Monkey Museum

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Monkey Museum
Monkey Museum DKC2.png
Cranky talking to Diddy and Dixie
Cranky's Hut
The menu in the Game Boy Advance version
First appearance Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (1995)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Country 2 (Game Boy Advance) (2004)
Greater location Crocodile Isle
Owner Cranky Kong
“Look at all this junk in here! Treat my home like a trash can they do! No respect for their elders, that's the trouble...”
Cranky Kong, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

The Monkey Museum, alternatively Cranky's Monkey Museum[1] and renamed Cranky's Hut in the Game Boy Advance remake, is a site where Cranky Kong has taken up residence in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. There is an establishment in every area of Crocodile Isle except The Flying Krock. Like its predecessor, Cranky's Cabin, the main purpose of the Monkey Museum is for Diddy and Dixie receive tips and advice from Cranky. Most of it reveals Bonus Area entrances amongst other collectibles such as Video Game Hero Coins. The background music is even based on the original theme for Cranky's Cabin. Cranky does not rant as frequently in Monkey Museum, usually only doing so when the Kongs enter and exit the location. However, unlike before, Cranky does not randomly provide advice, but rather the Kongs select their advice from a dropdown menu. The menu options are organized from least to most expensive, and they differ between worlds. The advice covers every level of each world, and is usually priced at one to three Banana Coins, though some of the advice is free.

Various artifacts appear in the background of the Monkey Museum, including Bananas, a Rareware symbol, a Nintendo logo, an oversized Super Nintendo Entertainment System controller, a Killer Instinct arcade cabinet, a Donkey Kong statue above the arcade cabinet, a poster of Chief Thunder from Killer Instinct, Funky Kong's surfboard, a mounted Kruncha head, a motionless Winky figure, a DK logo, a golden Expresso statue, a Banana Coin, two barrels, a tipped over Mine Cart, two pirate swords, and game cartridges.

In the Game Boy Advance remake, Cranky's Hut also hosts an extra minigame, Expresso Racing, making it no longer an optional location. Cranky keeps his pet, Expresso, caged up in his hut. With golden feathers, Diddy and Dixie Kong can enhance Expresso's stats for Expresso Racing. Trophies that are won from Expresso Racing sit on the shelves of the hut. 1st place trophies are gold, 2nd place trophies are silver, and 3rd place trophies are bronze. The exterior of Cranky's Hut is now shown, revealed to greatly resemble the original Cranky's Cabin, except the red "NINTENDO" sign is replaced with a wooden "MUSEUM" one. The interior was also changed to have only a few unique objects in the background, none of which are cameos from other Rare-owned properties. The "DK" logo is hidden to the side, and the Rare logo is on top of Expresso's cage. The added objects include a racing flag at the entrance, a certificate with a red ribbon is hung to the right of it, four tires, a cage with a small Winky is in the center, a silver bucket next to it, and a barrel with some Banana Bunches on it at the front.


Gangplank Galleon
Menu title Advice Cost
Pirate Panic A "Try using your team throw at the start." Free
Lockjaw's Locker "Below the letter K, you'll find a reward if you avoid the danger." Free
Mainbrace Mayhem "Jump for joy when crossing the longest horizontal rope." Free
Pirate Panic B "I reckon the door at the bottom of the tall wall looks flimsy to me." 1 Banana Coin
Gangplank Galley "Those big blue goons ain't guarding that huge stack of barrels for nuthin'! Knock 'em off and get up there!" 2 Banana Coins
Topsail Trouble "A hook, step and jump is all you need to look for near the two dragonflies above you." 3 Banana Coins
Crocodile Cauldron
Menu title Advice Cost
Lava Lagoon "Below the first seal, you'll find something worth getting your fur burnt for." Free
Hot Head Hop A "Is it my eyes, or is there just one chest at the start?" Free
Red-Hot Ride "Take it easy, let the rhino use his head to get you through the first half." Free
Hot-Head Hop B "A trek towards the Klobber with the spider is worth looking up." 1 Banana Coin
Kannon's Klaim "Right is right, right at the start." 2 Banana Coins
Squawks's Shaft "Those two hook-throwing villains opposite each other are protecting something. I'm sure of it!" 3 Banana Coins
Krem Quay
Menu title Advice Cost
Barrel Bayou "Find the first only Krockhead stepping stone and you'll find your buddy Rambi." Free
Bramble Blast A "With only the dragonflies left, I'm sure you'll be alright." Free
Slime Climb "When nearing the top, the ability to walk on water reveals all." Free
Glimmer's Galleon "It might be dark and spooky, but don't let it get you down immediately." 1 Banana Coin
Rattle Battle "Are you up to it at the start?" 2 Banana Coins
Bramble Blast B "After four spinning barrels, all that's left is left itself." 3 Banana Coins
Krazy Kremland
Menu title Advice Cost
Hornet Hole A "An eight-legged friend would help you go halfway to helping you here." Free
Rambi Rumble A "Don't be in a hurry to enter Rambi's room. Think things over." Free
Bramble Scramble "The fruit is always fresher on the other side of the thorns. Jump to it!" Free
Target Terror "It's his track, so watch the Kremling car carefully. He might be down, but he's on his way out." 1 Banana Coin
Rambi Rumble B "A charge down the last straight with Rambi will ensure a crushing victory." 2 Banana Coins
Hornet Hole B "Start with a hook, stick and jumps, and you're bonus bound!" 3 Banana Coins
Gloomy Gulch
Menu title Advice Cost
Ghostly Grove A "Things are starting to look up on this level." Free
Parrot Chute Panic A "Here's a tip that I think's great, the door is by the Klampon and so is the crate." Free
Web Woods "Finishing this level is cause for celebration. By all means go over the top." Free
Haunted Hall "Where you find one, there may be two." 1 Banana Coin
Parrot Chute Panic B "To the left of the letter 'O' is where you should go." 2 Banana Coins
Ghostly Grove B "K. Rool is no fool. He has got two big blue goons watching his horde near half-way." 3 Banana Coins
K. Rool's Keep
Menu title Advice Cost
Arctic Abyss "After the start, a long jump and then a high jump will win you more than just a gold medal." Free
Chain Link Chamber A "Brave an early attack of barrels and their hidden treasure is yours." Free
Toxic Tower "Watch very carefully at the end. There's something going down that could give you a new life." Free
Clapper's Cavern "I ain't helping you with this one. It's up to you to start looking yourself." 1 Banana Coin
Castle Crush "I've left a couple of animal buddies for you in here, but it's left for you to find.[sic] them." 2 Banana Coins
Chain Link Chamber B "When cannon balls are raining down on you, I suggest you look for a way past who's responsible." 3 Banana Coins
Lost World
Menu title Advice Cost
Jungle Jinx "Just before halfway, take time to look back at what you've done." 2 Banana Coins
Black Ice Battle "After the slope with the letter 'N', press right as you fall and you'll have a ball." 2 Banana Coins
Klobber Karnage "Down may be out, but right picks you up." 2 Banana Coins
Fiery Furnace "The bananas point the way." 2 Banana Coins
Animal Antics "The end is not the end." 2 Banana Coins


  • Instruction booklet: Even old Cranky Kong is getting on the entrepreneurial spirit. He’s opened a Monkey Museum where inquisitive monkeys can go to learn about the lore of Crocodile Isle. Prepare to pay to get the best hints![2]
  • Player's Guide: The Kong clan’s resident curmudgeon returns to dispense his pearls of wisdom to the next generation of video game heroes, whether they like it or not! Cranky gives you scouting reports on the current area, including tips on beating major enemies and finding secret Bonus Areas. Tips can cost up to three Banana Coins, but they're worth it. Of course, wise cracks are always available free of charge.[3]
  • Instruction booklet (Game Boy Advance version): Even old Cranky Kong is getting in on the entrepreneurial spirit! He’s opened a small outlet where you can learn more about the "history" and "culture" of Crocodile Isle.[4]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クランキーの小屋こや[5]
Kurankī no Koya
Cranky's Cabin; see Cranky's Cabin

Italian Museo delle Scimmie (SNES)
Capanna di Cranky (GBA)
Monkey Museum
Cranky's Cabin


  • Cranky occasionally asks the Kongs if they have tried the game "Cranky Kong Country", which he claims was on sale a year ago. In reality, this is directly based on Donkey Kong Country's release a year earlier. Even though he dislikes the game, Cranky takes credit for causing its popularity instead of Donkey Kong. This implies that he might have been jealous of the game. In Donkey Kong Country 3's Game Boy Advance remake, Cranky has a dojo, where he trains himself for the same adventure, Cranky Kong Country, likely hoping for a successful game starring himself.


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