Mainbrace Mayhem (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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Mainbrace Mayhem
Mainbrace Mayhem
Level code 1 - 2
World Gangplank Galleon
Game Donkey Kong Land 2
Music track Lockjaw's Saga
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Mainbrace Mayhem is the second level of Donkey Kong Land 2 and of the first world, Gangplank Galleon.

Mainbrace Mayhem is a vertical level featuring many ropes and masts that Diddy and Dixie must climb to reach the end, much like the eponymous Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest level. On the ship yards, the Kongs encounter Click-Clacks, Neeks, and Krunchas. Around the rope-climbing segments, the Kongs encounter many Zingers and Klingers. The Kongs can take some offbeat paths to find various collectible, the Video Game Hero Coin, and a Bonus Barrel.


Mainbrace Mayhem
Dixie Kong walks towards a Neek

The level begins on a yard that is connected to a large mast. Another yard is ahead higher up with a DK Barrel and a Click-Clack on it. After passing a barrel in the same area, the heroes find a third yard just past a small gap. This yard is tilted upwards. A few Neeks march on it. A set of ropes is ahead near a few more years that stick out of the side of the screen. One banana is on each of the two yards. If the Kongs climb up the ropes, they can reach a fourth full yard with more bananas and a Click-Clack on it. There is another yard just ahead, but a Zinger is on the edge of it. The letter K is also above the Zinger. If they dodge the insect, they can continue along the area and pass a Click-Clack. After they reach the end of an additional yard with another Click-Clack on it, they can find more ropes to climb up on. Bananas line the left side of the ropes, which lead to a yard with another Click-Clack on it. A tilted yard is next to this with a few Neeks and a DK Barrel on it. There are two additional yards placed on the other side of this platform. The bottom one leads to the letter O and some ropes that can be climbed to reach the Video Game Hero Coin. Klingers climb along these ropes. The top yard can assist the heroes in jumping to a set of ropes that they can climb up to reach a tightrope connected to two masts. Bananas are all along the rope. A yard supporting the Star Barrel sticks out of the end of the screen.

From here, the Kongs can find a platform connected to a mast to their right. It can help them reach a long, tilted yard with some Neeks and a DK Barrel on it. There are two more yards at the top of this platform. While the yard on the right leads to a rope that can be traveled down to reach a Bonus Barrel, the left yard can help them progress to a larger set of ropes that they can climb upwards on. Click-Clacks and Neeks also walk along the yards. A Klinger attacks the primates as they climb the ropes. At the top of the ropes, they can notice another yard with a Neek on it. If they cross this yard, they can find an additional yard and a tightrope that they can climb along to reach some collectibles and the letter N. A long set of ropes can be found at the other side of the previously mentioned yard. It is infested with Klingers, but also has a few bananas on it. When the ropes are climbed, a yard with a pair of Krunchas and the letter G can be found. There is a platform connected to a wooden mast on the other side of it. If the heroes progress from here, they can reach another yard with a spring on it. They complete the level when they bounce on the spring.


Enemy Count
A sprite of the insect enemy Click-Clack from Donkey Kong Land 2.
The Klinger from Donkey Kong Land 2.
Sprite of Kruncha in Donkey Kong Land 2.
The lazy landlubber Neek from Donkey Kong Land 2.
The omnipresent Zinger, a wasp-like enemy from the game Donkey Kong Land 2.

Items and collectables

Sprite Name Count
The sprite for the Banana Coin in the Game Boy version of Donkey Kong Land 2 Banana Coin 1
The sprite for the DK Barrel in the Game Boy version of Donkey Kong Land 2 DK Barrel 3

KONG Letters

Letter Location
Mainbrace Mayhem (Donkey Kong Land 2) The letter K is above the first Zinger in the level.
Mainbrace Mayhem (Donkey Kong Land 2) The letter O is near the Star Barrel and on a yard right above the Video Game Hero Coin
Mainbrace Mayhem (Donkey Kong Land 2) Shortly before the second-to-last yard, which has two Krunchas on it, the Kongs must climb left across a long horizontal rope. When they reach the end, the Kongs must jump to a Banana Coin and fall below to a platform with the letter N, along with a few bananas above it.
Mainbrace Mayhem (Donkey Kong Land 2) The letter G is on the second-to-last yard in the level between two Krunchas.

Cranky's Video Game Hero Coin

Item Location
Mainbrace Mayhem (Donkey Kong Land 2) Starting from the letter O, the Kongs must jump down from the yard and get on the ropes below. While watching out for Klingers, they should see the Video Game Hero Coin to the right. The Kongs must simply jump off the rope to grab it, and then land on the yard below.


Bonus Levels

Image Type and description
Mainbrace Mayhem (Donkey Kong Land 2) Collect the Stars!
Starting from the Star Barrel, the Kongs must climb east up to a nearby yard, which is crooked. As they go up, they need to jump onto the next yard, still going in the same direction. Once they near the end of this yard, they can find a rope under them that they must jump down to. There are some bananas to the left of here, and if they follow the trail, they make their way to a Bonus Barrel. The Kongs must jump across several ropes and collect 20 stars within 20 seconds. When all of the objects are obtained, a Kremkoin appears at the end of the stage.

Warp Barrel

After the letter K, Dixie must drop to the right of the next yard and use her Helicopter Spin to reach a Banana Coin to the right. If she falls to the left of the Banana Coin, she lands into a hidden Warp Barrel. The warp room takes place on a yard, with a No Animal Sign at the start. A group of bananas in the shape of a right arrow is hovering above, pointing to the exit. After exiting from the right, the Kongs are warped next to the End of Level Target.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メインマストクライシス
Meinmasuto Kuraishisu
Mainmast Crisis