Badge Challenge Wall-Climb Jump I

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Badge Challenge
Wall-Climb Jump I
Luigi performing a Wall-Climb Jump in Wall-Climb Jump I
World Pipe-Rock Plateau
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Badge Challenge Wall-Climb Jump I is a Badge Challenge course in Pipe-Rock Plateau[1] of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It houses one Wonder Seed. It is unlocked by completing Wiggler Race Mountaineering!.

In the Nintendo Live 2023 and kiosk demo, it is shown to be located in Break Time! Hurry, Hurry's place.[2]


As the name of the course indicates, the course is designed around the use of the Wall-Climb Jump badge. It consists of a short, vertical section built out of colorful, diamond-patterned blocks. The color of the blocks changes as the player progresses upwards, from blue, to green, to yellow, to red.

The first obstacle in the player's way is a tall barricade made of blocks that can only be crossed with a Wall-Climb Jump. After that, several blue blocks can be found floating in the air, with a Long ? Block between the two middlemost blocks. It contains a Super Mushroom, unless the player is a Yoshi or Nabbit, in which case it will simply contain coins.

Further above, there's a green block moving side to side on a track. The player can Wall-Climb Jump onto it to reach the yellow blocks above, which in turn lead to a large number of red blocks. Semisolid bridges between the red blocks prevent the player from falling back down. From there, the player can jump directly onto the Goal Pole to the right, or they can perform one last Wall-Climb Jump to reach a group of four-colored blocks above, from where they can reach the top of the Goal Pole. After touching it, they will recieve the level's sole Wonder Seed from a Poplin.[2]

10-flower coins[edit]

  • 10-flower coin 1: On top of a green block. The player can either Wall-Climb Jump up to it from below, or drop down from above.[2]
  • 10-flower coin 2: Above a rotating yellow block above and to the right of the moving green block.[2]
  • 10-flower coin 3: On the top left of the course. The player must Wall-Climb Jump up the red block wall from the four-colored block bunch to reach it.[2]

Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "Go for it!" (on top of the first barricade)[2]
    • "You can do this!"[3]
    • "Jump against the wall, then jump again!"[4]
  • "Deep breaths..." (on the yellow rotating block)[2]
  • "You've got it!" (on the four-color block bunch)[2]
    • "Impressive!" (after collecting the third 10-flower coin)[2]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カベのぼりジャンプLvレベル.1[5]
Kabe Nobori Janpu Reberu 1
Wall Climb Jump Lv. 1
French Saut d'escalade 1 Climbing Jump 1
Italian Salto arrampicata 1 Climbing Jump 1
Portuguese (NOA) Salto escala-parede 1 Wall-Climb Jump 1
Portuguese (NOE) Salto de escalada 1 Climbing Jump 1
Russian Прыжок по стене 1
Pryzhok po stene 1
Wall Jump 1
Spanish Salto trepador 1 Climbing Jump 1


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