The Koopas are Coming! The Koopas are Coming!

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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode
"The Koopas are Coming! The Koopas are Coming!"
The Koopas are Coming! The Koopas are Coming!
Production Number 133
Airdate November 1, 1989 (English)
November 19, 1990 (French)
Writer(s) Ted Pedersen
Plumber's Log # 1776
King Koopa's alter-ego Redcoat Koopa
Cover song(s) "He's a Rebel"
Replacement song(s) "Speedy Gondola"
Title reference "The British are coming! The British are coming!"
Live-action segment Zenned Out Mario
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"The Koopas are Coming! The Koopas are Coming!" is the thirty-fifth episode of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. During the cartoon segment of the episode, the four companions met General George Washingtoad who, with his army, is trying to revolt against King Koopa. The name of the episode is based off the erroneous quote attributed to American patriot Paul Revere during his Midnight Ride, "The British are coming!"; in fact, the entire episode is based off of the American Revolutionary War, fought from 1775 to 1783, that gave the original thirteen American colonies their independence.


"Redcoat Koopa"

Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad had arrived at the Thirteen Mushroom Colonies to help battle with George Washingtoad and his army of Mushroom People, in which they were sent to his headquarters in Valley Forge. George Washingtoad comments to the group that things are going horribly wrong. Luigi replies that the weather is so cold his stove needs more firewood. George Washingtoad then tells Luigi that he and his army are going to save their new nation and bring freedom to all Mushrooms. Princess Toadstool becomes convinced with George Washingtoad's statement when Redcoat Koopa, leader of the Koopish Army, appears out of nowhere referring to their plan as "revolting" and forces the group to surrender. Toad grabs a stick and tells Redcoat Koopa that they haven't fought yet. Redcoat Koopa replies to Toad saying that they have, pulls Toad's cap onto his head, and orders his Flurry assistant to give him his Ice Scepter. The Flurry comes in with his Ice Scepter, only to poke him with it on accident. Redcoat Koopa takes the Ice Scepter away from the Flurry, and freezes Toad. Mario tries to avenge his Mushroom friend, but gets frozen too. Luigi, in shock, claims that Mario and Toad have been deep-freezed, and George Washingtoad demands Redcoat Koopa to unfreeze them before he calls his army. Redcoat Koopa shows Washingtoad that all of his army has been frozen as well. Princess Toadstool and Luigi rebuke Redcoat Koopa, but Redcoat Koopa tells them that they will emerge victorious and have destroyed the Mushroom Rebellion by the time Washingtoad's army thaws out. He then proceeds to freeze Princess Toadstool, George Washingtoad, and Luigi.

With the Mushroom Rebellion frozen, Mario somewhat manages to free himself from his ice block using George Washingtoad's stove, melting the ice block he was trapped in in the process. When Mario breaks free from the ice, he felt his feet burn from the stove he stood on and jumps into a nearby bucket for his feet to cool down. Mario then heads over to free his friends, starting with Luigi. However, Luigi was too heavy to carry due to the ice block he was frozen in, with Mario explaining that his brother should "go on a diet". Luigi hears this, and tells Mario that he's not one who needs to diet. Mario however slips into an ice puddle, causing him to lose his grip on Luigi and throw him into the air, into the tent ceiling, and then into Princess Toadstool and Toad. As Luigi's, Princess Toadstool's, and Toad's ice blocks they were trapped in begin to melt, the former tells Mario that George Washingtoad is slipping away. When George Washingtoad helplessly slides out of his tent, Mario runs off to rescue him. Mario catches George Washingtoad using a plunger attached to a rope, but somehow gets yanked onto the rope thanks to his right leg being in it. When George Washingtoad runs into a snow hill, Mario runs into him, freeing him and somewhat receiving pain in his head. George Washington and Mario then rush back over to his tent and unfreeze the members of the Mushroom Rebellion.

Meanwhile, Redcoat Koopa comes out of his tent asking his Flurry assistant why it's not morning yet. The Flurry tells Redcoat Koopa that it's midnight and that he has to be patient. Redcoat Koopa snatches his hat away from the Flurry, saying that patience is for "pipsqueaks like him", and orders his Koopish army to attack imminently. The Flurry becomes confused if they should fight in the dark as Redcoat Koopa slips on the icy floor, complaining to the Flurry that the dark is a terrible idea and that he should not have come up with it. He then concludes that they should attack at dawn.

Back at George Washingtoad's tent, Princess Toadstool gives Mario a Fire Flower to unfreeze George Washingtoad's army. But first, the fireball Mario had in his head was accidentally thrown to Luigi, in which he catches it. The fireball then escapes Luigi's hands, and into Princess Toadstool's, as she pats it, calls it a nice little fellow and blows it right towards one of the Mushroom soldiers. Mario tells George Washingtoad that it'll take hours to unfreeze every single soldier of the Mushroom Rebellion as the latter replies that Redcoat Koopa has made their attack at dawn and that someone should warn the Mushroom citizens. Toad finishes saying that someone should also ride a nearby horse he had found. Mario tells Luigi that he must get on the horse and warn the Mushroom citizens. Luigi becomes hesitant to ride the horse, but George Washingtoad asks him if he's a patriot or a coward. Luigi tries to reply to George Washingtoad saying that he's a coward, but the horse grabs him with his tail and sets off.

Luigi warns the Mushroom citizens, "The Koopas are coming!" as he speeds forth on his horse, but as he ventured further, a squadron of Beezos prepare to ambush him. As Luigi begins to fall off the horse's saddle, the horse picks Luigi up with his teeth and throws him back up, with Luigi glad that one has some horse sense. When the Beezos proceed to fly into Luigi and his horse, the horse dodges the Beezos's attack as Luigi tells them to buzz off. Luigi then runs into a nearby branch from an old decayed tree as the Beezos grab and kidnap him.

As Mario melts the last of the Mushroom soldiers that were frozen, Toad reminds the soldiers that it's going to be dawn soon and Luigi is yet to return. The horse returns with a note, which George Washingtoad picks up and reads that Redcoat Koopa has kidnapped Luigi, demanding an immediate surrender or else. Mario tells George Washingtoad that they must attack Redcoat Koopa now. George Washingtoad replies to Mario that he has only unfrozen a few of his soldiers, leaving the Mushroom Rebellion hopelessly outnumbered. Mario tells everyone his plan that unless they surprise Redcoat Koopa and attack from behind. George Washingtoad tells him that that could mean that it meant that they have to cross the Delawide River. Princess Toadstool comments to the two that it hasn't been done in Winter. Mario claims that they're going to save the Thirteen Mushroom Colonies and Luigi as well.

In Redcoat Koopa's headquarters, Redcoat Koopa walks to Luigi, saying that he's fixed his last faucet. Luigi tells Redcoat Koopa that he's positive that the Mushroom Rebellion will rescue him. Redcoat Koopa tells Luigi that the Thirteen Colonies are going down and then asks his Flurry assistant if his army is ready, in which the Flurry tells him it is. He then wonders if George Washingtoad will attack the soldiers from behind. Redcoat Koopa calls the Flurry a fool and tells him that the Delawide Rider is behind them and that no one can cross it in Winter.

As Mario, Princess Toadstool, Toad, George Washingtoad, and the horse row their way to the Delawide River in a bathtub, George Washingtoad tells Mario and Toad to row harder as they hit an iceberg. Mario asks his friends if anyone has any ideas. Toad tells Mario that they should give George Washingtoad one as he gives him a gold coin, telling him to throw it across the river. George Washingtoad throws the coin into the end of the Delawide River as Toad tells everyone that whoever gets the gold coin first gets to keep it. Everyone in the bathtub sans George Washingtoad row quickly into the other side of the Delawide River.

At Redcoat Koopa's colony, Redcoat Koopa is complaining about how his Koopa Troopa soldiers are being incompetent. The Flurry informs Redcoat Koopa that he doesn't know and asks why. When the gold coin Toad threw hits Redcoat Koopa's face, he asks whoever threw it. The Flurry tells Redcoat Koopa that it's probably one of the opposing soldiers. Redcoat Koopa looks and finds Mario, Princess Toadstool, Toad, George Washingtoad, and his soldiers much to his surprise. George Washingtoad releases his sword and commands Redcoat Koopa, "Give us Koopa, or give us death!". George Washingtoad then slides on the bathtub with Mario as the Flurry and Redcoat Koopa flee. Redcoat Koopa then command his redcoated Koopa Troopas to stop the Mushroom soldiers. As Redcoat Koopa runs off without his Flurry, the bathtub George Washingtoad and Mario are riding on run into Luigi, breaking him free from his prison and landing on two Koopa Troopas. Redcoat Koopa kicks two Koopa Troopas and turns his cannon around and launches a Bob-Omb at Mario and George Washingtoad. Mario manages to carry a U pipe to deflect the attack and blow up the cannon that it was launched on with Redcoat Koopa beside him. Princess Toadstool, Toad, and some of the soldiers are shown sliding on pipe-like sleds as Mario and George Washingtoad in the bathtub run into a tent with three Koopa Troopas that were inside it and make a stop. Mario then comes out of the bathtub to find another Fire Flower, becoming Super Mario once again and freeing Toad and Princess Toadstool from three of the Koopa Troopa soldiers. The Flurry gives Redcoat Koopa his Ice Scepter in an attempt to refreeze the soldiers, but loses it when a fireball lands on his hand. With the Ice Scepter in midair, Redcoat Koopa commands his Flurry to get it quickly. Luigi agrees and leaps over to get the Ice Scepter, only for the Flurry to get it in his hands too. The Flurry grabs the Ice Scepter out of Luigi's hands and proceeds to bonk his head. Luigi then proceeds to fight the Flurry in the snowpile. As the Flurry is defeated, Luigi succeeds in grabbing the Ice Scepter as George Washingtoad attacks Redcoat Koopa. Luigi then throws the Ice Scepter to Mario, and Mario then freezes Redcoat Koopa, as he exclaims, "That's one cold Koopa!"

As George Washingtoad reads his constitution, he unexpectedly sneezes, making his soldiers grossed out from their leader sneezing. Princess Toadstool asks George Washingtoad if he's doing okay. George Washingtoad tells Princess Toadstool that it's just a little cold. Princess Toadstool asks George Washingtoad again if he could be more specific about this statement. George Washingtoad tells Princess Toadstool saying that it's more of a "constitutional thing". The Mushroom soldiers remain grossed out from George Washingtoad's sneezing, with one of them laughing about it. George Washingtoad then resumes to reading his constitution, saying that as Father of the Thirteen Mushroom Colonies, he proclaims Mario and Luigi as "uncles of their country" and wonders where they are as Toad, Luigi, and Mario appear holding instruments whilst playing a victory fanfare.



References to the American Revolutionary War[edit]

This episode is based on the Revolutionary War fought between the Thirteen Colonies that would later become the United States of America and England.

  • The Plumber's Log is numbered as 1776, the year the United States Declaration of Independence was signed, recognizing the United States as a country.
  • George Washingtoad is stationed in Valley Forge, a forge in Pennsylvania where George Washington and the Continental Army spent the Winter of 1777-78.
    • This same detail is carried over with the crossing of the Delawide River, itself based on the crossing of the Delaware River on the night of Christmas Day, 1776. The placement in said scene is based on the painting Washington Crossing the Delaware.
  • Mario having Luigi ride a horse to warn the colonies that "the Koopas Are Coming! The Koopas Are Coming!" is based on Paul Revere's Midnight ride, where he was one of two riders who attempted to warn the colonists from Lexington and Concord that the British were coming.
  • Luigi's mention of Koopa's dumping tea in the harbor is a reference to the Boston Tea Party, where the Sons of Liberty snuck onto a British trading ship and dumped crates of tea into Boston Harbor.
  • The line of "Give us Koopa, or give us Death" is based on Patrick Henry's speech to the Virginia Convention "Give me liberty, or give me death!"
  • Mario, Luigi, and Toad's positions and instruments at the end of the episode are based on the painting The Spirit of '76, which was painted to commemorate the centennial celebration of America's independence.

Animation and continuity errors[edit]

  • The furnace within George Washingtoad's tent vanishes when Redcoat Koopa enters.
  • There is no stick present on the ground by Princess Toadstool and Toad until Redcoat Koopa appears.
  • When Toad picks up the stick, Luigi is seen smiling despite King Koopa entering the tent.
  • The positions of the guards outside Washingtoad's tent swap from time to time.
    • Sometimes the guards are seen frozen wielding muskets, but other times they bear no weapons.
  • When Mario jumps into the bucket of water, his left arm turns the same color as his skin.
  • Although Mario acquires a Fire Flower to thaw Washingtoad's soldiers, he is repeatedly seen as normal Mario in some shots, and later gets a Fire Flower again due to this error, which lasts until the episode's end.
  • Even though Toad is frozen along with the others, he is not present when Mario everyone thaws out.
  • The Flurry that aids King Koopa is sometimes seen missing its arms.
  • In the shot where the Beezos appear above Luigi on his horse, Luigi can be seen with the colors and body shape of Mario with a Fire Flower.
  • When Mario says that he and his friends can attack Redcoat Koopa from behind, his face is layered behind the bubble he is in.
  • When Redcoat Koopa is walking to look at Luigi in the pillory, he suddenly jolts forward.
  • When Luigi is in the pillory, it and the stool he is sitting on are purple, but when it is destroyed, they are brown.
  • When Redcoat Koopa is talking to Luigi in the pillory, Luigi has both Mario's head shape and mustache.
  • When Mario shoots a fireball to warm everyone up, the tents at Washingtoad's camp are red instead of the usual tan.
  • One scene ends with Mario firing at a black screen, as if the scene was unfinished.
  • As Mario says "Koopa" in "That's one cold Koopa", the hair on the back of his head quickly appears and disappears.
  • In one scene, George Washingtoad has a mustache that disappears when he turns his head.


  • Netflix: With Redcoat Koopa's army lurking on the other side of the Delawide, it's up to Mario and Luigi to help General George Washingtoad get cross safely.[1]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Les Koopas Arrivent The Koopas are Coming


  • On Netflix, the episode's title is simply named "The Koopas Are Coming!".[1]


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