Bob-omb Breakers

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Bob-omb Breakers
A human Mario player against CPU players in Bob-omb Breakers from Mario Party 4
Mario Party 4
Appears in Mario Party 4
Mario Party DS
Type 4-Player minigame (Mario Party 4)
Puzzle minigame (Mario Party DS)
Initial record 60 points (Mario Party DS)
Music track Try Hard, Folks (Mario Party 4)
Think It Out (Mario Party DS)
Music sample
Mario Party 4:

Mario Party DS:

Bob-omb Breakers is a Puyo Puyo-like 4-Player minigame from Mario Party 4 and a Puzzle minigame from Mario Party DS.


Mario Party 4

Each character starts with their own column, three squares wide and nine squares high. Two by two, blocks fall from the top of their column. Players must use the falling blocks to earn points by making groups of three or more similar-colored blocks, which breaks them. If the blocks break in such a way that one set falls to form another group of three, a chain is formed and even more points are scored. Sometimes, Bob-ombs fall; surrounding a Bob-omb with blocks causes it to explode and take out all the blocks touching it, scoring points for each one. The player who gets 100 points first wins the game.

Players are not restricted to placing blocks and Bob-ombs in their own columns. Any player can place any block anywhere, but they get points only if they are the one who completes the group of three. As a final note, if any player's column gets completely filled up, that player cannot participate until some of their blocks are cleared by other players. If three columns are filled up, the player whose column was not completely filled up wins, regardless of points.

Mario Party DS

In Mario Party DS, there are a few changes. The bottom screen shows the entire action, while the top screen shows a tip about surrounding a Bob-omb. In addition to that, there is an "all clear" bonus that gives the player an additional 1,000 points. Each match is worth the number of blocks cleared times the current level number. For example, clearing three blocks on Level 2 is worth six points (3 × 2), while clearing four blocks on Level 3 is worth 12 points (4 × 3). Moreover, if a chain reaction is performed, the number of points granted is multiplied by the position in the chain. For example, if three blocks are cleared on Level 3 on a second chain, it is worth 18 points (3 × 3 × 2). On each level, there is a gauge that depletes. Once it passes the first checkpoint, the leftmost and rightmost columns are closed off. Once the second checkpoint is passed, two additional columns are closed off, for a total of two on each side. Once the gauge is completely depleted, two more columns are closed off to leave only the middle three columns open. Closed-off columns remove any pieces within them. Once the player levels up, the gauge is filled to the max again, causing any closed-off columns to be opened, if there are any. The maximum level is 99, but it can still be completed for the purpose of refreshing the gauge, although the level stays at Level 99.

The two-player version has the same rules as the Mario Party 4 version.


Mario Party 4

  • Control Stick – Move blocks
  • A Button – Rotate clockwise
  • B Button – Rotate counterclockwise
  • Y Button X Button – Flip over

Mario Party DS

  • +Control Pad – Move
  • A Button – Spin right
  • B Button – Spin left
  • X Button – Flip

In-game text

Mario Party 4

  • Game Rules"Connect three like shapes to make them disappear. Remember, you can also play in other people's areas. First one to 100 pts. wins."
  • Advice"Bob-ombs explode when surrounded by blocks. You get more points for combos. Make sure to play in your opponents' areas!"

Mario Party DS

  • Rules (1 player)"Connect three or more of a similar block type to clear them. Fully surround a Bob-omb to blow it up and obliterate all surrounding blocks."
  • Rules (2 players)"Connect three or more of a similar block type to clear them. Whoever reaches 100 points first wins."
  • Tips (1 player)"If you surround a Bob-omb with other blocks, it will explode, removing all the blocks around it. Use this power strategically!"
  • Tips (2 players)"You can also drop blocks in your rival's area. If you destroy blocks there, you'll score those points, not your opponent. Use this tactic to boost your score!"


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボムへいパズル
Bomuhei pazuru
Bob-omb Puzzle

French Claustro Bob-omb
Claustro Bob-ombic (pun with Bob-omb and claustrophobic)
German Bob-omb-Gebombe
Bob-omb Bombing
Italian Il pallottoliere
The abacus
Korean 폭탄병 퍼즐
Poktanbyeong Peojeul
Bob-omb Puzzle

Spanish Machaca Bob-omb
Bob-omb Crush