Slot Car Derby

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Slot Car Derby
Slot Car Derby 1
Appears in Mario Party
Mario Party 2
Mario Party: The Top 100
Mario Party Superstars
Type 4-Player minigame
Initial record 2'00"00 (both courses, Mario Party)
40"00 (course 1, Mario Party 2)
50"00 (course 2, Mario Party 2)
1'00"00 (course 3, Mario Party 2)
1:00.00 (Mario Party: The Top 100)
1'00"00 (course 1, Mario Party Superstars)
1'30"00 (course 2, Mario Party Superstars)
2'00"00 (course 3, Mario Party Superstars)
Music Faster than All (Mario Party)
The Blue Skies Yonder (Mario Party 2, Mario Party: The Top 100, and Mario Party Superstars)
Mario Party:

Mario Party 2: Mario Party: The Top 100:

Slot Car Derby is a 4-Player minigame in Mario Party, Mario Party 2, Mario Party: The Top 100, and Mario Party Superstars. The Mario Party version of this minigame features Mario Star and Nintendo signs on the side of the track similar to Mario Kart 64, though "Mario Star" is written in a different font (specifically that of Mario Party's logo) and the Nintendo sign is black with white font instead of white with red font.


At the starting line, holding the Control Stick or Circle Pad when the announcer says "Go!" causes a player to be penalized for a few seconds. If the driver goes too fast, they will spin out. If a player is overlapped by another player, that player will be rammed into, eliminating them. The first player to complete four laps wins.

In Mario Party, there are two tracks, with one being shorter and having less complex turns than the other, which has a similar shape to Luigi Raceway. In Mario Party 2 and Mario Party Superstars, there are three tracks: The first one is bean-shaped, the second one is C-shaped, and the third one is cloverleaf-styled. The bean-shaped track is the one used in The Top 100.

In the Mini-Game Coaster, the version that is played depends on the difficulty: On Easy, the bean-shaped version is used. On Normal, the C-shaped version is used. On Hard, the cloverleaf-style version is used.

The minigame will end in a draw if no players have completed four laps within two minutes in Mario Party or five minutes in Mario Party 2.


Mario Party / Mario Party 2[edit]

  • Tilt Control Stick – Speed up
  • Release Control Stick – Slow down

Mario Party: The Top 100[edit]

  • Slide Circle Pad: Speed up
  • Release Circle Pad: Slow down

Mario Party Superstars[edit]

  • Tilt Control Stick to Speed Up

In-game text[edit]

Mario Party[edit]

  • Game Rules (Course 1)"Push Control Stick lightly, and drive your Slot Car to the finish line. If you go too fast, you'll spin out in the corners."
  • Game Rules (Course 2)"Push Control Stick lightly, and drive your Slot Car to the finish line. If you go too fast you'll spin out."
  • Game Rules (Mini-Game Island)"Push Control Stick lightly and race your car around the track. Clear the game by winning the race."
  • Advice"Smoking tires is a sure sign of going too fast. If you don't slow down, you'll definitely spin out."

Mario Party 2[edit]

  • Game Rules"The first one to complete 4 laps in the Slot Car Derby wins! Don't spin out by speeding around curves!"
  • Game Rules (Mini-Game Coaster)"It's a 4-lap Slot Car Derby! Be the first to cross the finish line to clear the game."
  • Advice"Tilt your Control Stick as far as you can on straightaways for max speed!"

Mario Party: The Top 100[edit]

  • Description"Take a slot car out for 4 laps! Going too fast around the curves will make you spin out."
  • On-screen"Do 4 laps as fast as you can!"

Mario Party Superstars[edit]

  • "Drive four laps, but watch your speed. Going too fast around the curves will make you spin out, so be careful!"


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スロットルレーシング
Surottoru Rēshingu
Throttle Racing ("surottoru" is also a pun on "slot")
Chinese 油门竞赛
yóumén jìngsài
Throttle Racing
Dutch Racebaan Racetrack
French Course guidée (Mario Party, The Top 100, and Superstars)
Course Kaboum (Mario Party 2)
Guided race
Kaboom Race
German Rennbahn Racetrack
Italian Derby Auto (Mario Party 2 and The Top 100)
Macchinine (Mario Party Superstars)
Car Derby
Toy Cars
Korean 트랙 위의 질주
Teuraek Wi-ui Jilju
Race on Track
Portuguese Acelerama From acelerar (to accelerate) and autorama (Slot Car)
Russian Слот-гонки
Slot Race
Spanish (NOA) Derbi de bólidos Car Derby
Spanish (NOE) Derbi de Coches Car Derby


  • In Mario Party's Mini-Game Island and Mario Party: The Top 100's Minigame Island, one of the opponents in this minigame is Toad, even though he's not one of the playable characters in either of those games.