Animal Antics (Donkey Kong Land 2)

Animal Antics
Animal Antics
Level code 7 - 5
World Lost World
Game Donkey Kong Land 2
Music track Stickerbush Symphony
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Animal Antics is the thirty-ninth and last level of Donkey Kong Land 2, as well as the fifth and final level of the Lost World. It features three segments, each featuring a different playable Animal Friend: Rambi, Squitter, and Rattly. The enemies featured include Neeks, Kaboings, Flitters, Zingers, and Spinies.

Animal Antics is one of six levels in the Japanese version of Donkey Kong Land 2 whose name differs from its Donkey Kong Country 2 counterpart. While this level is known as Animal Ride in Japan, its Donkey Kong Country 2 counterpart translates to Animal Land. Three other levels share this distinction: Krockhead Klamber, Screech's Sprint, and Klobber Karnage. This is in addition to Krazy Koaster and Dungeon Danger, which differ in both the English and Japanese versions from their Donkey Kong Country 2 counterparts.


Rambi races through the beginning of the level

The level begins behind an Animal Barrel containing Rambi and an arrangement of bananas forming an arrow pointing east. As Rambi, the Kongs must journey in this direction to reach several Neeks that crawl down small stair-like structures. Soon, Rambi travels down a hill with a pair of Kaboings along it. At the bottom of the hill, there is a DK Barrel and a lower ledge that is followed by a small pit with a Zinger above it. Once the rhinoceros crosses this pit, he discovers the letter K and a wider pit that he can only cross by bouncing off of the Zingers above it. Rambi continues past several Neeks and Kaboings and passes a No Animal Sign, and turns back into the Kongs.

On a nearby lower ledge, they can find an Animal Barrel that holds Squitter. They are required to turn into this spider in order to cross a wide pit just ahead. As the creature crosses this abyss, he encounters several Flitters and a few groups of bananas that form arrows pointing to the east. After Squitter makes his way over the pit, he can find the letter O high in the air around a Zinger, as well as a Kaboing that bounces near a small pit. Two more Kaboings wait to attack on the other side of this pit, and they are followed by a small gap that the spider must cross to reach an additional pit. Once he crosses this pit and the Zinger in it, he finds a DK Barrel and a pair of Zingers that fly in yet another abyss, which is immediately followed by a Kaboing. Soon, Squitter reaches a group of bananas that point to the west over another abyss. After the spider reaches the other side of this obstacle and dodges the many Zingers and Flitters above it, he reaches a platform with the level's Star Barrel on it.

A Spiny and a No Animal Sign follow here, and once Squitter reaches the No Animal Sign, he turns back into the Kongs. As they progress down a few ledges ahead, Diddy and Dixie discover an Animal Barrel that transforms them into Rattly, whose portion occurs for the remainder of the level. He must cross a wide pit full of Zingers. As he crosses, he comes up to the letter N. After the snake makes his way over, he can find a banana trail near a Zinger that leads down between two groups of spikes, where a Banana Coin sits. Once the Animal Friend jumps over the small set of spikes ahead of him and dodges a Zinger, he reaches a rather long pathway with a Kaboing on it. A pit is near here with the letter G above it and another Kaboing after it. If Rattly continues from here, he passes a Spiny and then a long set of spikes with several insect enemies floating over it, including Zingers and Flitters. Almost immediately after passing one more Spiny from here, the snake reaches a No Animal Sign that turns him back into the Kongs. They must finish off the level by heading east and crossing one last pit to discover a spring, which they must jump on to complete the level.

Items and objectsEdit

The following items and objects appear in the following quantities:

KONG LettersEdit

Rattly jumps to the letter "G".
  • K: The letter K is placed after a pit located immediately after the first DK Barrel in the level.
  • O: At the beginning of Squitter's section, the Animal Friend crosses a wide pit and then reaches a trail of bananas leading upwards. He must build web platforms to climb upwards here, where the letter O floats.
  • N: As soon as Rattly's section begins, the snake travels over a pit with the letter N above it.
  • G: The letter G can be found above a small pit that is placed shortly before the end of Rattly's section of the level.

Bonus LevelEdit

To find the Bonus Level, Squitter must travel downwards with his web platforms through the abyss located immediately before the Star Barrel. When he makes it to the bottom-right corner of the gap, he can discover a small alcove that he must enter to find a Bonus Barrel. It can shoot him to a Bonus Level, where he needs to build more web platforms to collect 23 stars that are scattered around the area. If he collects them all within the time limit of 40 seconds, a Video Game Hero Coin appears for him to grab within the remaining time.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アニマルライド
Animaru Raido
Animal Ride