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Not to be confused with Cranky's Cabin.
The menu of Cranky's Hut

Cranky's Hut is where Cranky Kong resides in the Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. There is a Cranky's Hut located in every area of Crocodile Isle, excluding the Flying Krock.

While it essentially serves the same function of the Monkey Museum from the Super Nintendo version of the game, in addition to selling advice in exchange for Banana Coins and with some being free, Cranky's Hut also hosts an extra minigame, Expresso Racing. Cranky keeps his pet, Expresso, caged up in his hut, where Diddy and Dixie Kong can use Golden Feathers to power up the bird.

Trophies that are won from Expresso Racing are also held on the shelves of Cranky's Hut. 1st place trophies are gold, 2nd place trophies are silver, and 3rd place trophies are bronze.


Gangplank Galleon[edit]

  • Pirate Panic A - "Try using your team throw at the start."
  • Lockjaw's Locker - "Below the letter K, you'll find a reward if you avoid the danger."
  • Mainbrace Mayhem - "Jump for joy when crossing the longest horizontal rope."
  • Pirate Panic B - "I reckon the door at the bottom of the tall wall looks flimsy to me."
  • Gangplank Galley - "Those big blue goons ain't guarding that huge stack of barrels for nuthin'! Knock 'em off and get up there."
  • Topsail Trouble - "A hook, step, and jump is all you need to look for near the two dragonflies above you."

Crocodile Cauldron[edit]

  • Lava Lagoon - "Below the first seal, you'll find something worth getting your fur burnt for."
  • Hot Head Hop A - "Is it my eyes or is there a chest at the start."
  • Red-Hot Ride - "Take it easy; let the rhino use his head to get you through the first half."
  • Hot Head Hop B - "A trek towards the Klobber with the spider is worth looking up."
  • Kannon's Klaim - "Right is right, right at the start."
  • Squawk's Shaft - "Those two hook-throwing villains opposite each other are protecting something. I'm sure of it!"

Krem Quay[edit]

  • Barrel Bayou - "Find the first only Krockhead stepping-stone and you'll find your buddy, Rambi."
  • Bramble Blast A - "With the only dragonflies left, I'm sure you'll be alright."
  • Slime Climb - "When nearing the top, the ability to walk on water reveals all."
  • Glimmer's Galleon - "It might be dark and spooky, but don't let it get you down immediately."
  • Rattle Battle - "Are you up to it at the start?"
  • Bramble Blast B - "After four spinning barrels all that's left is left itself."

Krazy Kremland[edit]

  • Hornet Hole A - "An eight legged friend would help you go halfway to helping you here."
  • Rambi Rumble A - "Don't be in a hurry to enter Rambi's room. Think things over."
  • Bramble Scramble - "The fruit is always fresher on the other side of the thorns. Jump to it!"
  • Target Terror - "It's his track, so watch the Kremling car carefully. He might be down, but he's on his way out."
  • Rambi Rumble B - "A charge down the last straight with Rambi will ensure a crushing victory."
  • Hornet Hole B - "Start with a hook, stick, and jumps, and you're bonus-bound."

Gloomy Gulch[edit]

  • Ghostly Grove A - "Things are starting to look up on this level."
  • Parrot Chute Panic A - "Here's a tip that I think's great; the door is by the Klampon, and so is the crate."
  • Web Woods - "Finishing this level is cause for celebration. By all means, go over the top."
  • Haunted Hall - "Where you find one, there may be two."
  • Parrot Chute Panic B - "To the left of the letter O is where you should go."
  • Ghostly Grove B - "K. Rool is no fool. He has got two big blue goons watching his hoard near halfway."

K. Rool's Keep[edit]

  • Arctic Abyss - "After the start, a long jump and then a high jump will win you more than just a gold medal."
  • Chain Link Chamber A - "Brave an early attack of barrels, and then their hidden treasure is yours."
  • Toxic Tower - "Watch very carefully at the end. There's something going down that could give you a new life."
  • Clapper's Cavern - "I ain't helping you with this one. It's up to you to start looking yourself."
  • Castle Crush - "I've left a couple of animal buddies for you in here, but it's left for you to find them."
  • Chain Link Chamber B - "When cannon balls are raining down on you, I suggest you look for a way past who's responsible."

Lost World[edit]

Instruction booklet descriptions[edit]

  • "Even old Cranky Kong is getting in on the entrepreneurial spirit! He’s opened a small outlet where you can learn more about the "history" and "culture" of Crocodile Isle."