Kleaver's Kiln

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This article is about the level in Donkey Kong Land 2. For the similarly-named level in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, see Kleever's Kiln.
Kleaver's Kiln
Kleaver's Kiln from Donkey Kong Land 2
Level code 2 - BOSS
World Krem Cauldron
Game Donkey Kong Land 2
Boss Kleaver
Music track Crocodile Cacophony
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Kleaver's Kiln, also named Kleever's Kiln,[1] is the boss level of Krem Cauldron, the second world of Donkey Kong Land 2. The Kongs must defeat Kleaver in order to reach the third world, Krazy Kremland.


The battle arena looks very similar to its Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest counterpart, Kleever's Kiln. There is a ledge on each side and a large pool of lava in between.

At the start of the battle, Kleever slashes in a fixed position for a few seconds. He then shoots two individual fireballs at Diddy Kong or Dixie Kong, followed by a barrel. The active Kong can jump on the barrel to release a kannonball, which they must throw at Kleaver to attack him. Six Krockheads emerge from the lava individually, and the Kongs must jump from them to reach the rightmost part of the stage. Kleaver follows the Kongs across the lava pit, then resumes his previous attack pattern.

After taking a second hit, Kleaver horizontally charges himself at the Kongs, who must jump over Kleaver to avoid him. Kleaver then starts to float back and forth in mid-air, and a kannon appears. If Diddy or Dixie touch the kannon, it shoots out a kannonball and vanishes. The active Kong should only walk into the kannon right when Kleaver is directly above it. After hitting him with a kannonball, the cycle repeats.

Upon taking his fourth hit, Kleaver is defeated, and the Kongs obtain a Banana Coin.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese げきとつ!ボス・クリーバー
Gekitotsu! Bosu Kurībā
Clash! Boss Kleaver


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