The Glass Is Half Empty!

The Glass Is Half Empty!
Location Seaside Kingdom
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Odyssey
Boss(es) Mollusque-Lanceur
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The Glass Is Half Empty! (Multi Moon title: The Glass Is Half Full!) is the sole story mission of the Seaside Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. The mission's objectives are to stop Mollusque-Lanceur from stealing all of the Sparkle Water from the Glass Tower by hitting four switches that activate fountains, which each fire a cork at Lanceur, then defeat him. The English titles of the objectives are plays on the idiom "Is the glass half empty or half full?" which asks whether a person views a given situation in a pessimistic ("half empty") or optimistic ("half full") viewpoint.


The mission begins at the Odyssey, with Mollusque-Lanceur draining all the Sparkle Water in the Glass Tower with a drinking straw. To stop the thief, Mario must hit four ground-pound switches scattered throughout the kingdom, each requiring a nearby Power Moon to be collected to be unlocked. The four switches are found on top of a tall rock pillar near the Beach House that requires capturing a Gushen to access, on top of the Lighthouse, under lava-coated water on Hot Spring Island, and at the ledge of Rolling Canyon.

Each switch causes a fountain to start flowing, causing the cork that capped off each to fly off, hitting Mollusque-Lanceur. Each time he is hit, Lanceur gets progressively angrier and starts to fire shells into the water below. Once all four switches are hit, Lanceur is knocked off the Glass Tower, starting the boss fight. Uniquely, this boss fight takes place across the entire kingdom. To damage Mollusque-Lanceur, Mario must capture a Gushen and spray the top of Lanceur's head with water.

Once Lanceur is sprayed enough times, he explodes, causing Mario to be launched to the top of the Glass Tower, landing on a cork floating on top of the water. There, Mario can collect the Multi Moon Lanceur had, ending the mission.

Smaller objectivesEdit

  • The Glass Is Half Full!: The mission's name (on the brochure screen and in the introductory cutscene if Mario leaves then returns to the kingdom during the fight) changes to this objective after initiating the boss fight with Mollusque-Lanceur. The goal is to defeat Lanceur and obtain the Multi Moon from him.

Power Moons obtainedEdit

  • The Stone Pillar Seal: Found on top of the rock pillar south-west of the Glass Tower. Collecting it unlocks the switch that uncorks the south-western fountain.
  • The Lighthouse Seal: Found on top of the Lighthouse, which can be reached through the underwater tunnel north of it. Collecting it unlocks the switch that uncorks the north-western fountain.
  • The Hot Spring Seal: Found at the bottom of the hot spring coated with lava, which can be cleared away with a Gushen. Collecting it unlocks the switch that uncorks the north-eastern fountain.
  • The Seal Above the Canyon: Found at the end of the Rolling Canyon path with the shells. Collecting it unlocks the switch that uncorks the south-eastern fountain.
  • The Glass Is Half Full! (Multi Moon): Obtained after defeating Mollusque-Lanceur.



Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 誓いの水を とりもどせ!
Chikai no Mizu o Torimodose!
Retrieve the Sparkle Water!
(Note: This name is the same for both objectives and the Multi Moon.)

Italian Bicchiere mezzo vuoto
Half empty glass
Spanish (NOA) Ursupador de la bebida evocadora
Usurper of the evocative drink
Spanish (NOE) La copa está medio vacía
The Glass is Half Empty

Power MoonsEdit

The Stone Pillar Seal
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 岩柱の封印
Iwa Hashira no Fūin
The Stone Pillar Seal

Chinese 岩柱的封印
Yán zhù de fēngyìn
The Stone Pillar Seal

Italian Il tappo del pilastro
The pillar cork
Korean 돌기둥에 봉인되다
Dolgidung'e bong'indoeda
Sealed in the Stone Pillar

Spanish (NOA) Sello del pilar de piedra
Seal of the stone pillar
Spanish (NOE) Interruptor de la columna de piedra
Stone Pillar Seal
The Lighthouse Seal
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 灯台の封印
Tōdai no Fūin
The Lighthouse Seal

Chinese 灯塔的封印
Dēngtǎ de fēngyìn
The Lighthouse Seal

Italian Il tappo del faro
The lighthouse cork
Korean 등대에 봉인되다
Deungdae'e bong'indoeda
Sealed in the Lighthouse

Spanish (NOA) El sello del faro
The seal of the lighthouse
Spanish (NOE) Interruptor del faro
Lighthouse Seal
The Hot Spring Seal
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 温泉の封印
Onsen no Fūin
The Hot Spring Seal

Chinese (simplified) 温泉的封印
Wēnquán de fēngyìn
The Hot Spring Seal

Chinese (traditional) 溫泉的封印
Wēnquán de fēngyìn
The Hot Spring Seal

Italian Il tappo dell'isolotto termale
The hot spring cork
Korean 온천에 봉인되다
Oncheon'e bong'indoeda
Sealed in the Hot Spring

Spanish (NOA) El sello de la terma
The seal of the hot spring
Spanish (NOE) Interruptor de las aguas termales
Hot Springs Seal
The Seal Above the Canyon
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 峡谷の封印
Kyōkoku no Fūin
The Canyon Seal

Chinese (simplified) 峡谷的封印
Xiágǔ de fēngyìn
The Canyon Seal

Chinese (traditional) 峽谷的封印
Xiágǔ de fēngyìn
The Canyon Seal

Italian Il tappo sopra la gola
The cork on the gorge
Korean 협곡에 봉인되다
Hyeopgok'e bong'indoeda
Sealed in the Canyon

Spanish (NOA) Sello sobre el desfiladero
Seal over the gap
Spanish (NOE) Interruptor del acantilado
Cliff Seal