Search Party Item Park

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Search Party
Item Park
World Deep Magma Bog
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Search Party Item Park is a Search Party level in Deep Magma Bog in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is unlocked after completing Deep Magma Bog Observatory #1. The player must first use Elephant Mario or Drill Mario to break the Brick Blocks, then use power-ups to find the Wonder Tokens. As such, the Yoshis and Nabbit cannot complete this level.

Wonder Token locationsEdit

  • Wonder Token 1: The player must use either Drill Mario or Bubble Mario. They must dig into the ceiling as Drill Mario or blow bubbles and jump on them as Bubble Mario to reach it. Two Hidden Character Blocks only visible to Daisy make this easier. The player can also use the Grappling Vine Badge to reach the Wonder Token.
  • Wonder Token 2: The player must use Elephant Mario to hit the Spike Ball so it destroys the wall blocking the Wonder Token, allowing it to be reached. Yoshi can use his tongue to eat the Wonder Token instead.
  • Wonder Token 3: The player must use Elephant Mario to hit a Hidden Character Block only visible to Toadette to reveal a vine allowing the Wonder Token to be reached. The player could also use bubble jumps to gain enough height to collect the Wonder Token.
  • Wonder Token 4: The player must use Bubble Mario to blow bubbles and defeat the Cheep Cheeps, making the Wonder Token appear. Alternatively, Yoshi can use his tongue to eat the Cheep Cheeps.
  • Wonder Token 5: The player must use Drill Mario to dig into the second moving platform, then move through the wall to reach the Wonder Token.

Talking Flower quotesEdit

  • "Oh!" (near the start, said in a surprised tone)
    • "Hi!" (said in a more welcoming tone)


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アイテム広場ひろばのひみつ
Aitemu hiroba no himitsu
Secrets of the item plaza

Chinese (traditional) 道具廣場的秘密

Secrets of the Item Plaza

French Énigme des objets
Item enigma
German Rätsel der Items
Item riddle
Italian I segreti degli oggetti
The secrets of the items
Portuguese (NOA) Parque dos itens!
Item park!
Portuguese (NOE) Parque dos itens
Item park