Holly Mackerel
Full name Princess Holly Mackerel
Species Mermaid
First appearance The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, "The Ugly Mermaid" (1990)
“The name's Holly Mackerel, not Holy Mackerel! I'm the mermaid princess of Mertropolis!”
Holly Mackerel, "The Ugly Mermaid"

Holly Mackerel is a mermaid from The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode The Ugly Mermaid. She is the princess of the underwater land of Mertropolis, and the daughter of King Mackerel. During the episode, Mario is entombed in concrete by King Koopa and drowns by being sent to the sea floor, but is saved by Holly, who takes him to Mertropolis.

Princess Toadstool, Luigi and Toad follow them. After rescuing Mario, Holly falls in love with him, mistaking him for a frog prince. Her name is a portmanteau of "Holly," a given female name, and "holy mackerel," an expression of surprise.

Unlike traditional depictions of mermaids, she has female human legs and a fish's head and torso.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Italian Titti Sgombro
Tweety Mackerel
Portuguese Santa Cavalinha
Holy Mackerel
Romanian Holi Macrou
Holly Mackerel