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Dragon Coins place off-screen?[edit]

I was playing the GBA release of Super Mario World, and I was on this level. I completed it likely over 10 times with only 4 Dragon Coins collected. On one instance, I was Cape Mario and jumping above the screen past the half way point, and noticed an abnormality in my Dragon Coin count, how I had collected 4 Dragon Coins instead of just the regular 3, although I only remembered collecting 3. I later replayed the level as Super Mario, carrying the encountered Springboard through the entire levels.

I can't remember wear (but it was past the half way point), but I jumped up many times off the screen on the elevated wooden bridge, and when on the tiny platform with the two Wigglers right before a green pipe, I realized how I had collected 5 Dragon Coins, even though I only remember seeing me collect 3. I didn't have my sound on, so I didn't hear any of the Dragon Coin collection jingle. Does this mean that above the elevated bridge there are two Dragon Coins, or is it a glitch with my game? I don't want to add that "The elevated bridge has two Dragon Coins placed off-screen above the bridge" to the article, as it may be wrong, as I don't know whether what I encountered is true or a glitch. --NOBODY (talk) 11:08, 2 September 2013 (EDT)