Dead-End Space

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Mario about to land on the final Dead-End Space in Perilous Palace Path.

The Dead-End Space (called the Dead End Space in the PAL release) is a kind of space in Mario Party: Island Tour. It appears in Perilous Palace Path, Shy Guy's Shuffle City, and Bowser's Peculiar Peak. When the player passes on the space, they are forced to stop until they clear an event, after which the space will allow the player to continue progressing.

In Perilous Palace Path, it appears three times:

  1. Near the start, a Thwomp is blocking the way and the bridge is lifted up. The players must choose one of the three switches to pass. If they choose the right switch, the bridge will go down, allowing the players to pass over, but if they choose the wrong one, the bridge won't go down and they will be smashed by the Thwomp, forced to stop there for a turn and retry it the next turn (if none cleared it). If both of the fake switches are pressed, the next player to get to the bridge will win automatically.
  2. At around the midway point, the player will face a Goomba Tower. It will spin and the player must choose when to stop it. If lucky, they will continue to the normal path, but if unlucky, they will be deviated to a lava zone, which rejoins the normal one after a while.
  3. At the end the player must face a Whomp. They must roll a 6 to defeat it and win the game. If a lower number is rolled, the Whomp still takes damage, but squishes the player. They try again on their next turn. The next time the player challenges the Whomp, the number they need to roll decreases.

In Shy Guy's Shuffle City, it only appears at the end. The player must choose a card, consisting of two cards that let the player win and the other six, labeled, "Sorry!," make the player go back three spaces. The cards are randomized each time and if an incorrect card was picked last time, the number of cards to choose to win decrease.

Bowser's Peculiar Peak features two Dead-End Spaces:

  1. The first space is the Bowser Blockade. The player has to choose one of two plungers. One of them does nothing. The other makes the blockade explode, forcing the player who blew up the blockade to go through. After that, the Dead-End Space has no effect. If a player picks the plunger that doesn't blow up the blockade, the next time they try again, the plungers may sometimes be switched around.
  2. The final space, unlike the others, has the player face Bowser in the Bowser Challenge. If they roll a 1, 2, or 3, Bowser will just hammer out that platform, but if they roll a 4, 5, 6, or any number already rolled before, Bowser will hammer out the unlucky player, resulting in their loss.

Dead-End Spaces look and behave identically to the Captain Event Spaces in Mario Party 9.