Missile Meg Mayhem

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Missile Meg Mayhem
The Wonder Effect in the level Missile Meg Mayhem in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
World Petal Isles
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Difficulty ★★★
Primary power-up Bubble Flower
Wonder Effect Causes Missile Megs to fly from various directions and to leave colorful trails of smoke behind them
Music sample
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“You can stand on top of Missile Megs. Just make sure to carefully time your jump.”
Loading screen tip, Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Missile Meg Mayhem is a course in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It is found in the Petal Isles, specifically Castle Bowser. It is the first course in the latter, and completing it unlocks High-Voltage Gauntlet. As its name suggests, Missile Megs are introduced here. This course has two Wonder Seeds and has a difficulty of three stars.

The sound heard when this course's Wonder Effect begins sounds more distorted than normal.


The players start in a hallway where two Missile Megs of different elevations launch from the left side at certain intervals. This hallway has lots of chasms where the players must use the Missile Megs to get across. Gamboos roam the ground areas throughout this hallway, sometimes in stacks. About halfway through the hallway, a single row of Missile Megs launch from the right side at faster intervals. A red pipe near the end of the hallway leads to the only checkpoint.

After the checkpoint, three rows of Missile Megs launch from the left side of the screen at specific intervals. This section is another hallway, this time with less ground and Smogrins acting as air obstacles. The Wonder Flower is found here, a high up above the ground, so the player must use the Missile Megs to reach to it. Upon collecting it, a single row of six Missile Megs rocket diagonally upwards to the right. This eventually separates and leaving behind colorful trails of smoke. The Missile Megs all eventually curve downward to the ground. More Missile Megs fire downwards diagonally towards the left, acting as obstacles for the players as they travel on foot. At the end of the ground level, more Missile Megs launch, this time from the right side. The players must use these ones to reach to higher ground, where more Missile Megs will takes the players diagonally upward toward the right, where the Wonder Seed is. Upon collecting it, the Wonder Effect ends, and the players fall down to the ground. A nearby pipe will take the players to the goal, where two rows of Missile Megs can be used as platforms to reach the top of the Goal Pole.

10-flower coins[edit]

  • 10-flower coin 1: It is found early on in the level while riding on Missile Megs. A Wow Bud must be activated for the coin to appear.
  • 10-flower coin 2: It is at the end of the first hallway of the level past the red pipe. The players must jump across Missile Megs to reach to the coin.
  • 10-flower coin 3: It is found after the checkpoint. A Wow Bud causes many coins leading downwards to appear, leading to the 10-flower coin. A Missile Meg must be used to reach the 10-flower coin.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ロングキラースクランブル
Rongu Kirā Sukuranburu
Missile Meg Scramble

Chinese (simplified) 长型炮弹刺客紧急升空
Zhǎng xíng pàodàn cìkè jǐnjí shēng kōng
Missile Megs Emergency Lift Off

Chinese (traditional) 長型炮彈刺客緊急升空
Zhǎng xíng pàodàn cìkè jǐnjí shēng kōng
Missile Megs Emergency Lift Off

Dutch Missile Marks met een missie
Missile Megs with a mission
French Mission missiles
Missile mission
German Torpedo-Kugelwillis im Anflug!
Missile Megs approaching!
Italian Comitiva di Pallottoli Bill missile
Party of Missile Megs
Korean 롱킬러 스크램블
Long Killeo Seukeulaembeul
Missile Meg Scramble

Portuguese (NOA) Bando dos Bills Balístico!
Gang of Missile Megs!
Portuguese (NOE) Ataque dos Bills Balísticos!
Attack of the Missile Megs!
Russian Атака рикки-ракет
Ataka rikki-raket
Attack of Missile Megs

Spanish Comitiva de Milo Misil
Party of Missile Megs