Forest of Illusion 1

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Forest of Illusion 1
Forest of Illusion 1
Mario and Yoshi at the start of a jump
Level code 5-1
World Forest of Illusion
Game Super Mario World
Time limit 300 seconds
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Forest of Illusion 1 is the first level of the Forest of Illusion, the fifth world from Super Mario World. It can be accessed through the completion of #4 Ludwig's Castle, or the alternate completion of Forest Ghost House. The level features large trees in the background and foreground, and has berries at the top of the level that Yoshi can eat.


A Wiggler in the Forest of Illusion 1 stage from Super Mario World. A keyhole is below Mario and Yoshi.
The keyhole

Mario starts on a flat platform with a Wiggler marching around on it. After jumping over the Wiggler, there is a pit that Mario must jump over. Mario then finds a narrow platform with a red Koopa Troopa, a Rotating Block, and a Prize Block containing a power-up. Mario then finds three narrow platforms over another bottomless pit. Mario must jump across these platforms while dodging the red Koopa Troopas on the last two platforms. Next, Mario finds a long platform with a Prize Block containing an egg. Mario must ride Yoshi and traverse across the platform while dodging a Wiggler and some Goombas, one of them being winged. At the end, there is a springboard that Mario can take. After Mario jumps across the bottomless pit, he finds another long platform containing a Wiggler, a row of Jump Blocks, a Rotating Block containing a 1-Up Mushroom, and two Empty Blocks. The next platform has three Wigglers and a row of thick trees that obscures Mario's view. On the next platform, Mario finds a Midway Gate suspended in midair.

On the next platform, Mario finds another Koopa Troopa and a Roulette Block. After Mario collects his random item, he finds another platform with many different enemies. If Mario collects a starman from the roulette block, he can kill the following enemies and gain many lives. Koopa Troopas and Goombas break out of the Rotating Blocks in the trees as Mario passes by. Afterwards, Mario finds thin platforms suspended in midair. There are more Wigglers and some Koopa Troopas. Below these platforms, there is a block containing a key with a keyhole on another platform. At the end of these platforms, there is a block containing a Power Balloon that Mario can use. Mario then finds a platform with two Wigglers walking around. The next platform has a Pipe, an Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brother, and a Wiggler. Mario must defeat the Hammer Bro. and proceed to the Giant Gate.

For the secret exit, Mario can use the Power Balloon to float backwards to the platform with the key and keyhole. Then, Mario can simply grab the key and enter the keyhole to access the secret exit. This exit leads to Forest Ghost House. Mario can also get to the key and keyhole using Caped Mario's flying or Yoshi with a Blue Koopa Shell.


Sprite Name Count
Sprite of a Wiggler from Super Mario World Wiggler 15
Sprite of a Green Koopa Troopa from Super Mario World Koopa Troopa (green) 5
Sprite of a Red Koopa Troopa from Super Mario World Koopa Troopa (red) 4
SMW Goomba Sprite.png Goomba 5
Sprite of a Para-Goomba from Super Mario World Para-Goomba 1
Sprite of a Green Koopa without a Shell from Super Mario World Koopa without a Shell (green) 1 (regular)
5 (if stomped)
Sprite of a Green Koopa without a Shell from Super Mario World Koopa without a Shell (red) 4 (if stomped)
Sprite of a Red Koopa Paratroopa from Super Mario World Koopa Paratroopa (red) 1
Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brother from Super Mario World Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brother 1

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese まよいのもり コース1
Mayoi no Mori Kōsu 1
Mazing Wood Course 1

French Forêt Illusoire 1
Illusory Forest 1
German Wald der Illusion 1
Forest of Illusion 1
Italian Foresta delle Illusioni 1
Forest of Illusion 1
Spanish (NOE) Bosque Ilusión 1
Illusion Forest 1