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This article is about the Super Mario Bros. Wonder level. For the minigame known as Cloud Cover in British English, see Foo Me Once.
Break Time!
Cloud Cover
Cloud Cover
World Fluff-Puff Peaks
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Break Time! Cloud Cover is a Break Time! course in Fluff-Puff Peaks of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is unlocked after beating Pole Block Passage. It houses one Wonder Seed.


The course consists of a single tall room. Near the bottom, a vertical Pole Block can be found moving left and right on a track. The rest of the course's vertical space is occupied by scattered coins, flower coins and five Wonder Tokens, all partially hidden behind the diagonal streaks of clouds that cover the whole room. When hit, the Pole Block extends high enough to allow the player to reach all objects. After collecting all five Wonder Tokens, the course's sole Wonder Seed will appear right above the track, ending the level when collected.


  • Clouds

Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "Heya!" (said by the only flower in the course)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese くもなかのポールブロック
Kumo no Naka no Pōru Burokku
Pole Blocks in the Middle of the Clouds
Chinese (Simplified) 云里的杆子方块
Yúnlǐde Gānzi Fāngkuài
Pole Blocks inside the Clouds
French Perche céleste Celestial pole
German Über den Wolken Above the clouds
Italian Blocchi asta e basta! Pole blocks and that's it!
Portuguese (NOA) Escalada nublada! Cloudy climbing!
Portuguese (NOE) Escalada nublada Cloudy climbing
Spanish Escalada nublada Cloudy Climbing