Koopa Krag

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Koopa Krag
Koopa and Koopa Krag in Mario Party DS
Species Koopa Troopa
First appearance Mario Party DS (2007)
“Dagnabbit! I've been stuffed in this blasted book! Help me! Find that cantankerous Kamek! Whomp him good 'til he lets me out!”
Koopa Krag, Mario Party DS

Koopa Krag is an elderly Koopa Troopa, and the grandfather of the lone Koopa in the game. He appears in Mario Party DS.

In Story Mode, when the player reaches Kamek's Library, Krag's grandson comes rushing to ask for help, as Kamek had, for unknown reasons (but possibly because he had a Sky Crystal in his possession), trapped Koopa Krag in one of his books. The player battles Kamek in Book Bash, thus freeing Koopa Krag. The old Koopa happily rewards Mario's gang with the fourth Sky Crystal. Koopa Krag owns a book that is a collectible, and according to the description, it has nine magical functions.


Koopa Krag is an elderly Koopa Troopa with light brown skin. He has silver hair growing over his eyes, and a silver beard growing under his chin. Most Koopa Troopas have a green shell, while Krag has a chartreuse shell. Like all Koopa Troopas, he has two small nostrils.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノコじい
From「ノコノコ」(Nokonoko, Koopa Troopa) and「爺」(, grandfather)

French Pépé Koopa
Grandpa Koopa
German Koopa Opa
Koopa Grandpa
Italian Nonno Koopa
Grandfather Koopa
Spanish Abuelo Koopa
Grandfather Koopa


  • Krag is not actually mentioned by name in Story Mode, but the cut-scene at the beginning of Kamek's Library is entitled "Save Koopa Krag!", and the book in which he was imprisoned is available as a collectible, known as "Koopa Krag's Book".
  • The Long Planter B collectible mentions that Koopa Krag has a collection of carnivorous plants, and Wiggler has been considering giving one of his garden feeders to him.
  • Also according to collection descriptions, Krag knows what's in the blue tower in Bowser's Pinball Machine as well as the contents of the Lucky Jar.