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This article is about the real-life toys based around the Mario series. For the collection of souvenirs in WarioWare: Twisted!, see List of WarioWare: Twisted! souvenirs.
"Toy" redirects here. For information about the item in Mario's Time Machine, see Toy (item).

This is a gallery of Mario-themed toys and promotional items. For a gallery of Mario figurines, see Gallery:Figurines.


Toys that can be assembled, built, and crafted from smaller pieces.

Mario-themed games[edit]

Gallery of games[edit]

Toys with interactive games or activities which can often be played with multiple people.

Other Mario-themed games[edit]

Image Product Description
Nocoverart.png Super Mario Ride (Mario Version) An officially licensed battery car made by Banpresto in 1993 exclusively for Japan
Nocoverart.png Super Mario Ride (Yoshi Version) An officially licensed battery car made by Banpresto in 1993 exclusively for Japan
Mariuno.jpg Nintendo UNO A Mario-themed UNO game. Each card has Mario artwork on it and a new type of card was added
Nintenopoly.jpg Nintendo Monopoly A Monopoly game featuring various characters from popular Nintendo video game series. The characters were used in place of traditional properties
Super Mario - Level Up! Game.jpg Super Mario Level Up! A Mario board game
Dots.jpg Dots A Tomytec toy product found in Japan. Mario-themed Dots figurine sets include a Mario and Luigi set
Jenga dk.jpg Donkey Kong Jenga A Jenga game based on the game Donkey Kong. The product comes with a set of special rules
SMB3-Gamewatch.jpg Super Mario Bros. 3 A game watch that plays Super Mario Bros. 3. However, this version of the game is a highly simplified version of the NES game. This product was licensed by Nintendo and published by Nelsonic in 1990
Super-mario-chess-set-box.jpg Super Mario Chess A Mario series-themed chess set released by USAopoly in September 2009. The traditional chess pieces are replaced by Mario characters and enemies. The pieces measure 3-inches tall x 11-inches wide x 11-inches long
Super Mario World Barcode Battler Cards.PNG Super Mario World Barcode Battler Cards A playing card game themed after Super Mario World made by various companies in different countries. Players can scan barcodes that would generate various stats for a player's card
Yahtzee SuperMario.jpg Super Mario Yahtzee A Mario-themed board game of Yahtzee
MH Upper.png Mario Hanafuda Japanese playing cards based on the Mario franchise.
MKWRacingPackage.jpg Mario Kart Wii Grand Prix Remake of the original racing board game, Mario Kart Grand Prix. Created and manufactured by Epoch, and released in August 2010
DKCardGamePackaging.jpg Donkey Kong Card Game A card tabletop card based on the Donkey Kong arcade game. Created and manufactured by the Milton Bradely Company, and released in 1983
UNO Super Mario.jpg UNO Super Mario Another Mario-themed UNO card game released in 2016 by Mattel Games
Monopoly Gamer Collector's Edition.jpg Monopoly Gamer Another Monopoly game featuring locations from New Super Mario Bros. U released in 2017 by Hasbro


Toys that don't fit into the other categories.

General toys[edit]

Super Mario Land finger puppets[edit]

Water toys[edit]

Water toys are small containers that need water to be filled in order to play a game. The objective is to make all the objects in the container go into the U-shaped holders, or rods. To do it, the player presses a button to blow air in order to lift the objects up.


Toys which contain some type of stuffing inside, most likely from synthetic materials. For a gallery of plushies from San-ei, see here.




Yoshi species[edit]



Super Mario Kart Plushies[edit]

Super Mario Galaxy plushies[edit]

A set of 4 Sanei Mario plushies based on Super Mario Galaxy

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon plushies[edit]

Sanei-manufactured plushies based on Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon



Promotional items[edit]

Toys that were included in some type of promotional event and are not typically sold.

Burger King promotional items[edit]

In 2008, Burger King released several Nintendo figurines to promote the Wii. Also, in 2012, Burger King released toys for the game New Super Mario Bros. U and to promote the Wii U




KFC promotional items[edit]

Mario Kart Wii[edit]

In 2008, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) promoted Mario Kart Wii in Mexico by creating four kart figurines that can launch forward. They come in with decorative stickers, necessary to make the appearance of the kart figurine complete

McDonald's promotional items[edit]

February 1990[edit]

September 2006[edit]

February/April 2014[edit]

Image Product Description
Mario-kart-8-happy-meal.jpg Mario Kart 8 Happy Meal toys April 2014 From left to right: toys of Mario, Peach, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Yoshi, and Toad, as well as a Mario Cap with the Mario Kart 8 title on the brim

April-May 2017[edit]

Image Product Description
SuperMarioHappyMealToysApril2017.jpg Super Mario Happy Meal toys 2017 Clockwise from top left: Mario, Yoshi (able to extend and retract his tongue by pressing a button on his saddle), Bowser (plastic fire can be inserted into his mouth and ejected by pressing a button on his back), Peach with a background (Peach spins around as the toy moves), a Red Shell (can be moved similarly to a toy car), Luigi with a yellow Warp Pipe (Luigi can be inserted and ejected from the pipe), Invincible Mario (flicking the switch on the toy's base lights the toy up in a number of colors), and a 1-Up Mushroom (makes the 1-Up sound from Super Mario 3D Land when a switch is flicked)

July-August 2018[edit]

Image Product Description
McDonalds-SuperMarioBros-Toys-HappyMeal-2018.jpg Super Mario Happy Meal toys 2018 Clockwise from top left: Yoshi (roulette toy), New Super Mario Bros. U-themed maze toy (has two sides), Mario (toy slot machine), Rubix cube (with miniature cards, one is to rearrange the blocks to match up with the design, which includes a; brick block, a musical note block, a ? block, an empty block, and a purple, green, red, and blue block that features on each of their sides an icon based on Mario characters; purple having a Goomba, a Blooper, a Boo, a Bullet Bill, and Bowser; Blue having a POW Block; Red having Mario, a Toad, Luigi, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Peach; and Green having a Mushroom, a Fire Flower, a Yoshi's Egg, a Super Star, and a Koopa Shell), Fire Luigi (comes with a cutout Goomba and Koopa Troopa, where the left arm acts as the firing mechanism to launch a disc representing the fireball), Running Yoshi (Yoshi can be inserted into a launcher and ejected, with a pik representing an egg and fruit acting as stoppers), Super Mario Bros.-themed pointer game (flicking the switch on the toy's base will have a Koopa shell being launched and fall into any of the designated points, with the leftmost bit awarding 10 points, the middle being 50, and the rightmost bit awarding 100 points), and a Mario and Cappy target game (twist Mario around to have him "throw" Cappy onto a target icon depicting Goombas and coins)

Pepsi Twist promotional figurines[edit]

Taco Bell promotional items[edit]

Wendy's promotional items[edit]



May 2007[edit]

Sports Balls[edit]

Toy vehicles[edit]

Toys modeled after real life vehicles and vehicles from the Mario franchise

General vehicles[edit]

K'NEX Mario Kart building sets[edit]

Mario Kart toys[edit]

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