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Welcome to My User page! as you see... I am the ultimate Mario super fan. don't mess with me, or you will get it! as my username implies, I am a huge superfan ever known. I can help you in some games, feel free to to my talk page here. I have been playing games for a long, long LONG time, so I know a lot of stuff about games, need a clue? I'm your help! I know so many things about games, but that does not mean I am a video-game Know-it-All, I even I have trouble with certain games, so don't expect me to have an answer to ALL your questions, especially if you are dealing with a Non-Mario game (though I can help with some Zelda games), I play more Mario games that any other game series. And I only play Nintendo games, so I cannot answer questions for Sega games, Microsoft games, Sony games, Namco games, Capcom games, etc. So Good Luck, and Happy Gaming!

P.S. who knows what lurks deep within my userboxes!

P.S.S. Only those who can see truth know!

P.S.S.S. If you read ANYTHING you find embarrassing, you better not make fun of me or mock me for it!! OR ELSE I will:

A) Not respond at all

B) Give you false information

C) Respond in another language

D) Something you do not want to know

Here endeth my introduction!

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My Signatures

1st: Star.pngSuperMarioSuperFan30px

2nd: Papermario.gifStar.png SuperMarioSuperFan30px

3rd:Star.gif SuperMarioSuperFanPapermario.gif

Current:Star.gif SuperMarioSuperFanPapermario.gif


I now have a Licence and a Brawlcard! You may level up my licences if you want.

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At least, that's what I'd say... if they hadn't cancelled the whole thing...


All unquoted messages will describe the image, but all of the quoted messages will represent what the character is saying.


PS:Got questions about any of the images? Go ahead and ask away!



Here are some of the games from the Marioverse, here are symbols to show if I have beaten any games I have:

50px 100% Completion.

42px beaten final boss/main game, done some sidequests, not 100%.

Mushroom.png did not beat final boss/main game and/or sidequests

Mini Shroom.png Can't be beaten.

Games I Want


Image Name
Mariopowertennis newplaycontrolbox.jpg New Play Control: Mario Power Tennis
MSuperSluggersart.jpg Mario Super Sluggers
Smg2boxart.png Super Mario Galaxy 2

Nintendo DS

Image Name
Superpeach.jpg Super Princess Peach (I'm not kidding, you know...)
200px Mario Party DS
Mvsdk2motmcoverart.jpg Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis
YI2boxart.jpg Yoshi's Island DS
YoshiTouchGo.jpg Yoshi Touch & Go

Game Boy Advance

Image Name
MariopartyGBA.jpg Mario Party Advance
Mariop.jpg Mario Pinball Land
SMA.jpg Super Mario Advance
200px Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2
Super Mario Advance 3 Box Art.jpg Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
YTTboxart front.jpg Yoshi Topsy Turvy

Nintendo 64

Image Name
200px Mario Party
200px Mario Party 2
200px Mario Party 3

Nintendo GameCube

200px Mario Party 4
MP6 Cover.jpg Mario Party 6
200px Mario Party 7

Games I Have

Gameboy Advance

Image Name Beaten Rating Comments
200px Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga 50px all Chuckle beans dug up and all Hoo beans found, all minigame levels unlocked. beaten Cackletta's Soul. All SC drinks brewed. Discovered Cyclone Bros. and Swing Bros., got Advance on all including the secret Bros. Attacks, all Monty Moles found. 9.5 Great game, good gameplay, needs endless playmode.
200px Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 Normal: 50px completed all levels, beaten Bowser.

World-e: Mushroom.pngneed some e-Cards for levels.

10 now I can save, better graphics, the option to play Mario Bros. AWESOME!

Nintendo DS

Image Name Beaten Rating Comments
MarioLuigiPartnersTime.jpg Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time 50px All Beans dug up, beat Shrowser 9 Needs longer gameplay like its predecessor and lacked endless playmode, other than that, great game
Sm64ds.jpg Super Mario 64 DS 50px All 150 Stars gotten, all Minigames unlocked. Beaten Bowser in Bowser in the Sky 9.3 Awesome game. a little too challenging
200px New Super Mario Bros. 50px All courses complete, all star coins spent, beaten World 8-Bowser's Castle 9.6 Great secrets, awesome gameplay, needed more Minigames
Bowsersinsidestorycover.jpg Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story For Mario & Luigi: 42px Beaten Dark Fawful Bug, need to get Rainbow Rank, need to dig up all Beans, need to get A Rank in every game in the Cholesteroad, and just need to beat Bowser X at The Gauntlet.

For Bowser: 42px Beaten Dark Bowser, need to get Final Boss Rank, and need to get Rank A on all Broque Madame Sessions.

8.5 Great Game! I like the way Bowser fights bosses with Mario and Luigi helping! though I think it's not fair that the Mario Bros. only get to explore a few rooms in Peach's Castle. Whereas Bowser can explore the rest... also, Inside of Peach's Castle's theme (after Fawful takes over) is very depressing, in fact, it makes me sad when I listen to it.


Image Name Beaten Rating Comments
200px Mario Party 8 42px all characters unlocked, all board minigames unlocked. need to unlock all Extras and figurines. 9.6 Way to Party!
SSBB Cover.jpeg Super Smash Bros. Brawl 42px All characters and stages unlocked, need all trophies and all stickers. And need 100% in Subspace Emissary 8.5 Needs more characters and more moves, and two FSs for each character
Mariobox-noscale.jpg New Super Mario Bros. Wii 50px Beaten Bowser and Koopalings, unlocked and beaten All levels in World 9, also gotten every Star Coin in every world including World 9. 9.9999 Wow! many games from the past merged into the Greatest Mario Platformer yet!
200px Mario Kart Wii Mushroom.png Need To Unlock the Caracters: Dry Bowser and Mii outfit B.

Need to unlock the vehicles: Jet Bubble, Sprinter, Dolphin Dasher, Jetsetter, Spear, and Phantom. need to Unlock all Expert Staff Ghosts, and Need to get a Gold Trophy in Star Cup and over in Mirror Mode. Also need to get at least a Rank of one star or more in Mushroom Cup and over in 150cc Mode.

A full 10 Wow! Many new characters! Many new courses! and the classics are brought back!
USCover MSCF.jpg Mario Strikers Charged 50px Gotten the Striker Cup and Brick Wall and Golden Foot for all 3 cups! also did every striker challenge! A whopping 12! I love this game! best Mario game I played yet! The Megastrikes (and something else...) gave me the idea of creating the Fierce Deities! I also like this game for other reasons, but would be too many to list here...

Nintendo GameCube

Image Name Beaten Rating Comments
200px Luigi's Mansion 50px got the complete mansion 8 needs more action
200px Super Mario Sunshine 42px need all Shine Sprites, beaten Bowser 9.5 I enjoyed the voice acting a lot!
Mk doubledash.jpg Mario Kart: Double Dash Mushroom.png need to unlock all karts, characters, and courses 9 great game, twice the drivers! and twice the items! (also twice the coments!)

Nintendo 64

Image Name Beaten Rating Comments
200px Super Mario 64 42px beaten Bowser, need all Stars 9 needs better graphics, other than that, good game

Virtual Console

Image Name Beaten Rating Comments
200px Super Mario World 50px Beaten Bowser, Star World, Special World, completed all 96 maps. 10 Wow. I'm impressed, a lot of secrets and levels.
200px Paper Mario 42px beaten Bowser, gotten the Diploma from The Master, Ultra Ranked every Partner. Need all Recipes, Badges, and Star Pieces. 10 needs easier controlling. Great RPG
200px Super Mario Bros. 50px beaten Hard Mode 9.5 good game, needs better graphics, great enemies.
200px Super Mario Bros. 2 50px beaten Wart 7 OK game. needs more power-ups, hearts, easier 1-ups .
200px Super Mario Bros. 3 50px beaten Bowser. 9.999 great game! some enemies (like the Boo, Bob-Omb, and Chain-Chomp) were small.
MK64 Cover.png mario Kart 64 Mushroom.png need all golden trophies. 8 good game, needs better graphics.
200px Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Mushroom.png need to beat World 8 9.2 too challenging, very hard, but better graphics and good game, and gusts of wind, AWESOME!
200px Mario Bros. Mini Shroom.png 8 good game, good enemies.
200px Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars 50px Beat Smithy and Culex. discovered Yo'ster Isle and Grate Guy's Casino with bright card. 9.99999 Great game! Great RPG! Great EVERYTHING! although a little too short
200px Yoshi's Story 50px Beaten Baby Bowser, unlocked Black and White Yoshis, Compleated Every Level. 9 great game, good secrets, a little too short.

Games I played but do not own

Image Name Beaten Rating Comments
SuperPaperMarioBoxart.jpg Super Paper Mario 42px beaten Super Dimentio, Wracktail, Shadoo, found all Maps' treasures, bought Tiptron, got all pixls, including Dashell, Barry, and Piccolo. Need all Recipes, and all Catch Cards. 8 Great Platformer-like game! first real-time RPG!
Super Mario Galaxy NA Box Art.jpg Super Mario Galaxy 50px got all 121 Power Stars with both mario & Luigi! Saw all chapters in the Storybook. 9.5 great game! great graphics! good story.
Smooth moves cover.jpg WarioWare: Smooth Moves Mushroom.png I hated it 7.5 Bad game, I pretty much did not like it.
PMTTYD.jpg Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door 42px Beaten Shadow Queen, Bonetail, Ultra Ranked every partner, and defeated Gus. need the Money Money Badge to get all badges, and all Recipes, need to fill the Tattle Log, need to solve all the troubles in the Trouble Center. 9 Great game, good graphics, awesome storyline.
200px Mario Party 5 42px beaten Story mode, need to unlock all minigames. 8.9 a little not good, bud great boss minigame.
SMW2.jpg Yoshi's Island 42px beaten Baby Bowser, need to get 100% in all courses. 9 great game! good minigames.
WWDS.jpg WarioWare: Touched! 50px all characters, all toys. 7.5 I kind of don't like it


Here are some goals I want to complete:

Note: All goals in Bold are tough goals

  • Make a funny quote for each Koopaling:
    • Roy Koopa
    • Wendy O. Koopa
    • Lemmy Koopa
    • Iggy Koopa
    • Ludwig Von Koopa
    • Morton Koopa Jr.
    • Larry Koopa
  • Make at least 100 Userboxes.
  • Learn Japanese.
  • Get all the non-Japanese e-cards
  • Get the Japanese e-Reader

Fan Favorites


Information about other Games

The Legend of Mario: The Chaos Heart


Super Paper Mario has many similarities with The Legend of Zelda series (Note that this information may or may not have been put in MarioWiki):

The Legend of Zelda (In General)

  • Tippi plays the same role as Navi in Ocarina of Time and Tatl from Majora's Mask, with the three of them being fairies (or at least fairy-like for Tippi), and having the unique ability to identify the protagonists' enemies.
    • Also, Mario's Flip and Tippi's ability has similar effects as the Lens of Truth in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, both being able to uncover hidden secrets.
  • Thoreau, another Pixl from Super Paper Mario, is used like the Power Gloves/Bracalets in The Legend of Zelda Series, and the Boomerang or the Hookshot (Although Thoreau cannot latch on objects, but it can grab Items and hit switches from a straight, short distance.
  • Boomer, yet another Pixl from Super Paper Mario, is used exactly like the Bombs in The Legend of Zelda Series.

The Adventure of Link

A Link To The Past

Link's Awakening

Ocarina of Time

  • Cudge, a Pixl from Super Paper Mario, is similarly used like the Megaton Hammer from Ocarina of Time.

Majora's Mask

  • Both plots having the Main protagonist(s) in another realm, (Flipside, Flopside, and various other dimensions in Super Paper Mario, and Termina in Majora's Mask).
    • Also, Mario and Co. have to stop The Void from destroying all dimensions before it's too late (although there is no actual time limit in this game, as opposed to Majora's Mask), Much like Link has to save Termina from the crashing Moon.
    • The power of four are required to stop the ominous object in both games. The Heroes of Light in Super Paper Mario, and the Four Giants in Majora's Mask.
  • the main antagonists in both games are not truly evil, but are corrupted into evil beings. Lord Blumiere was corrupted by revenge and anger after his father cursed Lady Timpani, his love, and became Count Bleck. And the Skull Kid was being gradually possessed by Majora's Mask until it took full control of the Skull Kid.
    • Also, Count Bleck and the (possessed) Skull Kid both appear as the primary antagonists of the games, but it is later revealed otherwise after defeat. Dimentio revealed that he used The Four Heroes to gain control for the Chaos Heart, while Tael revealed that Majora's Mask was the culprit behind Termina's sad fate, and used the Skull Kid as a puppet.
  • Dashell, an optional Pixl from Super Paper Mario, works exactly like the Bunny Hood, both being able to make the protagonist run at incredible speeds.

Oracle of Ages

Oracle of Seasons

Four Swords

  • There are four protagonists in Super Paper Mario and Four Swords, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser in Super Paper Mario. And The Four Links. Their teamwork in the two games are required to progress through the games.

The Wind Waker

Four Swords Adventures

  • There are four protagonists in Super Paper Mario and Four Swords Adventures, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser in Super Paper Mario. And The Four Links, from Four Swords Adventures. Their teamwork in the two games are required to progress through the games.

The Minish Cap

  • Dottie, a Pixl from Super Paper Mario, has the same ability as Ezlo, both being able to shrink the protagonist to fit though tiny gaps.

Twilight Princess

Phantom Hourglass

Spirit Tracks

Skyward Sword

Permanently Missable Items in Superstar Saga

Normally in the Marioverse, there are none of these, but in RPGs, there are, so here is a list to aid 100% completions of Superstar Saga.

Bros. Rock

If Mario and Luigi do not compleate the Soybean Civilization sidequest by the time The Bros. confront Bowletta at the end of Joke's End, the chance to get one of the best badges will ber ruined forever, as the scholar, along with everyone else, will have fled from Bowletta's invasion (except for those who run the stores and Starbeans Cafe). The completionist must not complete Joke's End until the player has collected them all and given them to the scholar!

Golden Mushroom

One of the legendary Golden Mushrooms cannot be obtainable for the same reason above, (the owner will have fled from Bowletta's Invasion), so the completionist must find the owner's lost pets before confronting Bowletta on top of Joke's End.

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