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Mario and Yoshi in a Clarion-Ledger advertisement for Pepsi's Super Nintendo Entertainment System giveaway.
A newspaper advertisement for the giveaway, which mentions the Nintendo Super Secrets cards.

Nintendo Super Secrets was a set of trading cards distributed by Pepsi during a Super Nintendo Entertainment System giveaway in 1991. Customers had the chance to win a Super Nintendo from November 6, 1991 to January 14, 1992.[1][2][3] Each card featured an image and short biography of a character (or group of characters) from Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World on the front. The back of the card contained video game tips for the aforementioned games, along with Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2.


Image Name Biography
Banzai Bill's Nintendo Super Secrets card. Banzai Bill Bullet Bill's mutant cousin Banzai Bill isn't very common, but he can scare the pants off almost everybody! But Mario's suspenders will give him the edge. Instead of wasting time pulling his suspenders back up, Mario can leap onto Banzai's back, and with one stomp, send him packing back to the tailor.
Big Boo's Nintendo Super Secrets card. Big Boo Is there anything more pathetic than a frightened ghost? This great big mass of ectoplasmic gas can't bear it when Mario looks at him. He freezes and covers his eyes, thinking that what he can't see can't hurt him. Yes, Big Boo is a silly ghost, too. The other ghosts are so embarrassed by him, they've taken away his haunting license.
Bowser's Nintendo Super Secrets card. Bowser (King of the Koopas) This self-proclaimed dictator of the Mushroom Kingdom is part turtle, part dragon, and all mean! Hard-shelled, he's a fire-breathing mutant known to some as King Koopa, to others as Bowser and to Mario as the big green fiend who never learns that kidnapping princesses is a bad idea.
Chargin' Chuck's Nintendo Super Secrets card. Chargin' Chuck Protected by pads and helmets, Chargin' Chuck doesn't go down easy. It takes Mario three downs to punt him away. Chuck's not a tackling dummy either; he uses the latest defensive passing techniques, like blitzing. But when that doesn't work, he gets down and dirty, and just shovels rocks. Now that's not NFL sanctioned, is it?
Cheep Cheep's Nintendo Super Secrets card. Cheep Cheep Cheep Cheep is a creep creep from the deep deep. He's double trouble, too, since he's known to attack both in and over the water using the ol' bait and switch; this fish likes to catch—not get caught. Don't let him get you on the hook!
Dino-Torch's Nintendo Super Secrets card. Dino-Torch Talk about hot tempers. When Dino-Torch opens his mouth be prepared for a real flare up. In fact, the flaming Dino-breaths can be a real bummer for a plumber. They must be burning up about something, maybe that they have to grow up to be Dino Rhinos—a fate worse than flamable[sic] breath.
The Dolphins Nintendo Super Secrets card. Dolphins These playful pals give Mario the upper fin when he's crossing long stretches of Porcupuffer-infested seas. They love to leap. In fact, nothing keeps them down, probably because nothing can stop them. Or maybe it's because Porcupuffers have such an inflated opinion of themselves that the Dolphins prefer the hot air above the waves.
Dry Bones' Nintendo Super Secrets card. Dry Bones This pale perpetrator is a mummified, zombified turtle who's a mere x-ray of an ex-Koopa. Not the kind of skeleton you'd want in your closet. Dry Bones crumbles easily when stomped, but he comes back on the attack just as easily, like a boomerang...or a doomerang!
The Koopalings Nintendo Super Secrets card. Koopa Family With King Bowser for a dad, these seven sinister siblings are destined for a lifetime of Mario-mashing. Known as the Koopalings, Larry, Lemmy, Wendy, Morton, Ludwig, Iggy, and Roy learned early never to leave home without their wands, the most treasured possession of each Koopa Kid. In fact the only thing that distracts the Koopalings from their pursuit of Mario is their ongoing argument over who will inherit the Koopa family wand collection now owned by Bowser.
Koopa Troopa's Nintendo Super Secrets card. Koopa Troopa These turncoats of turtledom are hardworking henchmen who make Mario miserable with their treacherous trickery. With a quick stomp and a kick though, Mario can shell-shock these troopers and send them packing back to the land of Koopas.
Lakitu's Nintendo Super Secrets card. Lakitu Who says every cloud has a silver lining? Lakitu's lined with Spinies ready to shower down on unsuspecting plumbers. But don't expect an umbrella to help you out. You'll need power, and lots of it, to fend off Lakitu's torment of sharp-shelled shenanigans.
Goomba's Nintendo Super Secrets card. Little Goomba These mischievous mushrooms have made Mario leap ever since the peppy plumber decided to go into the hero business. Most Goombas are bound to the ground but Para Goombas, their crazy cousins from the shady side of the family tree, fly the unfriendly skies just waiting to pounce.
Ludwig von Koopa's Nintendo Super Secrets card. Ludwig von Koopa Loony Ludwig is a mad genius who's known throughout Rhineland (and Mario land) for his more-than-a-handful-of-hair and his frenzied features. He's Bowser's most trusted Koopaling and a wild ruler over the many Koopa-controlled cads who make Mario earn his spaghetti.
Luigi's Nintendo Super Secrets card. Luigi Always called "the other brother". Luigi gained fame as a plumber for collecting gold coins from his customer's drain pipes. Luigi doesn't mind being second banana to his super sibling because, when Mario slips up, Luigi is ready to peel into action and save the day. Like any good plumber, Luigi is always there when you need him.
Monty Mole's Nintendo Super Secrets card. Monty Mole He's furry, he's brown, and he lives in the ground. Like all moles, Monty hates plumbers because plumbers mean leaks, and leaks mean mud, and mud means a tunnel filled with muck. Yuck! So look sharp if you're stomping on his roof, because Monty Mole could pop up and send you away in a poof.
Princess Peach's Nintendo Super Secrets card. Princess Toadstool Just when you think it's safe to start a plumbing job, Princess Toadstool with probably turn up missing. Slim, beautiful and a terrific dancer, she's a princess with a penchant for being captured by Koopa. And even though this princess can be a royal pain, expecting Mario and Luigi to get her out of every jam, she's worth her weight in power-ups.
Ptooie's Nintendo Super Secrets card. Ptootie[sic] The portable poisonous plant, Ptootie is probably the first leafy, green creature able to juggle a spiked ball and hop at the same time. Ptootie's new phavorite pastime is phlinging pronged projectiles, perfect for pegging pesky plumbers. He's truly a villainous variety of vegetation.
Mario's Nintendo Super Secrets card. Raccoon Mario Mushroom-chomping, Koopa-stomping Mario, was born in Brooklyn, NY and yes, born with a mustache. America's favorite plumber, Mario truly deserves to be called super. What other hero can rack up points as a raccoon, fight fish as a frog, fling fireballs from his fingertips and still keep a plumbing business in the block?
Rocky Wrench's Nintendo Super Secrets card. Rocky Wrench Crafty, yet still a few sandwiches short of a picnic, Rocky is a hard-working crew member for Koopa's vehicle squad. He's known for working 80 hours a week and leaving his workbench only long enough to toss a few tools in Mario's path. It's a real nuts and bolts job.
Sledge Bro's Nintendo Super Secrets card. Sledge Brother This sledge-swinging terror is a high flying hooligan who shakes his surroundings whenever he hits the ground. Hatched with a hammer in his hand, he's part of the undynamic duo that's always ready to menace Mario with a sledge shower. When he teams up with his brother, this pair's one redeeming quality is that they aren't triplets.
Spiny's Nintendo Super Secret card. Spiny More prickly than a prickly pear, more sticky than a sticky wicket, this pointy pet of Lakitu's is one tough customer. You might be tempted to give ol' Spiny a kick, but put on your steel-toed boots because when Spiny's around, it's no time to go barefoot.
Sumo Bro's Nintendo Super Secrets card. Sumo Brother A relative of the Hammers, Sumo Brother nails unsuspecting plumber-persons with a burst of flame. When he's not mysteriously turning the ground into barbecue, he lurks atop brick platforms, wrestling with weighty problems such as how many Marios it takes to knock a Sumo off his block. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out—a plumber can do it just fine.
Toad's Nintendo Super Secrets card. Toad The friendliest fungi of the Mushroom Kingdom, Toad is always quick to pass a power-up to a plumber in distress. He peddles his wares in a chain of Mushroom outlet stores operated across Mario land. Keep your eyes open—there could be one on the next corner.
Fire Piranha Plant's Nintendo Super Secret card. Venus Fire Trap The hothead of the plant kingdom pops out of pipes and spits a fiery blast in the direction of trespassing heroes. Best planted near fireplaces or used as a space heater. Venus is the only plant on earth that can turn a greenhouse into a firehouse.
Wiggler's Nintendo Super Secrets card. Wiggler He's a woodland-wandering centipede who'd like nothing more than to be left alone to study the tracks made by the herd of mysterious creatures that seem to follow him wherever he goes. Back and forth, back and forth he goes and always the prints are fresh! Wiggler's so frustrated by his studies that a mere stomp on his head will make him turn a brilliant red.
Yoshi's Nintendo Super Secrets card. Yoshi This loveable dinosaur is a pre-historic marvel who hatched from a green speckled egg right before Mario's eyes. With an anteater's tongue and a saddle on his back, Yoshi was born to slurp up enemies and run like the wind. He's a dream come true for any commuter, especially a plumber with lots of enemies and a very important job to do.



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