Road to Sky Garden
The first Power Moon of the Wooded Kingdom.
Location Wooded Kingdom
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Odyssey
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Road to Sky Garden is the first story mission of the Wooded Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. The mission's objective is to reach a Big Poison Piranha Plant.


The mission begins at the Odyssey, and Mario must walk across an area with Steam Gardeners. Mario must then talk to the Sphynx and answer "Flowers" to proceed. Mario will encounter pools of poison, followed by some Poison Piranha Plants. Afterwards, Mario must capture an Uproot and climb up the tower, and into a red maze, all the while evading additional Uproots. Soon after, Mario will reach a Big Poison Piranha Plant, and defeating it will reward him with the Power Moon.

Areas visitedEdit

  • Iron Road: Entrance
  • Iron Road: Halfway Point


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 空中庭園への道
Kūchū Teien e no Michi
Road to Sky Garden

Chinese (simplified) 通往空中庭园的路
Tōng wǎng kōngzhōng tíngyuán de lù
Road to Sky Garden

Chinese (traditional) 通往空中庭園的路
Tōng wǎng kōngzhōng tíngyuán de lù
Road to Sky Garden

Italian Verso il Giardino Etereo
To the Sky Garden
Spanish (NOA) Hacia el Jardín Celeste
To the Sky Garden
Spanish (NOE) Hacia el Jardín Flotante
To the Sky Garden