Search Party Puzzling Park

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Search Party
Puzzling Park
Elephant Luigi looking for the Wonder Tokens in Puzzling Park in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
World Fluff-Puff Peaks
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Search Party Puzzling Park is a Search Party course found in Fluff-Puff Peaks of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is unlocked after completing Fluff-Puff Peaks Cabin. It contains one Wonder Seed, which is obtained by getting the five Wonder Tokens scattered throughout the course. The level is filled with Invisible Character Blocks to encourage playing with others, much like every Search Party course.

Wonder Token locations[edit]

  • Wonder Token 1: At the start, Invisible Character Blocks are laid out across the length of the bridge. There are four of Peach and five of Nabbit, with the fourth containing an interactive tulip that spawns the Wonder Token on top. To reach it more easily, there are three Invisible Character Blocks of Yellow Yoshi, allowing the player to collect the token.
  • Wonder Token 2: At the bottom portion with a bunch of yellow pipes, the leftmost can be pushed. Pushing it to the right by about seven grid spaces, the player is able to hit an Invisible Character Block of Yellow Toad. This block contains an interactive tulip that spawns the second Wonder Token.
  • Wonder Token 3: By entering the yellow pipe that gives infinite Super Mushrooms, the player is able to go onto the background area, where the third Wonder Token can be found.
  • Wonder Token 4: In the bottom portion on the right, what looks like a pit can be seen. However, by going in there, the player falls onto the area below, which has the fourth Wonder Token and a yellow pipe that warps back to the area above.
  • Wonder Token 5: At the end, three bridge platforms can be seen. By going on the bottom one, the player is able to hit an Invisible Character Block of Luigi. This contains a vine, which gives access to the fifth Wonder Token.

Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "Oh!" (near the start, said in a surprised tone)
    • "Hi!" (said in a more welcoming tone)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese なぞだちけの広場ひろばのひみつ
Nazodachike-no Hiroba-no Himitsu
Secrets of the Mysterious Plaza
Chinese (Simplified) 神秘广场的秘密
Shénmì Guǎngchǎng de Mìmì
Secrets of the Mysterious Plaza
French Énigme de la place The square's enigma
German Rätsel der Verstecke Puzzle of the hideouts
Italian I segreti della piazza The plaza's secrets
Portuguese (NOA) Parque dos segredos! Park of secrets!
Portuguese (NOE) Parque dos segredos Park of secrets
Spanish Parque de misterios Park of Mysteries