Search Party An Empty Park?

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Search Party
An Empty Park?
Elephant Luigi in the level An Empty Park? in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.
World Shining Falls
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Search Party An Empty Park? is a Search Party course found in Shining Falls of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is unlocked after completing Master Poplin's House. It contains five Wonder Tokens scattered through the course, which when all are collected, the player is rewarded with a Wonder Seed. The level is filled with invisible blocks to encourage playing with others, much like every Search Party course.

Wonder Token locations[edit]

  • Wonder Token 1: Near the entrance to the park, there is an invisible Long ? Block containing an interactive tulip that spawns a Wonder Token. It can be reached using other nearby invisible Long ? Blocks.
  • Wonder Token 2: On top of the first Wonder Token, another invisible block is found. This block contains an interactive tulip, spawning a Wonder Token farther left.
  • Wonder Token 3: An invisible block is located top-left of the second Wonder Token, containing another interactive tulip that spawns a vertically moving lift. Jumping at the end of its cycle reveals another tulip that spawns a horizontally moving lift, which allows the player to hit another invisible block to spawn a cloud waterfall. Another invisible block top-left of the one above the lift can be hit to spawn the third Wonder Token in the waterfall.
  • Wonder Token 4: After getting on top of the cloud, the player needs to jump once more to reveal two invisible blocks, which spawn a second cloud waterfall and the fourth Wonder Token.
  • Wonder Token 5: At the middle, rightmost of the second cloud waterfall is an invisible block that spawns another waterfall. Under the left side of the third cloud, the final invisible block and Wonder Token can be found.

Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "Oh!" (near the start, said in a surprised tone)
    • "Hi!" (said in a more welcoming tone)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese なにもない広場ひろばのひみつ
Nanimonai Hiroba-no Himitsu
Secrets of the Empty Plaza
French Énigme du vide The void's enigma
German Rätsel der Leere Riddle of the void
Italian I segreti del vuoto The emptiness/void's secrets
Portuguese (NOA) Parque vazio! Empty park!
Portuguese (NOE) Parque vazio Empty park
Spanish Parque de secretos Park of Secrets