op, Hoppo!
Fly away, Hoppo!
French Roulipo saute
Hoppo jumps
German Flieg, Rollf!
Fly, Hoppo!
Italian Salta, salta, Rotopoppo!
Jump, Hoppo, jump!
Korean 날아라 데굴펄린
Nal-ala Degulpeollin
Fly away, Hoppo

Portuguese Voa, Hipobólamo!
Fly, Hoppo!
Russian Гиппопом, на взлет!
Gippopom, na vzlet!
Hoppo, take off!

Spanish ¡Salta, Hipobótamo!
Jump, Hoppo!