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This article is about the levels from Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars. For the optional areas in the Donkey Kong Country series also referred to as "Bonus Levels", see Bonus room. For bonus rounds in other games, see Bonus Game and Bonus Stage.
Congratulatory message after unlocking the first Bonus Level
Congratulatory message after collecting four gold trophies, needed to unlock Level B-1 and, by extension, the Bonus Mode

Bonus Levels in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars are levels that have increased difficulty and complexity over the main levels of the game. Bonus Levels are not unlocked by completing the level that precedes them. Instead, the player has to collect a certain amount of gold trophies from either the main game or previous bonus levels in order to unlock each of them. They are divided into three sets:

Every two Bonus Levels that feature one of the seven main worlds as a background emphasize on mechanics and elements introduced in said world. For instance, Levels B-5 and B-6 feature conveyors, Purple Conveyors, Thwomps, Rocks and Cannon Kongs, which are introduced in Runaway Warehouse.